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EcoInsight Customer Testimonials


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Here's how ecoInsight users feel about the app!

Published in: Business
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EcoInsight Customer Testimonials

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  2. 2. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials “Using ecoInsight as a technology tool at Warshauer Electric Supply has not only helped us do our jobs more efficiently, it has boosted our lighting retrofit sales by as much as 50%. The proposals we create using ecoInsight have helped to increase our customer’s knowledge which have led to additional sales opportunities. Investing in ecoInsight has been worth every penny. From its easy data entry for assessments, to the professional proposal creation, I truly believe ecoInsight has the best energy upgrade sales tools available in the market today.” Shawn Renner, Commercial Lighting Sales Engineer “At Winkle Electric we feel that ecoInsight has improved our proposal output immensely. The proposals we create are much more professional than our competitor’s and include the financial information our customers are looking for. ecoInsight has given us a sizeable competitive advantage when it comes to lighting retrofits and we’ve won more business as a result of using ecoInsight in our organization. Overall, ecoInsight is a superb professional sales tool for conducting commercial energy audits and producing retrofit bids that win.” Scott Kennemuth, Eco Solutions Division Manager

  3. 3. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials “Combining a thorough understanding of lighting and the different lighting technologies with ecoInsight can make anyone an energy efficient lighting solutions pro.” “I’m not sure how data collection and proposal writing could be any easier. EcoInsight allows our lighting professionals to accumulate more data at a much faster pace and then allows them dozens of options to include in the final proposal” “It’s almost unfair how quickly someone with an existing knowledge of lighting products can get into the retrofit market by using ecoInsight” Steve Adkins, LEED AP
Sales Specialist Energy Efficient Products & Systems “Ecoinsight has streamlined the process of performing lighting audits and creating proposals for our customers. It is simple to use, highly customizable for our specific needs, and generates professional and succinct proposals. “ Keeley Mahoney, LEED Green Associate
 Lighting & Energy Solutions Specialist

  4. 4. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials “The EcoINSIGHT audit tool has increased the efficiency, organization, and professionalism of our lighting upgrade proposals.” Don Adams, Vice President “ecoInsight allows our sales force to develop individual retrofit opportunities efficiently. The customized catalog and quick proposal generation has dramatically increased our profitability in the energy efficiency space.” Kurtis Meyer, Energy & Retrofit Specialist “Electrical distributors are uniquely positioned to add significant value in energy efficiency projects. ecoInsight is a critical component in delivering that value.” Doug Borchers, Vice President
  5. 5. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials “This tool has been an absolute time saver in the field and during the proposal stage of the project. It eliminates entry redundancies and integrates our fixture and lamp partners while producing a clean and professional proposal. EcoInsight’s added value is truly immeasurable.” Joe Gangl, Energy Efficiency Sales Specialist “The ecoInsight software makes it easier for me to build an energy and cost savings program for my customers.” Les Wright, Energy Services Specialist “With ecoInsight, we can now quickly adjust proposals based on input from our customers and get the new iteration back to the customer within minutes, not hours.” Tom Salzman, Clean Energy Marketing Manager
  6. 6. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials “The ease with which data is captured and organized in ecoInsight's energy audit software allows me to analyze efficiency measures and deliver proposals to my customers faster. The level of reporting and the data we were able to supply to our customers is off the charts. When you talk about efficiencies, this program has really helped us out a lot. We love it!” James Thomas, Business Development Manager “Implementing ecoinsight helped us decrease the time we spend auditing facilities and allowed us to be more efficient. If all of this wasn't enough, our proposals now have a professional look.” Chris Lightner, Lighting Specialist “We are now able to demonstrate value in a professional proposal format with deep financial metrics within hours with the software provided by ecoinsight.” Scott Van Kerkhove, CEO
  7. 7. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials “ecoInsight has saved us countless hours that used to be wasted processing paperwork. They have even taken into account Mars' feedback for future updates!” Ray Abouhassan, Green Energy and Lighting Specialist “An audit of a 38,000 sq ft building that previously took 3.5 hours to complete, now takes less than one hour using ecoInsight Mobile Audit for iPad.” Bill Daugherty, Business Development Manager “ecoInsight has been an easy-to-use tool to provide customers with professional and accurate information on their energy savings. Every proposal is easily customizable to the customer needs.” Kristin McGill, Estimator / Project Manager
  8. 8. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials "At a first glance using the ECO is significantly faster. Great job. After entering my first proposed lighting type I think I will be at least 40% faster. I'm very excited. Awesome job." Brett Taylor, Proposal Director “We are the leading dog in a $2M retrofit because of the professionalism and detail that we were able to present in your proposal.. it's working!” Joe Visintainer, Energy Services Director “Thank you so much for all of your help with the Skyline Center!! I love the product and truly appreciate all of your time helping me with operating the program! Thanks again! You guys really are the best customer support I’ve worked with ever! I can’t thank you all enough!” Brittany Dytrych, Energy Services Specialist
  9. 9. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials “Months after it began, we were brought in on a $250k LED retrofit project that had all but been committed to our competitor. With ecoInsight, we won the job. The client sent me a congratulatory email saying, “Your bid proposal was far superior to your competitor’s and very professionally presented.” ecoInsight gave us the competitive edge required to win this client’s business and their trust.” John Temple, Director of Corporate Lighting Technology “It used to take 1-2 weeks to turn proposals around, but with ecoInsight we can turn them around in 2-3 days, max. It gives us a very professional presentation to give to our customers. The time savings and increases in productivity we’ve seen have been great!” Neal Schafer, GES Team Leader “Prior to ecoInsight we would close approximately 25% of our deals. Now, using ecoInsight, we are closing over 35% of our deals.” Josh Masters, Energy Solutions Manager
  10. 10. ecoInsight Customer Testimonials “The credibility, functionality and flexibility of ecoInsight proposals has become paramount to our success.” Chester Sokolowski, Director of Sales “We absolutely love the ecoInsight software! It has helped us tremendously and has become an integral part of our business processes.” John Ferloni, Construction Projects Specialist “I have been using your support for about 9 months now and I am very pleased with the response time and support you offer. The ecoInsight team has been extremely responsive and thorough. I am quite excited about this software and its potential.” Kevin Weigel, Energy Inside Support Specialist
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