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Collaborate 2012: Environmental Accounting and Reporting

Presentation on the implementation of Oracle's Environmental Accounting and Reporting (EAR) module in JD Edwards. As more entities desire to self-report to The Climate Registry and the Global Reporting Initiative, tools like EAR will become imperative for their organizations to automate the data collection.

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Collaborate 2012: Environmental Accounting and Reporting

  1. 1. Environmental datamanagement and analytics –a real world perspectiveAngela K. Miller, Chief Technology Officer/Chief Sustainability Officer,NCTDMike Guerin, President, TeamCainSession 98150
  2. 2. The North County Transit District:Building Sustainable Public Transit• North San Diego County, operating bus, commuter rail, light rail, and paratransit systems• 12.5 million riders; 107 million annual Passenger Miles Traveled• 9 million annual Vehicle Miles over 550k annual Revenue Vehicle Hours
  3. 3. The North County Transit District:Building Sustainable Public Transit• Sustainability and public transit have a natural synergy – economic, social, and environmental issues all inherently relevant business model• Plan focused first on cost reductions, then capitalizing on opportunity, then building the cleanest, most scalable transportation
  4. 4. Measuring Sustainability:The Climate Registry and APTA• Wanted to measure ourselves using Industry-Standard Methodologies• Became a member of The Climate Registry and filed our first baseline year; Became a signatory to the APTA Sustainability Commitment and filed our first annual report• In order to complete these goals, NCTD contracted with external partners like Trust Element and Cathy Moran – significant consulting
  5. 5. Measuring Sustainability:Assessing the Baseline• Delivering service on the rails and the streets is our highest emissions- intensive activity• Facilities and maintenance activities contribute significantly through energy consumption, water use, and waste production
  6. 6. Implementing Accounting and Reporting:Leveraging Existing Tools and Process• Manual effort too expensive and not repeatable; issues with audit• Wanted to build on our 10-year JD Edwards Investment• Needed a solution that included extensive data transformation• Oracle Solution Seemed to fit the need
  7. 7. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:A Case Study • Challenges we faced in implementing • Integration / interfaces from our existing tracking systems to EAR • Staffing – utilized a key JDE staff member (for the JDE side), our outsourced system management organization (Denovo) for the install and CNC, part time intern for the environmental side, development staff (for interfaces to existing processes and data tracking). • Reviewing business processes – in some case, needed to defer tracking or do differently as data not available readily (i.e., refrigerants). • Balancing between internal needs and different external reporting – affected what we needed to capture and how to capture it. • First implementation of EA&R – worked with Oracle in ironing out kinks in install, warehouse build, documentation – normal for 1st install but still challenging
  8. 8. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:A Case Study• Timetable for our implementation • Had reviewed alternatives in the fall of 2010. • Worked with funding sources to obtain assistance with the investment. • Decided on the GHG solution from Ndevr and TeamCain early in 2011 • Product was purchased by Oracle virtually simultaneous with our decision • Held until product was officially released by Oracle in late summer of 2011 • Implementation started in fall of 2011 • Project went slower than originally planned: staffing challenges, working through decision points took longer than first thought. • Currently in final stages prior to go live – expected first use will be around June.
  9. 9. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:A Case Study • Current status and future plans • Live for around June with entry, reporting and analytics • Testing and report / dashboard build in May • Interfaces being finalized for the different sources of data that we have (some are not in JDE) • Business processes will be adapted as we work with suppliers for some key data that needs to be provided (outsourcing of some elements means we have less control). • Future reports for entities will be driven from EA&R. • Final comment – a big thank you to Ndevr (the authors of the software that was acquired by Oracle) and in particular Maureen Gunn .. Instrumental to us in the implementation
  10. 10. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:A Case Study • Expected benefits • Use of JD Edwards for data entry should streamline the process • Elimination of re-keying will be more efficient • Setting us up for future tracking and reporting • Audit trail of transactions will be key to showing compliance and passing audits • Dashboards and comparative metrics will help shape and drive our sustainability initiatives. • Final comment – a big thank you to Ndevr (the authors of the software that was acquired by Oracle) and in particular Maureen Gunn .. Instrumental to us in the implementation
  11. 11. Trends in Environmental ReportingSource: Six Growing Trends in Corporate Sustainability, Ernst & Young, February 2012
  12. 12. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:Overview Business Intelligence Dashboards Energy Emissions Metrics Usage Transactions Reporting Environmental Data Warehouse Environmental Data Load Environmental Ledger Emissions Calculation Engine Environmental Data Collection Invoice Inventor Manual File Processing y Issues Batches Upload
  13. 13. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:Key Points • Designed for use with EnterpriseOne 9.0 and up AP entry, inventory •issue Integrated with standard collection points in JDE: •Disclosure reporting and analytics, including responses for the Carbon Pre-built Project (CDP) • Calculationsentry and calculations GHG Protocol of appropriate for emissions per the •calculations Date based allow application • Full audithierarchies for reporting (very importantauditreporting to trail in Environmental Ledger (key for / review) •multiple stakeholders / interested parties) Multiple for
  14. 14. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:Entry and capture methods •relevant environmental data updated to automatically capture Standard JD Edwards screens •orDetermined by business unit / supplier, and can be forced (hard stop) “suggested” (warning) On detecting an invoice as being a GHG transaction, this screen automatically appears to enter usage and environmental allocation • Can also do direct entry into Ledger file, or file / data upload
  15. 15. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:Emissions information EMISSIONS INFORMATION • Capture and calculate emissions by Scope 1, 2 and 3 • Identify and track emissions by source (electricity, natural gas, gasonline, diesel, water) and type (N2O, CO2E) • Calculate CO2E for the emissions REPORTING AND ANALYSIS • Utilizes OBIEE for dashboards and analysis • Use pre-built graphs and reports, build your own • Drill down into transactions, do comparisons to targets and history
  16. 16. Environmental Accounting and Reporting:… things to think about and prepare for … •when / for what? reporting covers you? How do you need to report / What legislative •How do structures for reporting and analysis will you needset enact? What they tie to your existing Business Unit and Asset to up? •other items?you track? “Normal” energy usage, water usage, waste, What will • Whatdown on the processes – if will you calculate them? do you KPIs will you need? How •have the information on the energy bills now?capturewill the AP person Drill you are to How electricity enter them? • Tracking is by asset, which is tied to an organizational entity (BU). Do you have all the assets set up?
  17. 17. Contact informationNorth County Transit District Angela Miller, CTO and CSO TeamCain Michael Guerin, President Ndevr Maureen Clifford,