ECO Energy - Average Energy Consumption


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ECO Energy effectively manage energy to clients reducing energy by as much of 40%

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ECO Energy - Average Energy Consumption

  1. 1. Saving Energy has Never been so Easy!
  2. 2. ECO Energy provides energy saving solutions for commercial, industrial and governmental facilities scientificallyproven to significantly reduce the energy consumption and related costs in the areas of lighting, air-conditioning, refrigeration and other inefficient motor-driven equipment. In particular, ECO Energy specializes inproviding Real-Time Energy monitoring and LED (light emitting diode) lighting retrofit solutions that are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of improving an organization’s existing interior and exterior lighting.
  3. 3. Average Energy ConsumptionHVAC Refrigeration 42%Other 25% 8% Lighting 25%
  4. 4. Projected Energy Savings CUES-Refrigeration LED Lighting 50% 15% Enjoy a BIG slice of 15% 43% SAVINGSAircosense - HVAC ECO Energy effectively manage energy to clients reducing energy by as much of 43%
  5. 5. Introduction to Energy Management
  6. 6. Introduction to Energy ManagementCommitThe first step in any legitimate energy management program is to take controlof the situation and understand the problem – before investments are made inexpensive solutions that may, or may not, provide an acceptable result.Next, we recommend the installation of our Eniscope Real-Time Energy Monitorin order to develop a legitimate energy and cost saving program for you. Onlythen can you accurately monitor, measure and effectively manage the manybenefits of the energy saving products we provide in areas such as lighting, airconditioning and refrigeration. Our Eniscope Real-Time Energy Monitorremoves the uncertainty and risk and is the foundation upon which our EnergyManagement System is based.
  7. 7. Introduction to Energy ManagementExecuteThe second step is to use the insightful information provided by our Eniscope toremedy your energy leaks and to save you money. In some cases following theinstallation of Eniscope, organizations have been able to save up to 40% byimplementing no-to-low cost options for eliminating energy waste.Thereafter we will likely recommend selective energy saving products from ourextensive portfolio of these products and, with the use of Eniscope, test themmeticulously to ensure you get the most cost-effective and legitimate solutions.With Eniscope everything is transparent - all recommendations and solutionsare measurable and quantifiable in Real-Time.
  8. 8. Right now, up to 40% of your energy is going to waste. The trouble is identifying which 40%. Energy Monitor is a unique energy analyzer, which plugs into your system and relays meaningful energy use data and graphical analysis locally and over the web. Please take a look at the real time energy consumption of our office here in Clearwater Florida at Our Energy Monitor combines world-class metering technology with an advanced energy network controller; putting live readings and real-time graphical logs within reach, 24 hours a day, from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.Execute The result? A smaller carbon footprint, better public perception and lower energy costs. Instantly, you can spot trends, anomalies and wastage, make informed decisions… and see immediate results from improvements you’ve made. You’re in control.
  9. 9. Introduction to Energy ManagementExecute T8 18watt=32watt G70 10watt=60watt
  10. 10. Replacing inefficient fluorescent tube lighting to LED tubes typically allows us to replace... 4 x 32W Fluorescent Tubes = 128 Watts* 2 x 20W LED tubes = 40 Watts* Additionally light levels are improved and zero maintenance follows for the next 8.5 years (based on 16W usage / 365 per year). Watts total a massiveExecute 68% saving. *Fixture 90% Light – 10% Heat
  11. 11. Introduction to Energy ManagementExecute
  12. 12. Aircosense is a proprietary product of ECO developed to eliminate the inherent inefficiencies of all split refrigerant based Air conditioning systems. Aircosense continually monitors cooling comfort and once pre-determined temperatures have been achieved Aircosense takesadvantage of the latent energy stored in the evaporator coils allowing for the compressor to be switched off for substantial periods of time. Occupants will never realize energy savings are taking place as we intelligently maintain the desired comfort levels. Aircosense upgrades the efficiency of your system at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. With Up to 35% Energy Savings… You’ll soon be feeling comfortable in more ways than one.
  13. 13. Case Studies Belleair FL - 3000 sq ft have average monthly saving US$96.00 Annual US$1,152 - R.O.I < 1 Year Clearwater FL - 8500 sq ft have average monthly saving US$162.00 Annual US$1,944 - R.O.I < 1 Year * Includes VFD on Air Handler.
  14. 14. Introduction to Energy ManagementExecute
  15. 15. Introduction to Energy ManagementExecute
  16. 16. AC induction motors consume more than half of all the worlds energy! Unfortunately, motors lack the intelligence to address three key problems that lead to massive energy wastage, unnecessary carbon emissions and wear and tear.Execute
  17. 17. Refrigeration units work in a series of cycles - starting and stopping to maintain the required temperature. They usually monitor circulating air temperature in order to decide when to switch on and off - so we call them air cycles. However, circulating air temperature tends to rise quickly, far more quickly than food temperature and, as a result, refrigeration works harder than necessary to maintain stored products at the right temperature. 0Execute
  18. 18. Introduction to Energy ManagementSustainFinally, once we have helped you control and reduce your energyexpenses, remedied your energy leaks and reigned in yourwasteful equipment, you can then (at your discretion) begin toconsider accessing the longer term benefits of on-site powergeneration using the various renewable energy sources available toyou. The Eniscope will enable your organization to quantify thesebenefits and even display the ongoing results for the public to see.You may even be able to sell your excess power back to the grid insome cases, thus turning a current liability into an additional profitcenter for your organization.
  19. 19. Case Studies LED Lighting
  20. 20. Implementation Process: Step-by-Step Purchase One (1) Eniscope for each Incoming Power Supply Following the receipt of an executed Eniscope Purchase Order, ECO Energy will install the Eniscope and simultaneously perform a detailed on-site evaluation of the subject facility. During this on-site evaluation, the specific types of electricity-using equipment will be identified, as will the quantities of this equipment (i.e., the specific types and quantity/number of light bulbs, HVAC units, etc).
  21. 21. Implementation Process: Step-by-Step Perform a 2- 4 Week Energy Evaluation of the Eniscope-enabled Facility & Energy Report Following the Eniscope installation as described above in Step 1, ECO Energy will remotely monitor and evaluate the energy activities of the subject facility via the Eniscope over a 2 to 4 week period. Your designated personnel will also be able to observe this entire process in Real-Time by simply logging-in online to their Eniscope portal whenever they wish to do so. Once ECO Energy is satisfied that enough information has been obtained during this evaluation period, you will be provided a detailed Energy Evaluation Report showing the findings and recommended solutions in each respective area of the subject facility.
  22. 22. Implementation Process: Step-by-Step Approve & Implement the Recommended Solutions for the Subject Facility Once you have reviewed the Energy Evaluation Report for the subject facility and assuming that you desire to proceed with all or some of the recommended solutions therein, ECO Energy will collectively determine with you a sensible and timely implementation of these solutions.
  23. 23. Financing OptionsECO Energy is keenly aware that no matter how great the annual savings our recommended solutions achieve andno matter how fast your investment is recaptured, your out-of-pocket investment must be minimized as much aspossible. That said, ECO Energy provides access to available programs allowing for up to 100% of the total projectcosts to be financed requiring only a nominal out-of-pocket commitment – typically the first and last months’payments. See general details below:*  Up to 100% of the project cost can be financed, including all or part of the installation & shipping costs in most cases.  Programs designed based on the needs & circumstances of each individual client.  Interest/financing rates are fixed & typically range from 8% to 12%.  Minimum loan/lease amount of $1,500.00 to over $50 million.  Out-of-Pocket Requirement (typical): First & last months’ payments.  Minimal paperwork required for most approvals.  Approvals for transactions up to $150,000 typically made within 24 hours.
  24. 24. Financing OptionsIn most cases, the amount of the monthly financing payments will be exceeded by the monthly savings realizedbeginning immediately following the implementation of ECO Energy’s recommended energy saving productsolution(s). Furthermore, most of our available financing programs still allow our clients to achieve their desiredROI/payback timeframe for the project.*All factors subject to final lender underwriting approval.
  25. 25. Next Step: Become and ECO Energy ClientIn order for ECO Energy to provide our clients with the significant energy and related-cost benefits described within thisoverview, we must be confident that we mutually operate in Good Faith throughout our relationship. Of course, this is always theright way to do business.We want to be sure that for all evaluations that ECO Energy performs for you whereby the results meet or exceed your minimumpredetermined benchmarks (i.e., savings percentages and ROI/payback timeframes), that we will be given your consent to proceedwith our recommended energy saving product solutions.That said, we would like to propose that if the findings of our evaluation show that we can savethe subject facility a minimum savings of at least 25% with an ROI/payback timeframe for thecost of our recommended solutions to be recaptured within 3 years or less, that we have yourGood Faith commitment to proceed with us and our recommended ECO Energy solutions forthat particular subject facility.
  26. 26. Become and ECO Energy ClientCall Us @ 727.331.5075625 South Missouri Ave.Clearwater, FL 33756