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Is there increasing hostility toward environmentalists?


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Polling from Gallup suggests that more Americans are unsympathetic or hostile to the environmental movement.

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Is there increasing hostility toward environmentalists?

  1. 1. Increasing hostilitytoward environmentalists?5/29/2013
  2. 2. Participation in environmental movement2Do you think of yourself as an active participant in the environmental movement;sympathetic towards the movement, but not active; neutral; or unsympathetic?Source: Gallup0102030405060PercentSympathetic, but not activeNeutralActive participantUnsympatheticNo opinion
  3. 3. Public’s opinion of the environmental movement305101520253035404550Definitely more good than harm Probably more good than harmProbably more harm than good Definitely more harm than goodNo opinionAll things considered, do you think the environmental movement in this nation hasdone more good than harm, or more harm than good?PercentSource: Gallup
  4. 4. ecowest.orgDownload more slides and other resources5/29/2013 4