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The Internet of Things: Hype vs. Reality


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Ecolab executive vice president and president of NALCO Water presents "Internet of Things: Hype vs. Reality. How to Turn Data into Actionable Insights that Deliver Value." at the 2016 Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit.

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The Internet of Things: Hype vs. Reality

  1. 1. How To Turn Data Into Actionable Insights That Deliver Value Christophe Beck President, Nalco Water, An Ecolab Company Internet of Things: Hype vs. Reality
  2. 2. What is the Internet of Things? A development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to collect and exchange data.
  3. 3. A revolution is starting.
  4. 4. Garage Home alarm Thermostat Shower Toothbrush Refrigerator
  5. 5. Connected People Revenue Opportunity Apps Embedded and Intelligent Systems GBs of Data Source credit: Mario Morales, IDC
  6. 6. of potential IoT value is in B2B applications of manufacturers use smart sensors of IoT value is in utility savings and labor efficiency Source credit: McKinsey Global Institute, 2015
  7. 7. Imagine Food Safety that is Connected from Farm to Fork Farm Transport and Storage Processing Distribution Your TableRetail and Food Service
  8. 8. Imagine Plants that Reuse 100% Water
  9. 9. Public areas Emergency Room Sterile Processing Operating Rooms Pharmacy Patient Rooms Imagine Hospitals that Detect Infection
  10. 10. Imagine Oil Exploration that is Safer
  11. 11. This is what we do at Ecolab. Manufacturing Food and Beverage HealthcareMining HospitalityRetailEnergy
  12. 12. We’re proud to serve the world’s most trusted brands.
  13. 13. Help make equaling 694 billion pounds a year.
  14. 14. Help ensure is produced hygienically.
  15. 15. Help support clean kitchens
  16. 16. Help each year.
  17. 17. Help each year.
  18. 18. Help manage water & process technology for globally reducing environmental impact.
  19. 19. Help manage water & process technology enabling and 40% of all nuclear power.
  20. 20. Help treat pulp and paper that makes
  21. 21. Help manage
  22. 22. Associates Scientists On-site Experts Patents Industry leader in product innovation and service expertise
  23. 23. The world wide web began in 1991
  24. 24. Ecolab has been a pioneer in connected technology
  25. 25. Ecolab has been pioneering connected technology for nearly 30 years Internet Bluetooth iPhone Automobile infotainment Fitbit TRASAR™technology
  26. 26. How it Works: From Pipes to People Water data 3D TRASAR™ Envision Global system assurance Ecolab field
  27. 27. Water systems currently deployed worldwide Data points collected per year Gallons of water saved
  28. 28. Ecolab vision
  29. 29. From: To: Big Data Predictive Analytics Taking IoT to the Next Level Data Capture Global Process Control Open Networks Secure Networks Regular Check Real-time Monitoring Service On-site Expertise
  30. 30. Success Imperatives Predictive Analytics Global Process Control Real-time MonitoringSecure Networks On-site Expertise
  31. 31. Success Imperatives Predictive Analytics
  32. 32. The Ecolab team will provide these visuals Predictive Analytics Legionella Outbreak Analyze the data to predict risk profile and act
  33. 33. Success Imperatives Global Process Control
  34. 34. Global Process Control Water Reduction Goals 1009590858075706560555045403530252015105 MINIMUM LIQUID DISCHARGE ACROSS GLOBAL ENTERPRISE
  35. 35. Create a roadmap and a prototype at one plant.
  36. 36. Analyze and extrapolate to more plants…
  37. 37. …and even more plants.
  38. 38. Success Imperatives Secure Networks
  39. 39. Secure Networks Manage Security Risks
  40. 40. Success Imperatives Real-time Monitoring
  41. 41. Real-time Monitoring Global System Assurance Center
  42. 42. Success Imperatives On-site Expertise
  43. 43. On-site Expertise The Magic of Service Expertise to turn data into actionable insights that deliver value
  44. 44. +The Power of Data
  45. 45. Intellectual property Privacy & Confidentiality Interoperability 3 Big Industry Issues
  46. 46. Are You Ready for the Revolution?
  47. 47. The train has left the station Go fast 18 months is long term You need the right talent, in the right environment You can’t do it alone Are You Ready for the Revolution?
  48. 48. d It’s a revolution – not an evolution
  49. 49. Mechanization & Steam Power
  50. 50. Mass Production, Assembly Line & Electricity
  51. 51. Computers & Automation
  52. 52. IoT & Cyber-Physical Systems
  53. 53. Change or Be Changed
  54. 54. We’ve decided to change to build a cleaner, safer, healthier world.
  55. 55. T H A N K Y O U