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Penn and fountain wildlife hazard taskforce presentation 3 14-18


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an update on the plan to turn the Penn and Fountain landfills into a state park

Published in: Environment
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Penn and fountain wildlife hazard taskforce presentation 3 14-18

  1. 1. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page5 B E L T P A R K W A Y Floyd Bennett Field Canarsie Pier Bergen Beach Marine Park Plumb Beach Riis Landing Paerdegat Basin Park Canarsie Park Fresh Creek Nature Preserve Spring Creek Park Idlewild Park Rockaway Community Park Bayswater Park Bayswater Point State Park Inwood Bay Tidal Wetlands Area Norton Basin Natural Resource Area Rockaway Beach & Boardwalk Hook Creek Penn. Ave Park Ftn. Ave Park Spring Creek Canarsie Pol Ruffle Bar Joco Black Bank Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Fort Tilden Riis Park J A M A I C A B A Y U N I T SITE CONTEXT JAMAICA BAY AREA NYC DPR Land Penn and Fountain Park Site NPS Land New York State Park
  2. 2. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page12 ThePennsylvaniaAvenueand FountainAvenueLandfills werecappedandclosedwith theintentionthattheywould becomeapark.
  3. 3. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page13 Fountain Park Pennsylvania Park 3.5 Miles of Shoreline 403 Acres of Land
  4. 4. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page14 130 Feet of Elevation Change Views of the Atlantic Ocean, Jamaica Bay, and New York City
  5. 5. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page15 10 Miles of Trails 345 Acres of Landscape Restoration
  6. 6. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page16 Whatisneededtomakethe landfillsintoparks? • Easilyidentifiableandwelcominggateways • Accesstothewater'sedge • Destinationsthroughoutthelandscape • Connections
  7. 7. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page17 Before: The current gateway at Pennsylvania Park is too narrow for public access. The entrance itself is unmarked and the entry lot is confusing and unattractive to visitors. After: The main access to Pennsylvania Park is expanded to allow for city bus service and vehicular drop off. Gateway signage welcomes visitors and planting provides shade and comfort at the entrance. Pennsylvania Avenue Entrance Shore Pkwy. Greenway
  8. 8. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page18 Before: The entry space exists as a collection of unmarked buildings and casual parking spaces. After: Buildings, parking, and planting are arranged more intuitively, sequencing visitor drop off, visitor center, and trail head access. Pennsylvania Avenue Entrance Trailhead Maintenance Shed Shore Pkwy. Greenway Trail Parking Parking Gateway Entry Belt Parkway Pennsylvania Ave.
  9. 9. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page21 Before: The landfills are currently separated by Hendrix Creek. After: Bike and pedestrian connections are made to the existing bike trail and bridge, linking the two parks. Bike Bridge Connection Bike Connection Belt Parkway Hendrix Creek Patio Hendrix Creek Trail Trail Trail Shore Pkwy. Greenway Trail
  10. 10. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page22 Before: The shoreline is predominantly lined with steep rip rap slopes. After: Stairs and accessible paths built into the edges will allow waterfront access for boating, fishing, walking, and exploration. Water Access Fishing Beach Rip Rap Planting Kayak Launch Beach
  11. 11. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page24 Before: The pier entrance is at the bottom of a steep, unpaved slope and the pier itself is surrounded by a high chain link fence. There is no protection from sun or weather. After: The pier is covered by a roof structure for shade and weather protection and railings and paving are improved. An accessible entry path is created. Fountain Park Pier
  12. 12. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page29 Bycreatingdestinations,comfort, andgateways,theparkwillhosta mosaicofactivities.
  13. 13. PennandFountainPark|MVVA andNewYorkStateParksDepartment|Page30 Hiking Sunfish Boating Kayaking Flying Kites Relaxing Plane Watching Biking Picnicking Fishing Gathering & Performance Bird Watching Interpretation & Education