WSSD 행사 일정(2002)


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지속가능발전 세계정상회의 [WSSD]

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WSSD 행사 일정(2002)

  1. 1. SUNDAY 8/25 - Opening Ceremony (evening)Organizers : WEDO, Ilitha Labantu, Malibongwe, HBSMusic - Ms Sylvia MdunyelwaMistress of Ceremony - Ms Mabatho RamagoshiWelcome - June Zeitlin, WEDOKey note speaker - Zanele Mbeki, First Lady of South Africa(invited)Respondent - Jocelyn Dow, WEDOANC Womens League - Thandie Modise Vandana Shiva, Diverse Womenfor Diversity, IndiaWomens Peace Train celebration - Litha Muyimi Ogana, ACEGA andMandisa Monakali, Ilitha LabantuMONDAY 8/26 - PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTSMorning organized by Ilitha Labantu, Malibongwe, GROOTS, WAG, WNCAfternoon organized by Womens International League for Peace and Freedom(Regina Birchem), Womens League, WILDAF9:00-12:00 Grassroots Womens Experiences on Sustainable DevelopmentModerator - Isabel Matubaneda, Zimbabwe12:00 WelcomeRepresentatives of WIDAF and WILPF12:15-13:00 Protocol to the African Charter on People and WomensRights in AfricaSouth Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, KenyaWomens Peace Train - Kampala to Johannesburg - report fromorganizers13:00-15:00 Human RightsModerators - Marta Benevides (El Salvador)Basilissa Ndayziga (Burundi)
  2. 2. Opening Address : Human rights for Indigenous Peoples of theWorld- Vicki Tauli Corpuz Tebtebba Foundation (IndigenousPeoples International Center for Policy Research andEducation)International Criminal Court and Gender Justice - short videoGlobal Compliance Research Project and Past UN Conferences- Joan Russow, Voice of Women CanadaWomens Rights in Sweden and Globally- Anki Elken, Swedish Womens LobbyPrograms in the Balkans- Kallirroi Nicolis, Social Aid of HellasCubas Experience- Rita M. Pereira, Federation of Cuban Women (FCW)Crops with Illicit Use and Forced Displacement of Populations- Margarita Pacheco, Colombian Confederation of NGOs, New Synergies inDevelopment (NSD), Gift Economy NetworkDecorations to Transform the Womens Tent into a Peace TentSummary and Wrap-up13:00-15:00 Role of Womens Media in Promoting Environmental Rightsand(Parallel Session) Human RightsModerator : Feminist International Radio Endeavour (FIRE)Participants : Africa AMARC Womens NetworkWomens Net of South AfricaLatin American & Caribbean AMARC Womens NetworkAssociation of Progressive Communications (APC) Africa15:00-17:00 Interlinkages of Peace and Sustainable DevelopmentModerators : Pauline Cantwell (Peace Action ) and
  3. 3. a Representative of WIDAFOpening Address : A Gender Perspective on Demilitarization- Jacklyn Cock, Professor of Sociology atUniversityof the Witwatersrand, Peace activistThe Burundi Womens Experience in the Peace Process and withWomen Refugees- Basilissa Ndayiziga and Fides Sinankwa, WILPF, Bujumbura,BurundiUnited Nations Resolutions 1325 - unconfirmedPeace Petition- Muborak Sapriova, Women in Europe for a Common Future,TadjikistanOpposition to Missile Defense and the Militarization of Space in theUS- Joan Poss, WILPF, Sierra Club, and California peace andenvironment coalitionsMilitarism, the Nuclear Fuel Chain and Safe Energy: What WomenCanDo, What Theyve Already Done!- Claire B. Greensfelder, INOCHI/PlutoniumFree Future Womens Network (USA/Japan)Global Greens Demand End to Militarization- Anne Goeke, Global Greens, USWomens Centers and International Cooperation Projects- Alberta Basaglia, LIDRA; Venice Womens CenterThe Politics of Peace, Womens Agenda 21- Eva Quistorp, International Peace Bureau, President of UNIFEMCommission in GermanySummary and Wrap-up
  4. 4. 17:00-1800 The Way Forward : a summation of the dayRepresentatives of WEDO, WILPF and WIDAFWomen Want the Connection Between Militarism, Environment andHuman Rights on the Agenda- Edel Havin Beukes, Womens International League For PeaceandFreedom (WILPF) & FORUM Norway17:30 Closing Performance : Peace BoatYouth music and dance performers from JapanAfrican womens organizations to be incorporated :FAS/Geneva, African Unity Gender desk18:00-19:00 Strategy Session, including Report Back from UN meeting19:00-22:00 Cultural events, special events, music, dance, art, etcTUESDAY 8/27 - GLOBALIZATION AND IMPOVERISHMENTOrganized by AWEPON (Hellen Wangusa), WEDO (Nadia Johnson)Some participants not yet confirmed.9:00-10:30 African Rural WomenSponsored by Country Womens Association of Nigeria (COWAN)and Network of African Rural Women Association (NAWRA)10:30-12:30 Is NEPAD Good for Development?Sponsored by Ilitha LabantuModerated by Boogie Khutsoane, WILDAF, ZimbabweMavivi Manzini, former member of CEDAWEddie MotubaseLitha Musyimi Ogana, ACEGASeth Verdzorgbe, Ghana
  5. 5. 12:30-14:00 Globalization & Impoverishment: IssuesModerated by Hellen Wangusa, AWEPON, UgandaWomens Role in Labor Market Hameda Deepat, Gender & Economic Research inAfrica, SAGender Dimensions of Macroeconomic & Macro-politics Cecilia Lopez, FeministCartegena Initiative, Colombia14:00-16:00 Globalization & Impoverishment: Country TestimoniesModerated by Nadia Johnson, WEDO, USBelinda Bennet, YWCA, IndiaWahu Kaara, Kenya Debt Relief Network, KenyaOksana Kisselyova, Liberal Society Institute, UkraineMaria Elena Ibarra Martin, ProNATURALEZA, CubaSheila Matindike, YWCA, ZimbabweJosephine Kamel Youssef, AWEPON, EgyptTransforming African Development: Womens PerspectivesMay Sengendo, GERA/AWEPON, Uganda16:00-17:00 African Children on Poverty, Development & EnvironmentModerated by Juliet Wamukota, school teacherChildren : Trisit Gereselassie, Fiona Karungi, Brenda Wamala,Pius Walimbwa, Mark Mubangizi17:00-18:30 Taking Action for Our Common FutureModerated by Winnie Madonsela Kamalandua, Department of Economics, Universityof SwazilandSustainability from the Bottom UpMarta Benavides, International Institute for Cooperation Amongst Peoples (IICP), ElSalvadorTaking on Corporate GovernanceJocelyn Dow, Red Thread/WEDO, GuyanaResisting Structural Adjustment
  6. 6. Njoki Njoroge Njehu, 50 Years is Enough, US/Kenya18:30-19:00 Report Back from UN meetingWEDNESDAY 8/28 - HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITYMorning organized by AFRUS, Ilitha Labantu, ACEGA (Esther Muiru, MandisaMonakali, Litha Musyimi Ogana)Afternoon organized by Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF-SaschaGabizon), SA Womens League9:00-12:00 HIV/AIDS PandemicTopics: Poverty, Malaria/TB, Trade/Economy, DevelopmentPanel on AIDS in AfricaKey note address : Dr. Manto Tshabalala,South African Minister of HealthUNAIDS - International PerspectiveUNIFEM Southern Africa Regional OfficeAna Tibaijuka, UN HabitatSolome Mukisa UCOBAC (Uganda)Respondents :UN Volunteers - Sharon Capeling-AlakijaPeer Education Life Skills Training Programmeon HIV/AIDS, Girl Guides Association SALiving with the HIV/AIDS Virus and Still Fighting the EpidemicShort video clip from Democratic Republic of Congo andKenyaTestimonial from grassroots womenOpen Discussion - facilitated by Esther Waruhiu, Kenya
  7. 7. Panel of Partners : How can the world support grassroots womenand local communities working on HIV/AIDS in Africa? - facilitated by Ann Smith,Global AssociatesGlobal Pledge - Draft a global pledge that women can carry outpersonally to support women with HIV/AIDS and have their voices heard10:00-12:00 Womens Action Agenda for a Healthy and Peaceful Planet2015(parallel session) Organized by Thais Corral, REDEH, Brazil and June Zeitlin,WEDO12:00 Afternoon opening plenaryWelcome, Introductions, Explanation of Program by SaschaGabizon/WECF and Dr. Mary Kawonga, Womens Health Project, School of PublicHealth, South Africa12:15-16:00 Part I : Effects of Environmental Pollution on WomensHealthDevra Lee Davis, USA - Key note presentation, followed bydiscussionVisiting Professor, Carnegie Mellon Universitys Heinz School ofPublic Policy.How environmental toxins affect human health, including breast cancer and whystandard approaches to public health need to change.Womens campaigns for a toxic-free future - Helen Lynn, Womens EnvironmentNetwork, UKDioxin and Endocrine Disrupters - Effects on Womens Health - Satoru Mizuguchi,Peoples Association on Counter-measure of Dioxin and Endocrine Disruptors,JapanHealth Effects of Pesticides on Women Plantation Workers - African PesticideAction Network or Marcia Ishii-Eitemann, PAN-North AmericaWomens work-related health and necessary policy changes - Sophia Kisting,Occupational and Environmental Health Research Unit, Univ of Cape Town, SA
  8. 8. Effects of POPs Emissions on Health of Armenian Women - Liza Danielyan,Armenian Women for Health and a Healthy EnvironmentDiscussion - moderated by Sascha Gabizon, WECF,Netherlands/Germany16:00-18:00 Part II : A Gender Approach to Healthcare with a focus onReproductive HealthMira Shiva, India - Key note presentation, followed by discussion Increasingprivatization of healthcare, or "health sector reforms," is preventing a holistic,comprehensive and gender-sensitive approach to healthcareChanging Policy in Reproductive Health: Looking at abortion as an example - MaryKawonga, Womens Health Project, School of Public Health, South AfricaRachel Kyte, Ombudsman at World Bank for NGOs, Cairo (formerly InternationalWomens Health Coalition, USA)Thais Corral, REDEH - Network for Human Development, BrazilDiscussion and Wrap-up - moderated by Anita Nayar, SAGE15:30-18:00 Womens Actions for addressing pollution-related diseases(parallel session) Welcome and introductions - Liza Danielyan, Armenia, AWHHEEndometriosis is affecting more and more women, strategies for action - JoyMargolis, South-AfricaGene mutations caused by exposure to radioactivity in the nuclear contaminatedprovinces of Russia; strategies for action - Nadjesda Kutepova, RussiaEnvironmental impact and action on womens health in transitional countries -Oksana Kisselyova, UkraineDiscussion on partnership initiatives and Wrap-up15:30-18:00 Gender, Globalization, and Sustainable Development(parallel session) : Good Practices and Challenges in Northeast Asia- Korean Womens Environmental Network (KWEN)Opening address : Young-sook Park, KWEN
  9. 9. Korea Institute of Environmental & SocialPolicyModerator : Eun-kyung Park, KWEN, World YWCAShery Liao, Global Village of Beijing, ChinaYukiko Oda, Kitakyushu Forum on Asian, JapanMary Chen, Homemakers Union & Foundation,Taiwan18:00-19:00 Strategy Session, including Report Back from UN meeting19:00-22:00 Cultural events, special events, music, dance, art, etcTo be incorporated on Wednesday : Gwen MahlanguTHURSDAY 8/29 - ACCESS TO AND CONTROL OVER RESOURCES: ENERGY,WATER AND LANDMorning organized by WILDAF - Malibongwe and Diverse Women for Diversity(Vandana Shiva)Afternoon organized by Gender and Water Alliance (Jennifer Francis), WECF(Sascha Gabizon), Energia International Network on Gender and Energy and LIFE(Gail Karlsson, Sheila Oparaocha, Ulrike Roehr), and Popular Coalition to EradicateHunger and Poverty (Jing de la Rosa)9:00-12:00 Land, Food and Water in AfricaModerator - Else Alexander, BotswanaKeynote - Ms Thoko Didiza, South African Minister of AgricultureMs Lydia Ngwenya - Rural Women MovementAbby Mgugu - Women and Land Group, ZimbabweBuyelwa Sonjica - Department of Water Affairs9:00-12:00 Biological Diversity and Water Privatization(parallel session) Organized by Vandana Shiva, Diverse Women for Diversity, India
  10. 10. and WEDOIrene DankelmanUrsula Oswald SpringSue EdwardsChristine WeiszakerPrivatization of water, exploitation, access, health (National Alliance for Women onWater Rights)Womens movement against Coca-ColaMovement against privatization of Ganges water12:00-12:20 Welcome and Introductions, Explanation of Programs onEnergy,Water, and LandSascha Gabizon, Sheila Oparaocha, Ulrike Roehr, Jennifer Francis,Jing de la Rosa12:20-14:25 Gender Perspectives on EnergySession facilitator : Gotelind Alber, Climate AllianceOpening by Sheila Oparaocha, ENERGIAAccess to Energy and New Developments :Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka - South African Minister of Minerals and EnergyTestimonies and Case StudiesFossil fuels extraction - Vicky Tauli Corpuz, Indigenous Womens Network,PhilippinesNuclear Waste - Nadjesda Kutepova, Planet of Hope, RussiaAccess to Energy and Energy Use from a Gender PerspectiveIndia : Jyoti Parikh, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR)South Africa : Hesphina Rukato, Dep. of Enviro. Affairs and Tourism, WSSD PolicyUnitBrazil : Adelia de Melo Branco, Environmental Department, Joaquim NabucoFoundationGermany : Ulrike Roehr, Womens Environmental NetworkDiscussion : Do the Plan of Implementation and Guide for PotentialPartnerships on Energy reflect a gender perspective?
  11. 11. Conclusions - Gotelind Alber, Climate Alliance14:30-16:30 Women at the Centre: Assuring Safe and Affordable Water forAllOpening - Session facilitator Anita Nayar, Strategic Analysis for Gender Equality(SAGE)Testimonies and Case StudiesPrivatization - Anna Tsvetkova, WECF UkraineWatershed management, Vasudha Pangare, GWA IndiaPartnership building, Alice Bouman NVR NetherlandsIssue from Sierra Lione Africa Women Youth GroupDesertification, Alexandriana Sobreira, BrazilPlenary discussion - questions and answers by participants and speakersWrap up - Anita Nayar, SAGE16:30-18:00 Gender and Access to LandOpening - Jing de la Rosa , The Popular Coalition to Eradicate Hunger and Poverty.Presentation of A Common Platform On Access to Land- Representative from Womens Caucus- Presentation of womens Advocacy efforts on land at the WSSDTestimonies and Case StudiesClaiming My Land - Bonolo Mosimanmyang, Landless Peoples Movement of SAInheritance rights - Marie Sonko, Uganda Land Alliance/ Action Aid UgandaOwnership and control over costumary land, Vicky Tauli-Corpuz, IndigenousWomens NetworkRespondents on Ways ForwardMechanisms that work - Sappho Haralambous, NGO Focal Point, IFADLand Alliances for National Development - National Land Committee, South AfricaWrap upParallel Sessions :
  12. 12. 12:30-14:30 Video on Gender and Water14:30-16:30 Video on Gender and Energy16:30-18:00 Video presented by Greenbelt Movement16:30-18:00 Building Institutional Capacity for Gender Mainstreaming- Gender and Water AllianceIntroduction and welcomeIntroduction on toolsBreak out groups for hands-on of toolsTestimonies and wrap-up16:10-18:00 Problems of Water PrivatisationNetherlands Council of Women, MAMA-86Womens actions against the privatisation of Odessas water utility - SvetlanaSlesarenok, MAMA-86Womens actions against privatisation of Indian water utilities - Anita Nayar,SAGE, India/USA.Recommendations from Romania - Mihaela Vasilescu, Medium and Sanitas, RomaniaFramework for partnership initiatives for local control and involvement of women inwater management - Alice Bouman, Netherlands Council of WomenDiscussion and further development of the framework initiativeEnergy and GenderEnergia/LIFEDemands towards governments; Ideas, initiatives for partnerships on Gender andEnergy18:00-19:00 Strategy Session, including Report Back from UN meeting19:00-22:00 Cultural events, special events, music, dance, art, etcTo be incorporated on Thursday:Joyce Mabudafhasi, SA Deputy Minister
  13. 13. Lindiwe Gwane, SA Deputy Minister of Minerals and EnergyMs Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka?FRIDAY 8/30 - GOVERNANCEOrganized by WEDO (Doris Mpoumou) and ACEGA (Litha Musyimi Ogana)Gender Balance in Governance for Sustainable Development9:00-10:50 Gender and Governance in AfricaImplementing the SADC Declaration on gender equality - Lulu Xingwana, MP,․South AfricaGender Balance within the African Union- to be determined․Gender Parity in decision making in Francophone Africa/ Democratie paritaire en․Afrique Francophone-Mireille Eza, African Institute For Democracy, Senegal (InFrench )11:00-11:50 Barriers faced by Indigenous youth regarding governance forsustainability--Katsitsaronkwas Jacobs and Shalene Jobin,Canadas Youth Summit TeamGlobal 50/50 Campaign: Get the Gender Balance Right in Governance12:00-12:20 Opening and Explanation of the Program - June Zeitlin, WEDOKey note speaker: Naledi Pandor-- Chairperson of the National Council ofProvinces, SAOverview of the Global 50/50 campaign Get the Balance Right in Government--Doris Mpoumou, WEDO12:20-13:35 Sharing good practices and lessons learned from national andregional 50/50 campaigns
  14. 14. Namibia, Womens manifestos movements - Liz Frank, Sister Namibia․Zambia : Women in Zambia for Equality and Representation - Chipo Lungu․Trinidad and Tobago: Hazel Brown Network of Women NGOs,․South Africa- Phumeza QeQe, Gender and Advocacy program, South Africa․France: How did the parity law fare in the municipal and legislative elections,․WEDOQ&A․13:40-14:25 Building Partnerships between the Womens movements(constituency) and women in government around sustainabledevelopment.Facilitator : Hazel BrownMaria Sangiuliano-Womens Center -Venice City Council, Italy․Barbara Lott-Holland-- The Bus Riders Union, USA․14:30-15:50 Women Making a Difference in Economic, Environmental andPolitical Governance: Strategies for Moving forwardModerator : Litha Misuyimi-ACEGA, KenyaGender and access to macro -economic power-Cecilia Lopez, Feminist Cartegena․Initiative, ColombiaWomen and Participatory Budgeting-- Thenjiwe Mtitso /Pregs Govender South․AfricaPrabha Khosla․Anne Goeke Co-Chair International Committee of the Green Party, US․Getting involved in the Global 50/50 campaignAdoption of the 50/50 petition․Adoption of the International day of Women in Decision-making․16:00-18:00 Strategies to Empower Womens Political Leadership andEngender Local GovernanceREDEH, GROOTS, and the Huairou Commission.
  15. 15. 18:00-19:00 Strategy Session, including Report Back from UN meeting19:00-22:00 Celebration of African Womens DayWSSD Secretary General Nitin Desai (accepting the Womens Political Declaration,presented by WEDO and Ilitha Labantu)Deputy President of South Africa Jacob ZumaGro Harlem Brundtland - (not confirmed)Mandisa Monakali, Ilitha Labantu and Litha Musyimi Ogana, ACEGAPerformances, music, dancing, foodSATURDAY 8/31International marchVisit to womens community groups