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  1. 1. The bottom line
  2. 2. making the grade 1 businessmodel canvas 1 large canvas (the canvas should speak for itself) coherent not generic 3 min (max!) pitch 1 A4 that explains problem, product, target group, and earning model 1 appraisal of a (business)model or concept I will provide some starting topics but you may choose your own 4 people per group you will get the cases in the week before the last lecture.
  3. 3. Understanding your customer $$ !!
  4. 4. Promises zeithalm
  5. 5. XPLANE empathy model
  6. 6. The Atida case
  7. 7. Recap Customers are an important part of the businessmodel source of revenue relations become more important at the edge of scope XPLANE Looking at your product through the customers eye what does he see, hear, think/feel, say/do? does it all fit with the model?
  8. 8. Next week Decisionmaking