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Ful b2 b-survey_fall11

  1. 1. 2011 Digital Marketing and Content Survey Executive Summary Frommer’s Unlimited, in conjunction with Tnooz, conducted a global survey of 350 travel professionals on digital marketing and content priorities. Once again, digital content is a top priority for travel companies, with 83% reporting a planned increase in budget for 2012. More than half of respondents intend to increase investments in search engine optimisation and custom content development. This year’s survey confirms the continuing shift of travel companies marketing spend to digital channels with 78% of respondents reporting they will increase spend in 2012. The key priorities for the increased digital marketing budgets were social media marketing, content, and mobile apps/development. Over the past two years, travel companies have focused on user experience, with global players focusing on engagement in combination with customer acquisition. This shows a maturing of the online marketplace, as marketers look closer at the final stages of the purchase funnel and how they can convert more visitors into loyal customers. This trend is demonstrated by tangible shifts in respondents’: • Key Content Priorities: The top priority for adding content was to increase conversions, followed closely by attracting search traffic. Last year attracting search traffic was the top priority. • Average Cost Per Visitor: This year we also saw increases in cost per visitor with 48% reporting a US$1-$5 (€0.75 -€3.60) average compared to 38% last year. • Content Development Strategy: Custom content development also stood out when reviewing respondents digital content plans, with 52% indicating they would be increasing spend for 2012. All these factors suggest an even more competitive landscape that requires companies to work harder to win new customers. Finally, we added a new question to our survey this year about mobile development plans. There was overwhelming support for iOS devices. By the end of 2012, 79% of respondents expected to support iPhone applications, 75% iPad applications, and 74% will be supporting a mobile website. These figures represent strong adoption, although it is interesting to see mobile web in the third spot when it can support all of the operating systems and their devices. Introduction Frommer’s Unlimited, the business-to-business division of Frommer’s®, a branded imprint of Wiley carried out this survey, our fourth annual, to determine trends in digital marketing and content development priorities. With the ever increasing importance of digital sales channels, there are tremendous opportunities in the travel sector. The opportunity to complete the survey was offered in October, 2011, to a wide range of global travel executives in partnership with Tnooz. Who responded? There were 350 respondents to the survey across a wide range of sectors within travel, including media/ publishing, hotels and hospitality, travel agencies, operators and consolidators, airlines, tourist offices, car rental, rail, and cruise. Our respondents represented all global regions: 46% North America; 36% Europe; 11% Asia/South Pacific; 4% Middle East/Africa; and 3% South America.1 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  2. 2. Results Digital marketing budget Once again, digital marketing continues to be a priority for our survey respondents. Seventy eight percent (78%) report they are increasing digital marketing spend in 2012, up from 70% and 54% in our prior two annual surveys. Only 3% reported budget decreases for 2012, down from 7% in our last survey and 15% two years ago. We see this as a sign that organisations are seeing increased value in digital marketing initiatives How will your digital marketing budget change in 2012? 3% 19% Increasing 78% Remaining the same Decreasing 100% 80% 70% 78% 60% Increasing 50% 40% Remaining the same 30% Decreasing 20% 10% 19% 3% 0%2 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  3. 3. Priorities for digital marketing Social media marketing (65%) and content (55%) were at the top of the list for digital marketing budget increases again this year. Over half of respondents also indicated increases for their mobile apps/ development (54%) and natural search engine optmisation (52%). Of your digital marketing plans for 2012, will your spend on: Remaining the Increasing Decreasing Same Social Media Marketing 65% 28% 1% Content 55% 37% 3% Mobile Apps/Development 54% 20% 1% SEO - Natural 52% 40% 1% Video 46% 32% 1% Advertising - Online Display 43% 35% 5% Advertising - Paid Search 41% 33% 8% Email Marketing 41% 43% 8% Advertising - Mobile 39% 31% 0% SEO - Paid 36% 42% 6% Meta Search 22% 44% 6%3 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  4. 4. Cost per visitor Travel companies are continuing to be effective with their digital marketing strategies, as 85% of respondents reported a cost per visitor of under US$5 (€3.60), identical to the percent last year. Within that group, however, the breakdown has shifted with more respondents reporting a cost per visitor of US$1-$5 (€0.75 -€3.60), 48%, up from 38% last year. Five percent (5% of respondents) indicated a CPV of over US$10 (€7.20), up from 2% last survey. What is your average cost per visitor across your digital marketing mix? 4% 10% 37% Under $1 (Under €0.75) $1 - $5 (€0.75 - €3.60) 48% $5 - $10 (€3.60 - €7.20) Over $10 (Over €7.20)4 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  5. 5. Mobile Platforms New to our survey this year, we asked respondents to indicate which mobile platforms their companies currently support or plan to support in 2012. The results clearly demonstrate the dominant position of Apple’s iOS for companies’ mobile strategy. By the end of 2012, nearly 80% of companies plan to have iPhone apps and 75% are aiming to have an iPad app according to the survey respondents. Which mobile platforms does your company: iPhone 49% 30% iPad 39% 36% Mobile Web 42% 32% Currently supported Plan to support in 2012 Android 35% 33% Blackberry 27% 20% Other Tablet 14% 28% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 100%5 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  6. 6. Digital content budget Trending with the increases in digital marketing budgets, respondents indicated a large increase in digital content budgets for 2012. Eighty-three percent (83%) reported increases, up from 70% last year and 66% the prior year. Only 1% of the group indicated a decreasing digital content budget, down from 5% last year. How will your digital content budget change in 2012? 1% 16% Increasing 83% Remaining the same Decreasing6 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  7. 7. Plans for digital content Search engine optimisation remains the top priority for 2012 digital content plans, with 53% of those surveyed indicating they will be increasing their budgets in this area. Custom content development closely followed with 52% reporting an increase for 2012. This shows a trend in companies needing to separate themselves from their competitors and create a unique voice. These top two initiatives closely relate, as unique content improves SEO. OfOf your digital content plans for 2012, will your spend be: your digital content plans for 2012, will your spend be: Remaining the Increasing Decreasing Same Search Engine Optimisation 53% 33% 3% Content - Custom Development 52% 36% 2% Content - Destination Info 47% 34% 3% Content - User Generated 47% 36% 2% Video 46% 32% 1% Blogs 43% 37% 2% Image Galleries/Slideshows 41% 42% 2% Content - Product/Property Descriptions 40% 42% 2% Translations 33% 41% 3% Maps 29% 52% 3% Events Info 28% 47% 3% Multi-lingual priorities We added a new question to the survey this year to inquire about the number of multi-lingual websites operated by respondents’ companies. They reported currently: • 49% operate a site in one language • 33% operate a site in 2 to 5 languages • 21% operate a site in over 5 languages For 2012, another 26% plan to be in the 2 to 5 language category and 17% plan to have localized websites in over 5 languages. This indicates the importance many companies are placing on reaching a global customer and ties in to the prior survey question where nearly three-fourths of respondents (74%) indicated their plans to keep or increase their budget allocation for translations in 2012.7 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  8. 8. Priorities when adding content For the third year in a row, the three first priorities when adding content are consistent, however the order is not. This year, increase conversions (32%), overtook attract search traffic (27%) for the top spot. Building brand once again rounded out the top three. These three priorities work together naturally and we are not surprised to see this shift. Attracting search traffic is still very important, but there is a shift to the right kind of traffic – customers that convert. What are your top 5 priorities when adding content to your website? 1st Priority 2nd Priority 3rd Priority 4th Priority 5th Priority Increase Conversions 32% 17% 14% 9% 14% Attract Search Traffic 27% 25% 14% 11% 8% Build Brand 16% 20% 21% 20% 9% Improve Service and Loyalty 11% 9% 15% 19% 13% Build Community 10% 14% 9% 17% 12% Capture Customer Data 2% 4% 13% 10% 16% Target Customer Sectors 2% 10% 14% 14% 28%8 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  9. 9. Content challenges For the fourth year in a row, keeping content up to date (62%), was the most common content challenge reported, although less than last year (65%). The need to create content with a consistent tone of voice across brand was again the second most challenging issue indicated up to 51% from 47% last year. This year we also inquired about content challenges with developing mobile strategy and launching multi-lingual websites and these were reported to be issues by 44% and 34% respectively of those polled. Do you experience any of the following content challenges? (Please tick all that apply) Keeping content up-to-date and accurate 62% Creating content with a consistent tone of voice across the brand 51% Developing mobile strategy 44% Dealing with variety of third-party content providers 39% Launching multi-lingual sites 34% Integrating content with products 31% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 100%9 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz
  10. 10. Research For copies of our prior digital content and consumer surveys, please visit Frommers.biz/research. About Frommer’s Unlimited Frommer’s Unlimited is the business-to-business division of Frommer’s Travel. For more than 50 years, Frommer’s®, a branded imprint of Wiley, has been the trusted source of useful and engaging travel information. Frommer’s Unlimited enables businesses to create high-value propositions for their customers by leveraging Frommer’s travel expertise, rich content resources and technical capabilities. Products and services provided by Frommer’s Unlimited include global destination and events content, private label Websites, mobile applications and custom publishing. Frommer’s is a registered trademark of Arthur Frommer. For more information visit Frommers.biz or contact us: The Americas UK, Europe & Asia Craig Schickler Giles Longhurst Director of E-Business Development Director EMEA 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane Phone: +1 201 748 5659 London, E1 6QL, United Kingdom Fax: +1 201 748 5612 Phone: +44 (020) 7770 6072 cschickler@wiley.com Fax: +44 (020) 7770 6051 glonghurst@wiley.com Follow us @Frommers_UnLtd About Tnooz - Talking Travel Tech Tnooz is a provider of news, analysis, commentary, data and business services to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Tnooz reaches more than 170,000 monthly unique visitors seeking current news and edgy points of view about travel tech’s impact on the industry. Launched in the summer of 2009, Tnooz focuses on technology, digital distribution, media and marketing, web strategy, mobile travel, social media, start-ups and financing in the travel sector. The Tnooz team of reporters and editorial nodes based around the world will bring the latest news and analysis to travel and the sector’s many related and diverse industries. Contact: Editorial: Kevin May, kevin@tnooz.com Sales: Gene Quinn, gene@tnooz.com10 Frommer’s Unlimited & Tnooz Frommers.biz