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Mahamed elmi presenation


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Mahamed elmi presenation

  1. 1. Pre Production PowerPoint By:Mahamed Elmi
  2. 2. 3 Initial ideas Demonication Lost in The Open Vampire Seduction
  3. 3. Taglines For Each Idea Demonication: The Route To Success. Lost In The Open: Enfield is a deserted town, Nothing lurk except John Wilkins. Vampire Seduction: Blood Is Thicker Then Water.
  4. 4. Peer Assessment My Peer Assessment was done my a fellow Companion Lee Street. It was done during a media lesson, he had rated the film that I Initially wanted to do the highest rating, that Film was Demonication.
  5. 5. Reason why I chose Demonication? The reason I chose Demonication: The Route To Success was due to the fact that It had the best Storyline. I also chose it due to the fact that The locations that I needed where obtainable, The equipment I was going to use where in that Location so I do not have travel far. Most of the Actors know where the locations are and can be There on time for everyday; with no excuses.
  6. 6. Potential Problems There are many potential problems such as Finding an adult which I willing to drive in the Film, food needs to be issued to the hungry cast And crew as well as myself. We also have a slight Chance that equipment might be stolen, we Need P.C Barker to accompany us on this Journey. P.C Barker needs to patrol the locations Where filming in, and give us confirmation if its Safe or not.
  7. 7. Storyboard
  8. 8. What’s good about it? What is good about my storyboard is it gets to The point. It has detailed descriptions, I took Initiative and printed out my own storyboard, That shows dedication and shows I'm not Apprehensive of doing things my way.
  9. 9. How can it be improved? I’ve never been good at art but I should of got An outside source to draw the images I needed For me, done more frames. However I'm very Pleased with the outcome and will not change It.
  10. 10. Script My script is 2 pages long and is detailed, I have Spent my time and effort on it and have given The actors as well as the camera crew specific Directions to follow. I also given the camera Crew advice on my vision of Demonication: The Route To Success.
  11. 11. What’s good about it? I would say my wording and my specific camera Directions. I would also say that I gave the Reader, actors an insight into my vision which Some professional directors don’t do.
  12. 12. What can be improved? I would say the length of the script I would like It to be longer then 2 pages. The actors Definitely need to have more say in the script. I also need to change my script into a specific Font which is courier.
  13. 13. Cast&Crew • Cast&Crew for the production of Demonication. • Director: Mahamed Elmi • Chris Morrisey: Lighting • Anthony Murray Bruce: Make Up • Ozgur M: Special Effects • Liam B/Ryan L/Shayne B: Sound • Shayne B: Camera • Isabelle B/ Lee Street: Photographers • Luci Cuningham: Hair • Elena A: Clothing Adviser • Actors: • Ryan: Daniel • Liam: Carlos • Katie: Laura • Pc Barker: Police officer • On Call Vocalist: • Singer: Hannah Taylor • Where to get the props I need? • Fake Blood: Camden Town • • Fake Booze: Camden Town • Fake ciggies:Camden Town • • Fake Drugs: Camden Town
  14. 14. Locations needed • School Premise/Edmonton County Lower School • Bury Street • Brooke • School Toilets • School Corridors • LSC Department • School Utility Rooms
  15. 15. Permission contracts • Mrs Leahy – School access on a weekend. • Caretakers – Keys to access specific rooms. • School Site Manager – If we will be able to film in the Brooke. • Mr Elliot – If we will be able to use his car. • Actors – Whether they can film on weekends. • Parents – If their child is allowed to enter the Brooke.
  16. 16. Equipment&requirments • A video camera which can record. • A camera that can take photo’s • Make up For the make up artists • Hair products for hairs stylists • Clothes for fashion advertiser • Food & Drinks • A specific location where the sound crew can set up.
  17. 17. Props&Costumes • Fake Drugs • Fake Blood • Fake Booze (apple juice, beer cans) • Fake cigarettes • Brick • Actors will hopefully bring a couple pairs of clothing.
  18. 18. Budget • Food £10 • Crisps • Chocolate • Sandwiches • Drink £10 • Coca Cola • Fanta • Sprite • Many different varieties
  19. 19. Health and safety risk assessments
  20. 20. HOW AM I GONNA SEEL IT TO YOU? This is a brilliant film and many of you will enjoy Watching it, I will enjoy filming it give me the Chance to film it and I will work restlessly day And night to make this film and epic one. I’ve Even made posters and leaflets advertising this Film so keeping on watching and watch me Bring my vision to life.