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Mobile stat october_2011

  1. 1. Mobile STAT Simple Targeting & Audience Trends Monthly Report October 2011 The leader in targeted mobile advertising
  2. 2. Simple Targeting & Audience Trends | October 2011Mobile Operating SystemsSeptember 2011 data from the Jumptap network of over 95 million US users, showed Android maintaininga dominant 47% of the smartphone market, unchanged from its share in August. Apple and RIM also heldsteady at 23% and 21% market share respectively (compared to 24% and 22% in August).Smartphone OS Market Share on Jumptap Network 50% 47% 45% 40% 35% September 2011 30% 23% 25% 21% 20% 15% 10% 5% 5% <1% 1% 0% Android iOS Blackberry Symbian webOS Other With record-setting opening weekend sales of 4 million units for the iPhone 4S, we anticipate an increase in share for Apple in coming months. One survey showed that 12% of Android users and 24% of RIM users plan to buy the newest iPhone. In light of the recent Blackberry outage, we could see the first substantial change in smartphone operating system market share in some time. The leader in targeted mobile advertising 2
  3. 3. Simple Targeting & Audience Trends | October 2011Click-Through Rate by Operating SystemApple’s iOS remains the click-through rate leader among large operating systems this month, with a0.62% CTR. Android and Blackberry trailed with CTRs of 0.42% and 0.49% respectively.Mobile Operating System Click-Through Rates .8% .63% .7% .62% September 2011 .6% .49% .5% .42% Average 0.50% .4% .38% .3% .2% .1% 0% Android iOS Blackberry OS Symbian webOS Although CTR is not the definitive measure of mobile advertising performance, research has shown that mobile display advertising significantly outperforms online display advertising in terms of CTR and other non-click metrics. The leader in targeted mobile advertising 3
  4. 4. Simple Targeting & Audience Trends | October 2011Operating System Breakdown forApp vs. Mobile WebWe continue to see on the Jumptap network, a roughly 50/50 split between mobile web and app traf-fic. However, the platform usage within each environment is quite different. Android is still the clearleader in apps, followed by iOS and RIM, but on the mobile web, feature phones predominate, andsmartphones divvy up the rest of the pie. Other 1% 1% App 1% 1% Feature Phone 7% Android Blackberry OS 7% 15 % iOS 48% Android Blackberry OS 50% 52% iPhone OS 18% Symbian OS Feature Symbian phone 31% Other 52% web OS Windows 16% Mobile OS Web It’s interesting that 50% of mobile web traffic still comes from feature phones. We anticipate a decrease in feature phone share by year end as subscriber migration to smartphones continues, accelerating during the holiday season. Overall, the shift to smartphones will fuel the continued increase in mobile web and app traffic and increase engagement with mobile ads. The leader in targeted mobile advertising 4
  5. 5. Simple Targeting & Audience Trends | October 2011Mobile Demographic Trends .90% .80%Age .70%Mobile users from ages 45-74 con- .60%tinue to have the highest CTR. This .50% CTRhighlights the importance of non- .40%click focused campaigns to engage .30%with younger consumers on mobile. .20% .10% 0% 14-1 8-20 21-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65-74 75-98Income GenderMonth after month we’ve seen click-through Another reoccuring trend we’ve observed is therates for mobile users with HHI over $50K sig- higher CTRs for men, which more than doublednificantly outperform those below HHI of $50K. the CTRs for women. 1.25% .64%1.40% .70% .62%1.20% .60%1.00% 1.18% .50% .31%.80% .40%.60% .24% .30%.40% .20%.20% .10% 0% 0% Under $50K Over $50K Male Female The trends here are fairly stable. Older users, men and high-income segments click on mobile advertising at a higher rate than other demographic groups. The leader in targeted mobile advertising 5
  6. 6. Simple Targeting & Audience Trends | October 2011Mobile Marketing TrendsMarketplace Click Destinations Percent of Performance Campaigns Using Each Campaign TypeIn September, click-to-web and click-to-download continue to predominateas preferred actions for advertisers on Click to Webthe Jumptap network. 23% Click to Download Click to Call Click to iTunes 76%TargetingLocation-based targeting remains the most popular method used by advertisers to reach consumers onthe Jumptap network.Number of Targeting Methods Used Percent of Premium Campaigns Using Each Targeting Method Age 4% 8% 2% Location (State) 6% 0 Capability 19% 1 56% 34% Handset 25% 2 3+ Location (MSA) 33% 0 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Advertisers will increasingly look to local targeting and other geographic targeting methods to maximize ad relevancy. The leader in targeted mobile advertising 6
  7. 7. Simple Targeting & Audience Trends | October 2011 Mobile Advertising Verticals Vertical Advertising Share, Spending, And Click-Through Rates Vertical Performance Retail .80% $ Automotive .70% Entertainment .60% Consumer Packaged Goods Consumer Technology .50% Goverment .40%CTR Telecommunications .30% $ Restaurants $ .30% $ Finance Advertising spend for September .20% represented by the size of each bubble .10% .00% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Impression Share Retail, Automotive, and Entertainment are the largest verticals on the Jumptap network for the month of September. For direct response performance, Government, Entertainment and Automotive saw the best CTRs for the month. The leader in targeted mobile advertising 7
  8. 8. Simple Targeting & Audience Trends | October 2011The Rise of Rich MediaWe’ve all seen numbers that show rich media provides lift over standard ad units. However lift metricsare hard to isolate. There are always other variables at play - was it the ad unit itself, the targeting criteria,placement or some other factor responsible for lift?So we ran an experiment to see how close we could get to isolating rich media as a performance factor,reviewing over 300 million campaign impressions, across several major advertisers that ran both rich andstandard media with similar creative and messaging.The results were striking: $ 337% 357% 340% 455% 214% 362% Theatrical Quick Service Athletics Consumer Retailer Luxury Auto Release Resaurant Manufacturer Electroincs Lift in CTR over standard mobile banner campaign. Rising smartphone adoption and the sudden prevalence of tablets are increasing the ability of brand advertisers to reach consumers with extremely effective rich media advertising. The leader in targeted mobile advertising 8
  9. 9. Simple Targeting & Audience Trends | October 2011About MobileSTATMobileSTAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends) is a monthly glance into targeting and audience trends inmobile advertising through our network of over 13 billion impressions, 95 million users and 14,000 apps andwebsites. Jumptap takes a unique data driven approach to mobile advertising, enabling it to cultivate theinsights contained in the report. MobileSTAT contains analysis of dozens of terabytes of log data, powered bythe scalable, efficient Jumptap technology. Jumptap strives to make mobile advertising smart and simple,and MobileSTAT was designed to benefit the entire mobile ecosystem.To download a full copy of the Jumptap MobileSTAT report, visit: MethodologyThe results of the Jumptap MobileSTAT reports are derived from large quantities of network data toidentify targeting and audience trends. Jumptap uses proprietary algorithms to analyze and normalizethis data. In some cases, when sufficient conditions are met, subsets of data may have been used asproxies to represent the overall network.About JumptapJumptap is the leader in targeted mobile advertising. With an unmatched portfolio of technology patents,Jumptap’s data-driven solutions deliver the highest ROI for advertisers, and the best yield for publishers,across multiple platforms. The company partners with digital and media agencies, publishers, wirelesscarriers and brand advertisers, to deliver an array of mobile advertising solutions. For more information,visit and follow us on twitter at Jumptap, Inc. 10 Canal Park, 5th Floor Cambridge, MA 02141 Phone: +1.617.301.4550 Fax: +1.617.301.4599© Copyright 2011 Jumptap Inc. All rights reserved The leader in targeted mobile advertising 9