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Carbon Management | Carbon Emissions Reduction


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Carbon Management | Carbon Emissions Reduction

  1. 1. Carbon Management | Carbon Emissions ReductionInformation Supplied By ECO Carbon Offsets Carbon Management ConsultancyBy Noel McArdleOur goal is to empower your organisation with techniques and procedures to reduce yourcarbon footprint. There are several aspects to consider when reducing carbon emissions from abusiness, ranging from ways to reduce your energy consumption to managing yourexternalities. We explain the importance of externalities and how these items can add to yourcarbon footprint if not properly managed. We’ll also show you how to manage theseexternalities.Carbon Management: Empowering Your Own PeopleGetting your staff on board with reducing the carbon load of your company is an important partof the carbon management process. Financial cost reductions for businesses are rarely met withenthusiasm from employees. However, people will conscientiously strive to achieve lowercarbon footprint emissions. Education in this process is important in order for business ownersand employees alike to feel empowered to make change. At Eco, we specialise in managingthese briefings, to inspire positive and productive changes in your carbon reduction. Alwayskeeping in mind, a lower carbon footprint inevitably means lower costs for your business.Why Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Become Carbon Neutral?• A lower carbon footprint means lower costs for your business.• Lower carbon emissions are good for climate change. 1/2
  2. 2. • Purchasing Carbon Credits as part of a program to become Carbon Neutral helps translate into improved marketing value. Policy and Planning • How staff can reduce the carbon footprint of the business. • Appointment of a ‘Carbon Champion’ • Steps which the Business itself can take to reduce its carbon footprint. • Reduction Targets for CO2 emissions • Action Plan • Carbon Neutral Plan “Becoming CARBON NEUTRAL can be COST NEUTRAL!” Let us show you how! Click Here… Related articles What Does ECO Carbon Offsets Do? ( Climate Change: Our View ( Carbon Footprint: Greening the Supply Chain> ( Eco Carbon OffsetsWe Measure Your Carbon Footprint & Provide Carbon Offsets Through Carbon Farming For More Info...Click Here... 2/2Powered by TCPDF (