December Report From Belgium


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  • December Report From Belgium

    1. 1. DECEMBER Report from Belgium
    2. 2. -          A group from our school has made their own paper out of paper that was thrown away by the teachers. I’ve putted some photo’s of this activity in attachment. -          We’ve got “De Leonnekes” in our school after the holidays. It’s a concept from our green team. The children got to know Leon by a small movie (, after the holidays a lot of Leonnekes (children of our green team) would take it upon their task to control the school for waste of energy. Turning the lights out when we leave our class, computers of at the end of the day, heating to the minimum necessary and closing doors al around school. Maybe the video can be embedded in the blog? -          I was so happy hearing that Turkey could join us at last, so I’ve adapted the projectlogo with their flag. Please replace the old one with the new ones in the attachment! -          Our Comeniusworkgroup has already been filling the Comeniuswall. On the Environmentalwall hangs the data of an earlier project. Unfortunally I’ve forgot to take some pictures, coming in January! -          During our last Comeniusmeeting the workgroup has decided to make boxes of all the different partners we meet during the project. We’ve started with an Northern Irish box (finished in January) and soon we’ll expand to Sweden, Belgium, Spain and Turkey. These boxes will be filled with materials about these countries for all ages. This makes it very easy for teachers, who are not involved in the Comeniusproject to do something about the countries we meet. Of course Schanulleke is there too, she’s written a small diary about our visit to Northern Ireland and asks the children to write their experiences in the diary. So each time a class loans the box, more information is added to the box. -          Kris went to a monitoring day from our NA and she’s heard a very nice suggestion for our project meetings. It would be nice when there was a moment all the projectcoördinators could sit together and talk more deeply about the project organization (e.g. the site, paperwork …). In the mean while the others can sit together and exchange more practical experiences (e.g. the green teams, a video, our boxes …). Maybe this is possible when we meet in Sweden?   I wish you all very nice holidays! Merry Christmas and a happy New-year!   Many greetings, Geert