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Climate Change: Our View


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Climate Change: Our View

  1. 1. Climate Change: Our ViewInformation Supplied By ECO Carbon Offsets By Noel McArdleReducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the atmosphere is one of the most importantresponsibilities facing our generation. Scientists believe that it may well determine the futureform and survivability of our planet. Human intervention in planetary affairs is now anindisputable fact.Scientific studies have arrived at the sobering conclusion that 25% of mammals and up to 30 %of marine life is likely to become extinct because of human activity and the destruction ofhabitat.The basic science consensus behind climate change is no longer in doubt.Whilst it is true that there may be some peripheral argument, as to what percentage of ourcurrent climate change is natural and how much of it is the result of human activity, the scientificfacts are that humans, by burning fossil fuels, have greatly contributed to the current climatechange crisis. Some scientists have even put forward the proposition that we may be alreadytoo late to avoid the worst impacts of human induced climate change. ECO take the positionthat it is worth acting NOW and that we can still reduce the impact attributable to humanactivities if we take actions to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. We take the view that toignore climate change signals is tantamount to engaging in risk-taking behaviour. Eco also takethe view that if the risks are sufficiently high, then preventative behaviour is a prudent riskreduction insurance precaution.This is based on the proposition that without a habitable planet to occupy – there can beno economy.Many political and economic commentators have expressed valid concerns that the challengefacing the global community is that, in the process of attempting to fix the environmentaldamage, we run the risk of destroying the global economy. These are genuinely difficultquestions choices for society. It is true that the pricing of carbon will have an economic impact. It is equally true that whilst we have included component costs such as Labour; Insurance;Rent; Travel; Telecommunications; and Finances into our final market price, we have notpreviously priced industrial Atmospheric Pollution into our market price structure. That time isnow. 1/3
  2. 2. A key question is whether our grandchildren will have a sustainable planet on which to live?As the Native North American Cree Indian proverb succinctly stated:When all the waters have been poisonedAnd the last fish has been caughtWhen will we realise we cannot eat money.ECO is an organisation concerned with such issues. ECO assists landowners to growKyoto compliant trees that sequester carbon dioxide and which we package asRegistered Carbon Emission offsets to emitters.Eco Carbon Offsets (ECO) has 3 Carbon Services which we provide to Businesses:(i) Carbon Footprint Measurement Consultancy Services for your Business(ii) Carbon Management Consultancy(iii) Carbon Offset Certificates which may be purchased from tree-based carbonsequestrationBecoming CARBON NEUTRALcan be COST NEUTRAL!Related articles What Does ECO Carbon Offsets Do? ( Carbon Management | Carbon Emissions Reduction ( 2/3
  3. 3. What Is A Carbon Credit Or Carbon Offset? ( What Is A Carbon Footprint? ( Carbon Footprint: Greening the Supply Chain ( Eco Carbon Offsets We Measure Your Carbon Footprint & Provide Carbon Offsets Through Carbon Farming For More Info...Click Here... 3/3Powered by TCPDF (