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Jamaica bay marine debris program nov 2016

Marine Debris and Religious Ceremonial impacts on Jamaica Bay

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Jamaica bay marine debris program nov 2016

  1. 1. Marine Debris
  2. 2. Abandoned Boats
  3. 3. Gerritsen Creek Boats
  4. 4. Schmidt’s Marina
  5. 5. Old Docks and Floats
  6. 6. Balloons, plastics, Styrofoam, cans, bottles, etc.
  7. 7. Tires and Timbers
  8. 8. Plumb Beach, c. 2006
  9. 9. Religious Rituals
  10. 10. Incense Pots
  11. 11. Saris /prayer flags
  12. 12. Hindu Deities: Hanuman ( monkey) and Ganusha ( elephant)
  13. 13. Durga – Divine Mother
  14. 14. North Channel Bridge
  15. 15. In India during all Pujas one of the most common offering made is that of a coconut. It is a part of rituals carried out during everything new and happy – weddings, new constructions, festivals, havans (homa). The coconut is broken and offered to the deity being worshiped and later on distributed as parsadam to the devotees.
  16. 16. VOODOO: Ghede Nibo is considered a great healer, carrying a bottle of white rum He often also carries a staff and smokes a cigar. Nibo is the special patron of those who die young. Purple is considered his sacred color, and usual offerings include black goats, black roosters, calabash, cigars, coconut, fried plantains, pistachios, smoked herrings, sweet sesame balls, and white rum spiced with African bird pepper.
  17. 17. Cigars and Rum, candles, matches
  18. 18. Santaria Ceremonies: Santería has its roots in the Yoruba people of West Africa. The slave trade brought many Africans to Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, the southern USA, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and other Caribbean basin nations.
  19. 19. Chicken, vitamin C
  20. 20. Debris from People Fishing
  21. 21. General Shoreline Debris
  22. 22. NY State Coastal Cleanup
  23. 23. Church of God has been cleaning Jamaica bay beaches twice/yearly for last 8 years…
  24. 24. Spring Creek shoreline, September, 2016
  25. 25. Spring Creek shoreline, 11-16-2016
  26. 26. Spring Creek shoreline, 11-16-2016
  27. 27. Recommendations - Have Park Rangers do daily patrols of all known debris issue shorelines ( NC Bridge, Spring Creek, Plumb Beach, etc.), note violations and problems, talk with people, make friends and discuss park regulations and concerns. ( Roving Ranger) - Learn about park users and different cultures. - Place readable signage with distinct message at critical sites. - Enlist volunteers and give out program flyers - Enforce Regulations
  28. 28. Jamaica Bay Aerial c. 1938
  29. 29. New York Harbor Aerial c.1979
  30. 30. Jamaica Bay Aerial c. 1979
  31. 31. Stranded whales
  32. 32. Butterfliesand Moths
  33. 33. Annual Songbird Census