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Carbon Footprint Measurement


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Carbon Footprint Measurement

  1. 1. Carbon Footprint MeasurementInformation Supplied By ECO Carbon Offsets What is Your Carbon Footprint?Why should you measure your Carbon Footprint? After July 2012, your Customers will increasingly require all of their supplier companies to beable to advise them of the size of their carbon footprint. Your customers, in turn, will need to report their own carbon emissions to theirclients. These clients will need to add up all of the carbon emissions from their supplychain. Those businesses who are in a position to specify their carbon footprint to their customers,are more likely to gain a competitive marketing supply advantage over their competitors. In addition, working to becoming carbon neutral, helps fulfil your firm’s social obligations byinvigorating struggling rural communities by providing a new income source from carbonfarming. Your firm will also be reducing climate impact. 1/3
  2. 2. ECO can measure the carbon footprint of your business. The size of your footprint is determined by factors, such as: Electricity consumption Motor Vehicle usage Air Travel Journeys to Work by Staff Couriers & Taxis Paper Usage & Advertising Publications Occupancy costs Recycling (abatement) Manufacturing Externalities: – Avoiding buying into the Carbon Footprint of other companys (Abatement)Our philosophy is firstly to help your business measure its current level of carbon emission.Secondly, we work with you to reduce your carbon emissions to whatever is the minimumneeded in your day-to-day business requirements of delivering your firm’s services.It is our belief, that only as the final and ultimate step, in becoming ‘carbon neutral’, should youbusiness consider purchasing carbon offsets.For a further in-depth explanation about Carbon Offsets – Click HereOnly once you have reduced your firm’s carbon emissions – to whatever minimum level isconsistent with your firm being able to continue to deliver your products and services to market– should you even consider purchasing Carbon Offsets. In other words, the purchase of CarbonOffsets should only be done as the very last resort and carried out only to offset the balance ofthose carbon emissions which inevitably remain when everything else has been done to reduceunnecessary emissions. This is the point at which ECO will we be happy to supply yourbusiness with whatever carbon offset credits are needed to offset the balance of your emissionsand make your business carbon neutral. This is our philosophy.This process means that, financially, you reduce paying for more additional carbon emissionsthan what is absolutely necessary in becoming carbon neutral.For a further in-depth explanation about a Carbon Footprint – Click Here 2/3
  3. 3. If your business is able to offer a carbon neutral product, then your clients in turn do not have to account for the carbon overhead contained in your products/services. This is known as “Greening the Supply Chain”. ECO are able to offer you carbon offsets which have been derived from carbon sequestrations (carbon farming) from native Australian trees – otherwise know as carbon sequestration or bio-sequestration. In marketing terms, this means your company becomes Carbon Neutral with an edge in the marketplace. Our goal is for you to become carbon neutral at a cost neutral expense. Let us show you how! Related articles What Is A Carbon Footprint? ( Carbon Footprint: Greening the Supply Chain ( Eco Carbon Offsets We Measure Your Carbon Footprint & Provide Carbon Offsets Through Carbon Farming For More Info...Click Here... Carbon Footprint Measurement 3/3Powered by TCPDF (