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[Fórum 2020 - Global Edition] Brazil setting the pace for DTC strategy in a global organization


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Brazil setting the pace for DTC strategy in a global organization
Rodolfo Chung - Ambev

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[Fórum 2020 - Global Edition] Brazil setting the pace for DTC strategy in a global organization

  1. 1. Creating an Omnichannel ecosystem in Brazil Criando um ecosistema onicanal no Brasil direct to consumers Rodolfo Chung July 30th, 2020
  2. 2. Brasil reunindo as condicoes ideais para start-ups direct to consumers
  3. 3. direct to consumersO desafio de criar uma empresa ambi-destra The challenge of creating an ambidextrous organization “uma empresa não precisa abandonar o seu passado para preparar-se para o futuro” “a company does not have to escape its past to renew itself for the future” (1) Source: C. O’Reilly and M. Tushman, Harvard Business Review, 2004 Dream, People, Culture Technology Enablers Optimize its operations and maximize synergies Deliver superior margins >> deleverage Re-invest in brands through expansion or M&A Unlock value through new business models and innovations Deliver superior experience and revenue growth Identify customer’s pain points Leverage assets, “rights of way” to solveValue Flywheel Growth Flywheel
  4. 4. O modelo “Seed-Launch-Growth” é fundamental para garantir foco de acordo com a maturidade direct to consumers The “Seed-Launch-Growth” model is key to focus on the right things the right time, tailoring our approach based on the maturity of the business.
  5. 5. Case Study Zé Delivery direct to consumers
  6. 6. Video Ze Delivery
  7. 7. A Covid-19 e os seus desafios se apresentam em estágios diferentes direct to consumers The COVID crisis and its challenges present itself in different stages which a strategy with different actions. “Ao nos aprofundarmos nas tendências aceleradas do novo normal, fica claro a importância do onicanal na jornada futura do consumidor.” “As we examine the accelerated trends towards Future Norms, it becomes clear the role of omnichannel in the future shopper journey”
  8. 8. Pit Stop availability outside urban centers off hours, at value affordable convenience cold beer Zé Delivery Chopp B. Express Condo Autonomous Stores Social E-com Brewpubs Events Sempre em Casa Mini- markets Pit Stop Dark StoresDistributors Franchises App Couriers Registered Moto Couriers B2B Trucks Events Vans fleet 3rd party Transportation companies Consumer interfaces to be simplifiedLast MileProduct sourcing Click & Collect Autonomous condos stores direct to consumers An ecosystem to complement the traditional retail and address unmet consumers frictions Pure E- Store affordable super-fast delivery cold beer on-demand, cold, fast, at value complete assortment for beer nerds experience special occasion cons. experience assortment national delivery draught at home portfolio and service to elevate home events affordable convenience cold beer ultimate expression of last mile: convenience affordable special occasion equipment rental ultimate expression of last mile: convenience cons. experience draught On-trade spiritual home and inno hubs for brands savings Social ecom convenience savings Price comparison convenience value and convenience proposition for loyalists value and convenience proposition for communities Owned Warehouses maximum capillarity delivery free of charge cold availability lowest cost, scale full portfolio low flexibility far from consumer Great service extended portfolio optimized delivery large capillarity lower cost service level very low cost optimized operations full portfolio Local knowledge scale, lower costs far from consumer O ecosistema do DTC
  9. 9. Sinergia com a maquina Sinergia com o Core Business Balancing autonomy with synergies direct to consumers
  10. 10. Video Lives Musicais
  11. 11. Thank you