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Shirley Chisholm State Park-Brooklyn


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Update on the new state park opening in Brooklyn in the summer of 2019 on the site of the former fountain and penn landfills

Published in: Environment
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Shirley Chisholm State Park-Brooklyn

  1. 1. B E L T P A R K W A Y Floyd Bennett Field Canarsie Pier Bergen Beach Marine Park Plumb Beach Riis Landing Paerdegat Basin Park BROOKLYN QUEENS ATLANTIC OCEAN Canarsie Park Fresh Creek Nature Preserve Spring Creek Park Idlewild Park Rockaway Community Park Bayswater Park Bayswater Point State Park Jamaica Bay Park Inwood Bay Tidal Wetlands Area Norton Basin Natural Resource Area Rockaway Beach & Boardwalk Hook Creek Penn. Ave Park Ftn. Ave Park Spring Creek Canarsie Pol Ruffle Bar Joco Black Bank Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Fort Tilden Riis Park J A M A I C A B A Y U N I T Bike Lane (On-Street) Recommended Shared Roadway Rockaway Gateway Greenway NYC DPR Land Penn and Fountain Park Site NPS Land New York State Park SITE CONTEXT JAMAICA BAY AREA
  2. 2. Phase1
  3. 3. NewYorkStateiscreatinganew 400acreparkatopthePennAve. andFountainAve.landfillsin JamaicaBaythatwillfeature...
  4. 4. 3.5MilesofShoreline
  5. 5. 403AcresofLand
  6. 6. 130FeetofElevationChange
  7. 7. StunningViewstoJamaicaBayandManhattan
  8. 8. 10MilesofTrails
  9. 9. 345AcresofLandscapeRestoration
  10. 10. PENN AVE. ENTRY (BEFORE) EasilyIdentifiableandWelcomingGateways
  11. 11. PENN ENTRY
  12. 12. EasilyIdentifiableandWelcomingGateways FOUNTAIN AVE. ENTRY ROAD (BEFORE)
  13. 13. EasilyIdentifiableandWelcomingGateways FOUNTAIN AVE. ENTRY ROAD (AFTER)
  14. 14. EasilyIdentifiableandWelcomingGateways FOUNTAIN AVE. ENTRY (BEFORE)
  15. 15. EasilyIdentifiableandWelcomingGateways FOUNTAIN AVE. ENTRY (AFTER)
  16. 16. Connections BIKE CONNECTIONS (BEFORE) Hendrix Creek Belt Parkway Trail Shore Pkwy. Greenway Trail Trail
  17. 17. Hendrix Creek Belt Parkway Trail Connections BIKE CONNECTIONS (AFTER) Shore Pkwy. Greenway Trail Trail
  18. 18. DestinationsThroughouttheLandscape FOUNTAIN PIER (BEFORE)
  19. 19. DestinationsThroughouttheLandscape FOUNTAIN PIER (AFTER)
  20. 20. DestinationsThroughouttheLandscape PENN PIER (BEFORE)
  21. 21. DestinationsThroughouttheLandscape PENN PIER (AFTER)
  22. 22. AccesstotheWater’sEdge KAYAK LAUNCH (BEFORE)
  23. 23. AccesstotheWater’sEdge KAYAK LAUNCH (AFTER)
  24. 24. EnvironmentalEducationOpportunities FOUNTAIN FLARE (BEFORE)
  25. 25. EnvironmentalEducationOpportunities FOUNTAIN FLARE (AFTER)
  26. 26. EnvironmentalEducationOpportunities PENN FLARE (BEFORE)
  27. 27. EnvironmentalEducationOpportunities PENN FLARE (AFTER)
  28. 28. N Penn Entry See L100 Series Fountain Bike Connector See L400 Series Fountain Pier See L500 Series Penn Bike Connector See L300 Series 0 SCALE: 1" = 300' 300 300 600 Hendrix Creek Pennsylvania Avenue Landfill Fountain Avenue Landfill Jamaica Bay East New York Edge of Cap EdgeofCap EdgeofCap EdgeofCap Edge of Cap EdgeofCap EdgeofCap Penn Flare Belt Parkway Belt Parkway Belt Parkway Penn Pier Old Mill Creek Fresh Creek Sea View Ave. FountainAve. Fountain Entry Fountain Entry Fountain Flare Penn Flare Fountain Bike Connector Penn Bike Connector Penn Pier Fountain Pier Kayak Launch Point PHASE 1 MAP Penn Entry Grouping of Tables, Umbrellas, and Bins Trash/Recycle Bins Only Custom Log Benches Bathrooms Bike Racks