Sebastian nielsen probability


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Sebastian nielsen probability

  1. 1. The Interesting and Fun Facts of Probability<br />By Sebastian Nielsen<br />
  2. 2. What situations involve probability?<br /><ul><li>Probability is involved in almost everything. There are only very few things that do not have to do with the different possibilities of the situation you or others are in. One of the few obvious games or entertainment that involve probability is gambling, dice games and different card games. Almost anything like shopping, buying a TV, going to the dentist, arriving on time to something, even launching a rocket of the earth. Strange huh?</li></li></ul><li>How it is involved in Games and Gambling?<br /> Gambling is one of the most obvious things that involve probability. Though probability is not the only thing involved. Probability is involved because when a man shuffles the cards, he mixes them up so that no one knows where each card is. So it is only luck that you got “two aces” or “three Queens”. If you have those cards you will almost certainly win the game. But in some cases you don’t because the person beside you might be sitting with “four kings” and it will beat both the other combinations of cards. It is so amazing that people risk all their money to win a game of 90% luck. <br /> Card and dice games that are played without money are 100% luck. It totally depends on the shuffle or roll you made, it will<br />change the game if you roll a 1 or a 6, or if you draw a 2 or a 5. So basically every game which is played with dice or cards is 100% luck.<br />
  3. 3. Even to Pick-pocket or steal?<br /> To pickpocket also involves probability, because what if the guy or girl you are trying to pickpocket doesn’t have anything but a scrap paper or some totally useless stuff. Then it will not succeed because he doesn’t have anything to steal. The guy beside might have 2,000 tk. in his pocket. But he might be expecting you so he is ready and totally surprises you by turning around and calling the police. So even crimes involve possibility.<br /> To steal is a totally different thing, it could involve stealing and copying a key, it could also involve knowing or deciphering a code lock. When the robbers finally get in the house undetected there might be no TV or gaming console or earrings that they were planning to steal, this might be because the owner of these things might have gone to a party with them or one of them for some reason lent them to a friend. When you think of it as, oh luck is the meaning of everything<br />
  4. 4. Is it really involved in everything?<br /> NO! It is not involved in everything. You now that the sun is going to rise and then set again in the evening. You know that the earth will not collide with the sun, because the earth will have been burnt up before it even reaches 1,000,000 miles to the sun. You also know that there is no unlimited life, you cannot live infinitely because your heart will stop and your body will fail and you will die sometime in someplace.<br /> Though 90% percent of things that happen on the Earth involves probability, for example it is almost certain that you won’t die in the next 10 minutes. Nature has its own way of working, for example natural disasters isn’t luck whether they happen or not. Though there is luck involved in exactly who<br />it will hit and who it will not hit. There is also luck involved in how big they are and how powerful they are.<br />
  5. 5. Is it also involved in everyday activities??<br />Yes it is involved in everyday activities such as shopping, playing soccer, playing games and doing the dishes. These involve luck and timing. What if you are going to play soccer on the field but some high schoolers decided to show up and play on the field so you cant play there. That is just unlucky isn’t it? When you go shopping, the store you are looking for might be closed because the staff might have caught the flu. There are all kind off different ways that you could not be on time.<br />
  6. 6. It is also important that you understand the way “luck” works.<br />You influence everything you do, the way you do things, the way that the one in charge for you does things, and the attitude you are in. Those are the three main things that influence the probability of success in the things you are trying to do. There are other things that influence luck as well depending on the situation. The older you get the more the second one fades away. But right now it is a quite strong one.<br />
  7. 7. Now, an activity!!<br />
  8. 8. Lets quiz you about what you know about probability.<br />I will ask you some questions about the probability of something happening in the next few days.<br />You will have to answer me on a scale from a lot to very little chance of this happening.<br />You’ll have to raise and then say your answer or else it wont count.<br />If you answer correctly you will be rewarded with candy!!<br />
  9. 9. Questions and Answers<br />Q: What is the probability of it raining tomorrow in Bangladesh?<br />A: Very little, because it is not rain season.<br />Q: What is the probability of the sun rising and setting on the same day in Bangladesh?<br />A: There is a huge chance that it does, because it has always done so.<br />Q: What is the chance of having humanities on Monday.<br />A: A lot!<br />Q: What is the probability that a copied movie bought in Bangladesh works?<br />A: 50-50, half of them don’t work<br />Q:What is the chance of it snowing in Bangladesh?<br />A: VERY LITTLE!!<br />Q: What is the probability of a Muslim eating pork?<br />A: Very little<br />Q: What is the probability of having a power cut tomorrow?<br />A: 50-50<br />Q: What is the probability of having rice in the cafeteria next week?<br />A: A lot!<br />Q: What is the probability of having to do the million-meter challenge next PE class?<br />A: A LOT!<br />