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Peter ventura science center update

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Peter ventura science center update

  1. 1. Science  and  Resilience  Ins-tute   at  Jamaica  Bay   Jamaica  Bay  Task  Force  Mee-ng   May  6,  2014   Peter  Vancura,  program  manager   1  
  2. 2. 1.  Ins-tute  organiza-on   2.  Mission   3.  Research  project  updates   5.  Outreach  –  summer  lecture  program   6.  Website   7.  NPS  funding   6.    Resilience  Prac-ce  Assessment  Report   2  
  3. 3. SRI@JB  Consor-um   •  City  University  of  New  York   •  Columbia  University   •  Cornell  University   •  Ins-tute  of  Marine  and  Coastal  Sciences,  Rutgers  University   •  NASA  Goddard  Ins-tute  for  Space  Studies   •  New  York  Sea  Grant   •  Stevens  Ins-tute  of  Technology   •  Stony  Brook  University  (SUNY)   •  Wildlife  Conserva-on  Society   3  
  4. 4. 4   Public  Agency   Council   Reps  from  all  relevant   agencies  including  non-­‐ primary  players   Jamaica  Bay   Conservancy  
  5. 5. Dra  Mission  Statement   The  mission  of  the  Science  &  Resilience  Ins2tute   at  Jamaica  Bay  is  to  increase  understanding   of  how  disturbances  impact  natural  and   human  systems  in  urban  watersheds  through   resiliency-­‐focused  research  of  Jamaica  Bay,   and  to  engage  government  and  community   stakeholders  in  the  transla2on  of  that   knowledge  toward  a  more  resilient  system.   5  
  6. 6. Switching  into  Next  Gear   What  is  the  Ins-tute:  genera-ng  new   knowledge,  hos-ng  unique  programs  and   ac-vi-es,  and  coordina-ng  and  facilita-ng   engagement.   6  
  7. 7. PROJECT  UPDATES   7  
  8. 8. SRI  Resiliency  Workshops   8  
  9. 9. SRI  Resiliency  Workshops   •  Resiliency  Prac-ce    -­‐  Held  on  Feb  17  and  April  7   •  Resiliency  Thinking  -­‐  ExploRE  workshop  on  April  4th   Team:  John  Waldman  (Queens  College)  and  Bree  Branco  (Brooklyn   College),  with  assistance  from  Oksana  Mironova  
  10. 10. ExploRE  Workshop  –  April  1   Focus  was  on  understanding  the  term   resilience  as  used  across  disciplines   Par-cipants  were  asked  ques-ons  about   resilience  in  Jamaica  Bay:     –  “What  does  resilience  in  Jamaica  Bay   look  like?”   –  “Resilience  of  what?”     –  “Resilience  to  what?”     –  “Resilience  for  whom?”   Next  steps:  Larger  workshops,  broader   venue   10  
  11. 11. Community  Resilience  -­‐  Needs   Assessment  and  Extension  Framework   11  
  12. 12. Community  Resilience  -­‐  Needs  Assessment  and   Extension  Framework   What  are  the  resilience  needs  of  Jamaica  Bay  communi-es?   •   Survey  being  distributed   •   Demographic  analysis;  Maps;  Literature  review;  Preliminary  interviews;  Community   profiles   Next  steps:  How  can  an  Ins-tute  extension  program  help  meet  these  needs?   •   Define  best  prac-ces   •   Stakeholder  interviews  and  targeted  focus  groups   Team  -­‐  Laxmi  Ramasubramanian  (CUNY),  with  support  from  Gretchen  Ferenz  (Cornell),   and  research  support  from  Monica  Barra,  Mia  Brezin,  Leah  Feder,  Dr.  Mike  Menser  
  13. 13. NPS  funding  for  fundamental   science  research   13  
  14. 14. NPS  funding  for  fundamental  science   research   DOI/NPS  funds  for  Consor-um  projects  -­‐  Part  of   Hurricane  Sandy  Mi-ga-on  Funding   – Statements  of  interest  ranged  from  sea-­‐level  rise,   water  quality  monitoring,  bivalve  ecology,  salt   marsh  sustainability   14  
  15. 15. Resiliency  Prac-ce  in   the  Jamaica  Bay   Watershed   Building a Research and Policy Agenda for Action Science  and  Resilience  Ins-tute  at  Jamaica  Bay  Ins-tute   2014  Report   •   Resilience  Prac-ce   Assessment  Interim  Product   –    31  December  2014   •   Converge  streams  of   research   •   Create  a  document  of   record;  cumng  edge   assessment  of  science;   policy  relevant  not   prescrip-ve   15  
  16. 16. Resiliency  Prac-ce  in  the  Jamaica  Bay  Watershed:   Building  a  Research  and  Policy  Agenda  for  Ac-on   Structure  and  Chapters Execu-ve  Summary  –  Scien7fic  Advisory  Council     1.  Introduc-on  –  Ins-tute  Board   2.  Resilience  Prac-ce  in  Urban  Watersheds  -­‐  Brent  Branco  and  John   Waldman   3.  Jamaica  Bay  Systems  (Ecological  Systems,  Physical  Systems,   Social  System)  –  Stephen  Handel,  John  Marra,  CLA  TBN   4.  Socio-­‐Ecological  System  Transforma-on  in  Jamaica  Bay  –    Shorna     Brouusard  Allred  and  Bill  Solecki   5.  Resilience  Indicators  and  Monitoring  –  Arnold  Gordon  and  CLA   TBN   6.  System  Modeling  in  the  Bay  –  Philip  Orton  and  CLA  TBN   7.  Building  Community  Resilience  Prac-ce  Capacity  –  Laxmi   Ramasubramanian  and  Gretchen  Ferenz   8.  Jamaica  Bay  Decision  Tools  for  Resilience  Prac-ce  –  TBN   9.  Recommenda-ons  and  Conclusions  –  Scien7fic  Advisory  Council   16  
  17. 17. Summer  Lecture  Series   •  SRI@JB  Summer  Saturday  Lecture  Series   •  Every  Saturday  –  star-ng  June  through   September    –  Science  presenta-ons  for  public   audience   •  Loca-on  –  FBF  or  possibly  NPS  Wildlife  Refuge   building  –  Noon-­‐2pm     •  Scheduled  first  lecture  for  June  28th  at  1:00   PM  at  the  Refuge  with  Gretchen  Ferenz     17  
  18. 18. Website  Updates   1.  website     2.  Developing  an   infrastructure  for  web   development   3.  Outreach  vehicle  –   announcements,  news   ac-vi-es   4.  Data  and  informa-on   dissemina-on  –  access   to  publica-ons  and   other  knowledge  form   including  databases     5.  Collabora-ve  research   plaoorm     6.  Other?   18  
  19. 19. Contacts   Bill  Solecki,  Interim  Director  –   Peter  Vancura,  program  manager  –   19