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EcoCircuitos Panama Tour Operator


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EcoCircuitos Panama is a young and dynamic tour operator that strives to raise awareness through the use of ecotourism as a conservation and development tool. Althought the founder have always been conscious about the importance of sustainable tourism in Panama, we are trying to take things to a new level by working with companies and training guides, providors, outfitters that shares our same vision. Our vision as a sustainable tour operator is to combine fun outdoor activities, cultural exchange, educational tours and nature preservation to make a memorable vacation for our clients. The tour companies, lodges and guides working with EcoCircuitos share this vision and strive to make our clients experience in Panama unforgettable.

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EcoCircuitos Panama Tour Operator

  1. 1.   Tour Operator and DMC!
  2. 2. …Get intimate with nature ! Get intimate with nature •  Klaliop!
  3. 3. About EcoCircuitos"   EcoCircuitos  is  a  tour  operator  and  DMC   founded   in   1999   that   specializes   in   personal   travel   planning   for   groups,   individuals,   families   and   couples   throughout  the  Republic  of  Panama.  "   Offering   custom-­‐made   travel   packages   that   include   soft   adventure   tours,   natural   history,   cultural   and   educational   programs   with   a   great   team   of   naturalist   guides   in   stunning   boutique   lodes,   resorts,  communities  and  locations.  "   We   are   an   official   tour   operator   recognize  by  ATP  and  APTSO  in  Panama.  
  4. 4. Mission and Vision "   To   offer   high   level   of   service,   providing   authentic   experiences,   tailor-­‐made,  high-­‐   quality  travel  plans,   while   also   promoting   conservation,   and   sustainable   development   in   Panama.   "   To   be   a   leading   company   in   Panama,   r e s p o n s i b l e ,   i n n o v a t i v e   a n d   committed  to  maintain  a  high  level  of   efficiency  and  reliability  through  good   work  and  sustainable  practices.  
  5. 5. EcoCircuitos member of  
  6. 6. Our Market "   Todays   travelers   demand   "real"   experiences,   from   immersion   into   local   cultures   to   personal   access   and   privileges   beyond   the   ordinary.   These   global   nomads   are   not   content   sitting   p o o l s i d e ;   t h e y   w a n t   g e n u i n e   e x p e r i e n c e s ,   s t u n n i n g   n a t u r a l   surroundings,   and   locally   inspired   activities.   Call   it   "luxury-­‐off-­‐the-­‐beaten   path”.   "   Our   market   is   diverse   with   wholesalers   accounts:   "  In  Europe:  UK,  Germany,  Spain,  Holland,  Belgium,     Sweden,  Italy,  Poland,  Russia  among  others.   "  in   Americas:   USA,   Canada,   Brazil,   Costa   Rica,   Chile.   "  In   EuraAsia:   China,   Japan,   Australia,   Singapur,     Malesia.  
  7. 7. International Recognition"   Lonely  Planet  recognize  EcoCircuitos  as  one   of  the  top  tour  operators  in  Panama.    "   Moon  guide  and  Frommers  recognize  EC  as   one  of  the  top  tour  operators  in  Panama.    "   Good  positioning  on  the  web.  "   Community  and  repeated  clients.  "   International   partnership   with   different   tour   operators   in   the   region.   (see   attachment)  "   The   only   company   member   of   in   UK,  this  is  by  invitation  only.  
  8. 8.   Tour Operator and DMC!
  9. 9. …Get intimate with nature !!
  10. 10. About Panama"   Panama   is   known   as   one   of   the   most   biologically   diverse   areas   of   Central   America.   A   natural   bridge   connecting   North  and  South  America,  Panama  boast   cloud   forests   and   rainforest,   white-­‐sand   beaches,   unspoiled   coral   reefs   and   breathtaking  landscapes  for  adventure.  "   Highlights:   Boutique   hotels   and   luxury   resorts,   mountain   ecolodges,   national   parks,   the   Mesoamerican   Biological   Corridor,   privates   reserves   and   The   Panama   Canal,   national   parks,   7   distant   indigenous   groups,   international   investment   in   hotel   chains   and   boutiques.  
  11. 11. Corporate Social Responsability "   EcoCircuitos  supports  several  projects  in   small   communities   that   help   foster   e c o n o m i c   d e v e l o p m e n t   t h r o u g h   tourism.   "   EcoCircuitos   actively   participates   with   l o c a l   o r g a n i z a t i o n s   a n d   l o c a l   communities  to  promote  good  practices   in   tourism.   We   strongly   believe   in   the   concept   that   travelers   are   also   conservationist   and   can   help   contribute   to  the  benefits  of  the  local  communities   and  our  environment.   "   Partner   with   Avifauna,   Marviva,   Casa   Esperanza  and  Ancon.  
  12. 12. …Get intimate with nature !!
  13. 13. Full day City & Canal tour"   You  will  depart  at  9:00  AM  for  your  Full  Day  City   Tour.     You   will   be   visiting   Panama   La   Vieja   the   first   city   established   by   the   Spanish   and   then   conquered   by   Pirate   Henry   Morgan   in   1671.   You   will   also   have   the   opportunity   to   climb   the   newly   restored   cathedral   tower.   Then   we   will   visit  the  colonial  Casco  Antiguo,  which  was  built   in  1673.    Here  you  will  walk  around  the  French   Plaza   and   surrounding   monuments,   pay   close   attention  to  unique  French,  Italian  and  Spanish   architecture  styles.    Afterwards  we  will  visit  one   of   world’s   most   amazing   engineering   masterpieces,   the   Panama   Canal   at   the   Miraflores   Locks.     Here   we   will   observe   the   canal  as  ships  pass  through.    "   Duration:   6   hours   -­‐   Available   from   Tuesday  to  Sunday  -­‐  "   Departure:  9.00AM