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Key figures in the development of stop motion


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Key figures in the development of stop motion

  1. 1. Key figures in the development of stop motion By Remi Burgher
  2. 2. http://silentmoviemonst WOBIE.html Willis O’ Brien was born in California in 1886 and had a variety of jobs which had contributed to his success. When he was young he recognized that he could animate models using the same principles as cartoonists. His technique was building model and moving it part by part using one frame at a time. When moving it fast it will make the model look realistic. Willis O’Brien
  3. 3. Ray Harryhausen Ray Harryhausen was key in the delevopment of stop motion, he is know for personifing movie magic. He brought visual strengh to stop motion changing its preception to his audience. He used military clips and created a short puppertoon fairy tale stories. He also worked along side Willis O Brien and Marcel Delgado on Mighty Joe Young in 1949. Soon after that Warner Brothers hired him to do the special affects for the film The Beast from 200,000 Fathoms (1953).
  4. 4. Jan Svankmajer Jan Svankmajer was from Prague and studied at the Institue of Industrial Arts and Marionette Faculty of Prague in the 50’s. He then started workibf the theatre director associated with the Theatre of Mask and Blaxk Theatre. He started to create short films in 1964 and carried on working on them for 20 years. However he finally achieved his ambition of making a feature film based on Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland (1988).