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Making E-Mail Smarter: Evaluating and improving this imperfect science


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Matt Spielman, Chief Marketing Officer, Return Path.

Fórum E-Commerce Brasil 2013.

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Making E-Mail Smarter: Evaluating and improving this imperfect science

  1. 1. Making Email Smarter: evaluating and improving this imperfect science Matt Spielman, Global Chief Marketing Officer August 3, 2013
  2. 2. The Inbox has changed Implications for your business Capitalizing on opportunities Agenda 1 2 3
  3. 3. Providing Visibility that never existed before to thousands of clients
  4. 4. Today’s inbox is changing …
  5. 5. … it’s more interactive
  6. 6. Email’s Renaissance Companies are providing services enabling you to do more in the email itself.
  7. 7. … it’s more organized
  8. 8. Automatically sort and filter mail…
  9. 9. … it’s more secure
  10. 10. Where is Email Read Now? Increasingly Mobile!
  11. 11. … it’s more crowded
  12. 12. This is a global challenge: Brazil: 2 out of every 5 legitimate emails don’t reach the inbox! Full report:
  13. 13. Source: Microsoft Graymail should be a Primary Focus
  14. 14. Let’s Review - Evolution (Renaissance) in email - Increase in utility and value - Account for mobile - Can be crowded, Graymail - Requires constant vigilance - Get into the inbox
  15. 15. What do these trends mean for you? ?
  16. 16. Good News! Email Generates Great ROI The inbox provides invaluable customer information
  17. 17. “Email Is Crushing for Selling Stuff Online” July 2013 If you want to succeed online you need to use email. Not getting into the inbox has meaningful implications
  18. 18. Email Generates Great ROI but you also need to know your competitors’ activity and performance
  19. 19. Is Big Data the Answer? Sort of….
  20. 20. DATA INSIGHTS ANALYTICS Email Intelligence which equals for you…
  21. 21. Customer Intelligence
  22. 22. Knowledge is Power Companies who understand their customers Outpace Those Who Do Not 29% 88% 89 21% 65% 46 Return Path Clients Other Marketers READ RATE INBOX PLACEMENT RATE SENDER SCORE
  23. 23. Royal Caribbean
  24. 24. Partnership in Action: More Engagement Insight Beyond Opens And Clicks… • Decreased opt-out rates • No negative impact to engagement or deliverability 65% Increased sending frequency by 65% x2 DOUBLED their conversions 30% Decreased time spent on Competitive Intelligence by 30%
  25. 25. Summary Understand and anticipate changes in consumer behavior Need to have visibility into your own activity and that of your competitors Need to translate into actionable insights
  26. 26. 1. Strengthened relationships 2. Opportunity to establish new ones 3. Protection for yourselves and your customers The Result: Email Intelligence + Customer Intelligence =
  27. 27. Obrigado! Matt Spielman Global Chief Marketing Officer, Return Path e: