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Mobile intel-retail-vol1

  1. 1. Volume 1Mobile Intel Series:Mobile Insights for Retail Brands a Millennial Media / comScore Retail Study
  2. 2. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail Study The Opportunity 2 The Mobile Retail Audience 3 Mobile Retail Consumption 4 Consumer Behavior: Mobile’s Role in Retail 5 Bottom of the Funnel: Closing the Deal 6 A Global Trend 7 Retailers Leveraging Mobile Advertising 8 Types of Retailers Investing in Mobile 10 Mobile Retail Campaign Goals 11 Targeting Strategies: Reaching Consumers 13 Engaging Mobile Retail Consumers 14 Conclusions 15 Action Items for Retail Brands 16 Summary & Reporting Methodology 17
  3. 3. The OpportunitySpurred by increased consumer mobile usage, mobile advertising is growing rapidly and ispoised for even greater expansion. From 2009 to 2010, the U.S. mobile advertising market –including search and display advertising – more than doubled, going from $368 million to $877million (IDC, Dec 2010). IDC further predicts the U.S. mobile advertising market may double againin 2011 – approaching $2 billion. Similar growth is projected globally. According to JuniperResearch, worldwide mobile ad spending is forecasted to grow from $3.1 billion in 2010 to $11billion in 2015 (Juniper Research, Dec 2010) – a 2.5X increase.This guide is designed to help retail marketers navigate the immediate, very real opportunities inmobile advertising. Specifically covering: • Who mobile retail consumers are & what mobile shopping behaviors they exhibit • How retail brands are utilizing mobile • How brands can navigate mobile to reach and engage consumers when it matters mostThe insights here are based upon a study Millennial Media commissioned with mobilemeasurement firm, comScore, and Millennial Media’s network observations across thousands ofmobile ad campaigns.comScore Mobile Retail StudyThe study Millennial Media commissioned with comScore surveyed consumers withseveral key objectives in mind:• Explore the mobile retail industry and understand its growth• Delve into the demographics and behavior of mobile retail consumers• Understand exactly how mobile is being utilized throughout the purchase funnelMethodology:Mobilens Survey Q2 ’10, n=39,000Plan Metrix Mobile Survey, Q2 ’10, n=15,000comScore Custom Wireless Survey, June 2010, n=6,576mCommerce data includes all worldwide buying on U.S. sitesMillennial Media Network DataThe first 2011 Quarterly S.M.A.R.T.™ report data featured is based on actual campaign andnetwork data from Millennial Media. This data was accumulated across 67 billion mobileimpressions in 250 countries & territories in Q1 2011. 2
  4. 4. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail StudyThe Mobile Retail AudienceWith increased Smartphone Smartphone Ownershippenetration, the number of By Platformindividuals with web- and CHART A 25%app-enabled devices is growing. 20% +67% Y/YAccording to comScore, Smartphone 15% +61% Y/Y +96% Y/Yownership was up 67% 10% -2% Y/Yyear-over-year (to 22% penetration) 5% -9% Y/Y 0% +788% Y/Yin June 2010 (see Chart A). As the SMARTPHONE APPLE GOOGLEaddressable audience for mobile RIM MICROSOFT PALMadvertising has grown, so too has the Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010.opportunity to reach that audiencewith a relevant message. Mobile retail consumers skew youngerSo who are the consumers accessing than the total mobile audience.retail content on their mobiledevices? The comScore study reveals Mobile Retail Usersthat the vast majority of mobile retail By Age CHART B TOTAL MOBILE AUDIENCEusers are tech-savvy digital natives 40% 36% MOBILE RETAIL USERSbetween the ages of 18 and 35 for 35% 30%whom the mobile phone has 25% 22% 21% 18% 18% 18%become an indispensible part of their 20% 15% 13% 11% 12% 13%daily routine (see Chart B). 10% 8% 5% 4% 5% 2% 0%These consumers also tend to be 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+more affluent. comScore breaks Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010.down mobile retail users by income,showing that the percentage ofmobile retail users is higher than the Mobile retail users tend to betotal audience in several income more affluent than the totalbrackets (see Chart C). mobile audience.Mobile retail users lead in the Mobile Retail Users TOTAL MOBILE AUDIENCE$100,000+ annual income bracket, By Income MOBILE RETAIL USERS CHART Cproviding retail advertisers – 35% 34%particularly those selling luxury 30% 27% 25% 23%goods – a significant audience that is 20% 20% 21% 18% 16% 16% 15%likely to appreciate and respond to a 15% 11% 10%call to action. 5% 0% <$25K $25K to <$50K $50K to <$75K $50K to <$75K $100K+ Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010. 3
  5. 5. Mobile Retail ConsumptionIn addition to understanding the makeup of the mobile retail audience, it is also important tounderstand the overall scale of the opportunity, as well as consumption patterns. How manyconsumers are accessing retail content on their mobile devices and how frequently? ThecomScore study reveals that the numbers are significant.In fact, the total number of consumers who accessed some type of retail content on theirmobile device in a given month jumped 74% year-over-over to 13 million (as of June 2010). Ofthe 13 million, over 6.5 million accessed retail content on their mobile device up to three timesper month, 4.2 million at least once a week, and 2.2 million consumers accessed some form ofretail content on their mobile device almost every day (see Chart A). Mobile Retail Visitation June 2009-June 2010 CHART A 15,000,000 +74% Y/Y The number of consumers accessing 9,000,000 +92% Y/Y retail content via mobile 3,000,000 +63% Y/Y +55% Y/Y has increased 74% Y/Y to over 13MM people. AT LEAST ONCE EACH MONTH AT LEAST ONCE EACH WEEK Most are accessing via UP TO 3 TIMES THROUGHOUT THE MONTH ALMOST EVERY DAY mobile browser. Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010.The vast majority of consumers are Mobile Retail Audience By Access Methodinteracting with mobile retail websites and CHART B TOTALoffers using their mobile phone, and most 15,000,000 BROWSER(over 8.2 million per month) are using mobile 1,200,000 SMS APPbrowsers (see Chart B). Device diversification 9,000,000 13.1MMand apps engagement will likely grow, but it 6,000,000 8.2MMremains important for retailers to reach 3,000,000 4.2MM 3.2MMconsumers across both the mobile web and 0in-app, across a variety of devices. Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010. 4
  6. 6. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail StudyConsumer Behavior: Mobile’s Role in RetailWhether consumers are exploring an offer from a department store, gathering information onnew products from a luxury brand they love, or researching what members of their socialcommunity have to say about a specific product or store, consumers are reaching to theirmobile devices for assistance and advice.The comScore study shows that mobile users rely on their mobile devices to guide themthrough every step of the purchase process. Specifically, over half (52%) of respondents reach totheir mobile phones to determine if they need a product. 42% of consumers research productson their phone to decide which one(s) best satisfy their needs. 38% use mobile when making apurchase, 29% when comparison shopping for a specific product, and 12% for evaluating aproduct post-purchase (see Chart A). Mobile enables retailers to have close proximity to the customer at all stages of the purchase funnel. How Mobile is Used Throughout the Purchase Process CHART A To help determine if a product is needed 52% To perform research to help decide which products fulfill a need 42% When making a purchase 38% To comparison shop for a specific product 29% To evaluate a product after purchase 12% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010. Q: At which points in the purchase process do you use your mobile phone?This means that the opportunities for mobile advertisers are incredibly wide-reaching.Since mobile plays a part in the consumer’s entire decision-making process, brands canspend their media dollars on mobile to affect consumers at all stages of the purchasefunnel, including: • Brand Awareness • Brand Favorability • Purchase Intent • Brand Preference • Brand Loyalty5
  7. 7. Bottom of the Funnel: Closing the DealMobile users are not only using their devices to research their purchases; they are also usingtheir mobile phones to complete the transaction – either by driving foot traffic into brick andmortar locations or via mCommerce. Specifically, 21 percent of comScore’s survey respondentssaid they had made a retail purchase using their mobile phone via a mobile browser or a mobileapplication in the past 30 days (see Chart A). This does not include the purchase of applicationsfrom app stores. How mCommerce Purchases are Made 21% of mobile consumers CHART A made a retail purchase using their mobile phone 3% 3% through a mobile browser or application. 15% MOBILE BROWSER MOBILE BROWSER OR APP APP Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010.A closer examination of consumers’ purchases showed they bought a wide range of itemsusing their mobile devices. The majority of items purchased were retail or travel related withconsumer electronics and clothing/accessories topping the list, followed by food,entertainment tickets, and airplane tickets (see Chart B).mCommerce Items PurchasedCHART B35%30%25% 31%20% 29% 26%15% 21% 21% 21% 19% 19%10% 17% 15% 5% 14% 0% ELECTRONICS CLOTHING / FOOD ENTERTAINMENT AIRPLANE BOOKS HOTEL FLOWERS TOOLS / SPORTS / CAR ACCESSORIES TICKETS TICKETS NON DIGITAL STAYS AUTO / FITNESS RENTALS INDUSTRIALSource: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010. 6
  8. 8. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail StudyA Global TrendOn the whole, the comScore study finds that there are strikingly similar patterns betweenU.S. and EU mobile retail users, with over 10% accessing retail content almost every day.Japanese mobile subscribers were slightly more likely to engage with mobile retail content,however they were less likely to do so on a Smartphone, and less likely to access thatcontent as frequently (see Chart A). EU retail users are as active as U.S. retail users. Japanese users are slightly more active and more likely to access retail content via browser.Global Mobile Retail EngagementCHART A 62% accessing via Smartphone 62% accessing via Smartphone 11% accessing via Smartphone 63% accessing via Browser 59% accessing via Browser 91% accessing via Browser +74% Y/Y +75% Y/Y 100% 1 3X PER MONTH AT LEAST 1X PER WEEK ALMOST EVERY DAY 80% 51% 56% 77% 60% 40% 32% 31% 20% 20% 17% 13% 2% 0% U.S. EU 5 JAPANSource: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010. 7
  9. 9. Retailers Leveraging Mobile AdvertisingHow committed are marketers to themobile retail opportunity? By all Number of Retail Entitiesaccounts, they are embracing it as a Advertising on Mobile CHART Acritical engagement point with their 7000base. The space is not only large; ad 6000spending is hitting new heights. 5000According to the comScore study, 4000 6445mobile retail display advertising 3000increased 112 percent year-over-year, 2000with 3045 retailers advertising on mobile 3045 1000in 2009 and 6445 in 2010 (see Chart A). 0comScore’s findings are reinforced by JUNE 2009 JUNE 2010data released in Millennial Media’s Q1 Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010.2011 Quarterly S.M.A.R.T.™ (Scorecard forMobile Advertising Reach and Targeting)report. Based upon hundreds ofcampaigns and the 67 billion global ad Global Vertical Explosion Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth – Q1 2011/Q1 2010impressions served in Q1, Millennial CHART BMedia also saw strong – and growing –spending in the Retail category. VERTICALSGlobally, Retail & Restaurants spending RETAIL & RESTAURANTS 1342%on Millennial’s network grew 1342% AUTOMOTIVE 723%from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011 (see Chart B).This growth is significant in scale and is FINANCE 379%coming from an already robust level of TELECOMMUNICATIONS 242%mobile spending, as the Retail &Restaurants vertical has consistently HEALTH: FITNESS & WELLNESS 183%been among the Top 10 global verticals EDUCATION 130%on Millennial Media’s network for thepast year. Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2011. 8
  10. 10. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail StudyRetailers Leveraging Mobile AdvertisingIn fact, ‘Retail & Restaurants’ was the number Top 10 U.S. Advertising Verticals Q1 2011 – Ranked by Spendone ad vertical on Millennial Media’s CHART Anetwork in Q1 2011 – both in the U.S. andinternationally (see Charts A & B). Q1 VERTICALS 1 RETAIL & RESTAURANTSIn good company with a number of other 2 TELECOMMUNICATIONSmobile-savvy verticals (Auto, Entertainment, 3 PORTALS & DIRECTORIES 4 FINANCEFinance), retailers spent aggressively to drive 5 AUTOMOTIVEa variety of campaign goals. 6 ENTERTAINMENT 7 DATING 8 EDUCATIONData from Millennial’s network also revealed 9 TRAVELthat retail brands are investing more in 10 CPGmobile to take advantage of the window of Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2011.opportunity that opens around holidaysand events such as Valentine’s Day, college Top 10 International Advertising Verticals Q1 2011 – Ranked by Spendgraduations, Mother’s/Father’s Day, CHART BBack-to-School preparation, and theChristmas season shopping. Q1 VERTICALS 1 RETAIL & RESTAURANTSFor instance, Retail advertisers saw a 22% 2 PORTALS & DIRECTORIESconsumer interaction lift around Valentine’s 3 TELECOMMUNICATIONS 4 ENTERTAINMENTDay weekend in 2011. One advertiser who 5 DATINGtook advantage of this lift was jewelry 6 TRAVELretailer Zales, who leveraged Millennial’s 7 FINANCE 8 AUTOMOTIVEnetwork to drive sales through in-store and 9 NEWSonline coupon redemptions. 10 ARMED FORCES Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2011. Campaign Spotlight: Zales GOAL: Integrate mobile into the marketing mix to drive sales through in-store and online coupon redemptions. STRATEGY: From a standard mobile display ad, send consumers to a custom landing page where they could enter their email address to receive a special holiday offer. Consumers were then sent a customized HTML email that included a coupon they could redeem at a Zales store location or online. To download the full campaign summary, visit 9
  11. 11. Types of Retailers Investing in MobileThe types of retailers who haveinvested in mobile on Millennial Retail Vertical Mix April 2011Media’s network are broad. From CHART Aclothing, sporting goods and luxuryfashion retailers, to home & garden, 6% 6% 22%jewelry, and consumer electronicsbrands, mobile has become a 8%standard part of retail brands’marketing plans across a wide array 11% 17%of retail segments. 13%In April 2011, brands in eight 17%different subcategories advertisedon Millennial Media’s network(Chart A). Millennial saw similar DEPARTMENT STORESdiversity throughout the entire year, COMPUTERS & ELECTRONICS HOME & GARDENwith the leaders changing slightly MEMBERSHIP OFFERSby season, as certain types of ONLINE DEPARTMENT STORES CLOTHINGretailers increased their spending SPORTING GOODS STORESaround key events and holidays. LUXURY FASHION Source: Millennial Media, 4/11.The comScore study also showsthat a variety of retailers embracedmobile advertising to influenceconsumers throughout the Top Mobile Retail Advertisers as Tracked by comScorepurchase funnel (awareness, CHART Bengagement, consideration, JUNE 2009 JUNE 2010conversion and loyalty). H&M HENNES & MAURITZ AB NIKE, INC. SIEMENS AG STARBUCKS CORPORATIONIn fact, comScore’s review of the big ADIDAS LTD. AG VF OUTDOOR INC. A 1 ROOFINGS KANGA ROOF DILLARDS, INC.spenders in mobile highlights the PREMIERE VISION S.A. ADIDAS LTD. AGadvance of department store W.A FROST AND COMPANY BIRCHS RESTAURANT MACYS DEPARTMENT STORES, INC. ACE HARDWARE CORPORATIONchains, specialty shops and fast NIKE, INC. SWAROVSKI AG BURGER KING HOLDINGS INC. LINDERS GARDEN CENTERfood restaurants (QSR), many of WEBER LUMBER LIQUIDATORS, INC. SUN TIMES NEWS GROUP JACK IN THE BOX INC.whom were absent from the list the INTER IKEA SYSTEMS B.V. JEFFREY R. ANDERSON REAL ESTATE, INC. BURGER KING HOLDINGS INC. J. C. PENNEY COMPANY, INC.previous year (Chart B). SONY CORPORATION DUNKIN BRANDS WAL MART STORES, INC. AVON PRODUCTS, INC. BLOCKBUSTER INC. DENNYS CORPORATION SEARS HOLDINGS CORPORATION INTER IKEA SYSTEMS B.V. ACE HARDWARE CORPORATION MARY KAY THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS COMPANY H&M HENNES & MAURITZ AB Source: comScore, 2010. 10
  12. 12. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail StudyMobile Retail Campaign GoalsWhat are mobile retail advertisers trying toachieve with their mobile campaigns? Retail Advertisers’ Campaign Goals Q1 2011 CHART ABased upon Millennial Media’s Q1 2011 2% 5%network data, retail advertisers heavilyinvested in mobile to increase brandawareness for their products, drive foottraffic to brick and mortar locations, and 22% 42%keep a sustained in-market presence(see Chart A).When looking at the campaign goals of all 29%advertisers on Millennial’s network in Q12011 (see Chart B), brand awareness andincreased foot traffic were significantly SUSTAINED IN MARKET PRESENCEmore important to retail advertisers than LEAD GEN/REGISTRATIONSadvertisers in other verticals. PRODUCT LAUNCH/RELEASE BRAND AWARENESS INCREASED FOOT TRAFFICRetailers also used mobile to Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2011. Data is based on the Top 750 Campaigns on Millennial Media’s Network in Q1 2011.launch/release new products andgenerate leads/registrations for laterremarketing efforts. Though not a primaryfocus for retailers in Q1 2011, retailers ran Advertisers’ Campaign Goals Q1 2011lead gen campaigns more frequentlyduring certain times of the year in 2010 – CHART B 2%particularly in the periods leading up tomajor shopping seasons. 9% 29% 9%The Container Store, for instance, droveemail acquisition through a dorm roommakeover sweepstakes so they could 24%remarket to college students during the 27%Back-to-School timeframe. SUSTAINED IN MARKET PRESENCE LEAD GEN/REGISTRATIONS PRODUCT LAUNCH/RELEASE BRAND AWARENESS INCREASED FOOT TRAFFIC SITE TRAFFIC Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2011. Data is based on the Top 750 Campaigns on Millennial Media’s Network in Q1 2011.11
  13. 13. Mobile Retail Campaign Goals ContinuedSavvy advertisers also recognize that consumers are accessing content across a variety of devicesand operating systems and that effective mobile advertising connects brands with people, notdevices. In fact, 78% of campaigns on Millennial Media’s network in Q1 2011 were cross-platform(serving ads across multiple device types and operating systems). Advertisers runningcross-platform campaigns were able to reach consumers at scale – regardless of whether theirtarget consumer preferred a Smartphone, Connected Device (i.e., Android Tablet, iPod Touch,etc.), mobile-web-enabled Feature Phone (see Chart A), or any one specific carrier. Though theAndroid platform has grown significantly in the past year, iOS, RIM, and other operating systemsstill made up a significant portion of impressions on Millennial’s network in Q1 2011 (see Chart B). Smartphone, Feature Phone & Smartphone OS Mix Connected Device Impression Share By Impressions Q1 2011 Q1 2011 1%1%1% CHART A CHART B 15% CONNECTED DEVICES 17% ANDROID iOS RIM 23% 62% 54% SYMBIAN FEATURE SMARTPHONES WINDOWS PHONES 26% OTHER Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2011. Smartphone data does not include what could be considered Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2011. Other Smartphones running proprietary Operating Systems, e.g. Samsung Instinct, LG Vu. Millennial includes webOS, Danger, Nokia OS, Palm OS. Media defines a Connected Device as a handheld device that can access the mobile web, but is not a mobile phone. Examples include Apple iPod Touch, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, iPad, etc. Campaign Spotlight: The Container Store® GOAL: Drive email acquisition among college students prior to back-to-school promotions. STRATEGY: Work with Millennial Media to target 18-20-year-olds on their mobile devices with a “$1,000 Dorm Room Makeover” sweepstakes. A custom landing page experience allowed consumers to opt-in to receive emails about the sweepstakes and other special promotions. To download the full campaign summary, visit 12
  14. 14. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail StudyTargeting Strategies: Reaching ConsumersAn important point to considerwhen building a mobile targeting Mobile Retail Users are Everywhere By Categorystrategy is that consumers are CHART Aaccessing a variety of mobile sites ACCESSED: 84%and applications. “Mobile Retail WEATHER 22% 78%Shoppers” are also individuals who MAPS 16%access all kinds of content – not just NEWS 77% 16%mobile retail sites and apps. ENTERTAINMENT NEWS 72% 13% MOVIE INFORMATION 69% 11%The comScore study sheds light on 68% SEARCHthe vast array of content mobile 20% 67%retail users access and enjoy. Mobile SPORTS INFORMATION 14%retail users are spending time on RESTAURANT INFORMATION 66% 9%multiple content channels, FINANCIAL NEWS 65% 10%including mobile weather (84%), AUCTION SITES 64% 5%news (77%), and entertainmentcontent (72%) publishers, among 0 20 40 60 80 100 MOBILE RETAIL USERSothers (see Chart A). TOTAL MOBILE AUDIENCE Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2010.Millennial Media has seen a numberof success stories with clientswho reached their target audience outside of their “typical” content channel. One technologyclient sought to reach IT decision makers and found them well beyond tech blogs and gadgetsites and apps. By broadening their targeting to include social media and news channels, theclient saw significant increases in brand awareness among its desired audience. Similarly, outdoorclothing and gear retailer, Patagonia, advertised across an array of content channels on Millennial’snetwork to reach their target consumer – the eco-conscious consumer. Campaign Spotlight: Patagonia GOAL: Drive awareness and application downloads from iTunes to support the launch of Patagonia’s Music initiative “Buy a Song, Benefit the Environment” iPhone application, with proceeds benefiting conservation efforts. STRATEGY: Utilize mobile to drive immediate app downloads and engage with consumers in a way that leaves zero carbon footprint. Partnering with Millennial Media enabled Patagonia to engage more than 6 million eco-conscious consumers. To download the full campaign summary, visit
  15. 15. Engaging Mobile Retail ConsumersRetail advertisers are harnessing the action-oriented nature of mobile to spur consumerparticipation. In Q1 2011, retail advertisers on Millennial Media’s network focused on a varietyof engaging campaign actions.In addition to generating leads for future re-marketing (with ‘enroll/join/subscribe’ actions),retail brands used mobile to show compelling video ads, drive social media engagement, andencourage application downloads. Retail advertisers drove these actions at a much higher ratethan all other advertisers on Millennial’s network. Retailers also drove foot traffic to brick andmortar locations by highlighting retail promotions in their ads and allowing consumers tolocate a store or view a map to easily find the nearest store location (see Chart A).Post-Click Campaign Action Mix for Millennial Media AdvertisersAll Advertisers vs. Retail Advertisers – Q1 2011CHART A 26%APPLICATION DOWNLOAD 31% 39%ENROLL / JOIN / SUBSCRIBE 53% 12% M COMMERCE 9% 39% PLACE CALL 38% 22% RETAIL PROMOTION 47% 13% SITE SEARCH 31% 18% MOCIAL SOCIAL MEDIA 38% 22% STORE LOCATOR 36% 12% VIEW MAP 27% 25% WATCH VIDEO 42% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% ALL ADVERTISERS RETAIL ADVERTISERS ONLYSource: Millennial Media, Q1 2011.Data is based on the Top 750 Campaigns on Millennial Media’s Network in Q1 2011. 14
  16. 16. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail StudyConclusionsMobile retail mobile users are affluent, tech-savvy consumers that rely on their mobiledevices to guide them through every step of the purchase process.The engaged mobile retail audience is also large. There are more than 13 million mobileusers accessing retail content on their mobile device each month, with 2.2 million accessingthis content almost every day. It has become imperative for retail brands to commit to amobile strategy to connect with these consumers where they are currently researching,comparing, and purchasing products.A significant number of retail brands – across all types of retail categories – have alreadyentered the mobile space, with more joining every day. These brands are using mobile todrive a variety of company goals, including increased brand awareness and foot traffic. Byleveraging advanced targeting strategies and engaging consumers with action-orientedcampaigns, retail marketers are making the most of mobile to deliver against their goals inan effective and efficient way.15
  17. 17. Action Items for Retail BrandsNew to Mobile1 Create a great mobile experience for your audience. Everyone’s audience is mobile, and your audience is looking for you on your mobile device, so it’s imperative to get your mobile website – and promotional pages – in order with your consumer in mind.2 Determine mobile advertising’s role in your campaign strategy and clearly identify your goals. Are you trying to drive awareness, enhance loyalty and remarketing efforts by building email lists, or influence a specific action (e.g., drive application downloads, drive foot traffic to stores, drive coupon/offer redemption, sell a product via a mCommerce, drive consumers to a social media destination, etc.)?3 Determine how broadly or specifically you want to target your audience and work with your mobile partner to reach that audience at scale.4 Engage your audience with compelling creative that is built for mobile. Consider the mobile user’s experience as you develop your creative. If you plan to use existing creative from another medium (i.e., online), be sure to think through how the creative will be displayed and take advantage of opportunities for consumers to interact with your mobile ad unit.5 Measure results during and post-campaign so you are set up to optimize future campaigns.Mobile Veterans1 Analyze what worked and what didn’t work in your last mobile campaign. Revisit your overall campaign goals.2 Integrate your mobile campaign with other media.3 Test and apply advanced targeting techniques: local market targeting, social media integration, etc.4 Incorporate rich creative: mobile circulars, interactive video, etc.5 Measure campaign performance with deeper analytics and continue to optimize for future campaigns. Would you like an in-person briefing of this data, specific to your brand or client? Contact us today at 16
  18. 18. Mobile Intel Series: Retail a Millennial Media/comScore Retail StudySummary & Reporting MethodologyAbout Millennial MediaMillennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising and data company. As an independent company, MillennialMedia commands an impressive share of the mobile display advertising market. The company’s technology, tools andservices also power some of the largest companies in the media business today. Millennial Media is committed to growingthe mobile advertising marketplace by becoming the preferred partner to all advertisers seeking to reach mobile consumers,all application and media developers seeking to maximize ad revenue, and all mobile operators seeking to further monetizetheir networks. The company has received numerous industry awards including the 2010 OnMedia Top Private Company inDigital Media and the 2010 Stevie for the Most Innovative Company. For more information, please visit, join our Facebook community, or follow us on Twitter @millennialmedia.About comScorecomScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence. Througha powerful combination of behavioral and survey insights, comScore enables clients to better understand, leverage andprofit from the rapidly evolving worldwide web and mobile arena. comScore provides syndicated and custom solutions inonline audience measurement, e-commerce, advertising, search, video and mobile and offers dedicated analysts with digitalmarketing and vertical-specific industry expertise. Advertising agencies, publishers, marketers and financial analysts turn tocomScore for the industry-leading solutions needed to craft successful digital, marketing, sales, product development andtrading strategies.Report MethodologyThe insights here are based upon a study we commissioned with mobile measurement firm, comScore, and our ownnetwork observations across thousands of mobile ad campaigns.comScore Methodology:Mobilens Survey Q2 ’10, n=39,000Plan Metrix Mobile Survey, Q2 ’10, n=15,000comScore Custom Wireless Survey, June 2010, n=6,576mCommerce data includes all worldwide buying on U.S. sitesMillennial Media Network Data:The first 2011 Quarterly S.M.A.R.T.™ report data featured is based on actual campaign and network data from MillennialMedia. This data was accumulated across 67 billion mobile impressions in 250 countries & territories in Q1 2011.The Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.™) delivers monthly insights on key trends in mobileadvertising based on actual campaign and network data from Millennial Media, Inc. Millennial Media partners with majorcarriers, media networks and top-tier publishers to deliver the largest data set of any third-party U.S. mobile advertisingnetwork. As such, we are uniquely capable of reporting and analyzing the richest sets of carrier, device and campaign datacollected over billions of monthly ad requests. Elevating and driving the whole mobile ecosystem forward is central to ourcompany mission.Visit to sign up to receive Millennial Media-related news, including MillennialMedia’s Mobile Mix™ and the Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.)™ report.©2011 Millennial Media, Inc. All rights reserved. All product names and images are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. 17
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