TIES Annual Report 2009-10


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TIES Annual Report 2009-10

  1. 1. Annual Report 2009-2010
  2. 2. Contentsp2 Special Thanks to TIES Members / p3 Our Mission / p4What We Do / p5-6 TIES History - Since 1990 / p7-8 Mes-sages from Our Members / p9 TIES Board of Directors /p11 Our Members, Our Partners / p12 TIES ecoAuction /p13 A Sneak Preview of What’s to Come in 2011-12
  3. 3. THANK YOUTIES global network proudly represents and is supported by members from over 100countries who are leading the vital efforts to make travel and tourism more sustain-able. It is an immense honor to be part of this worldwide network of leaders, pioneersand active supporters of tourism as a socially, environmentally and economically viabletool for sustainable development.From all of us at TIES team, we would like to share a big THANK YOU to our memberswho have made a tremendous difference for TIES growth in the past two decades, andwho continue to inspire positive changes in the global tourism industry.-The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)
  4. 4. Our MissionEngage Through an international network of industry professionals and business leaders, TIES offers valuable networking and professional development opportunities. Ecotourism.org/NetworkEducate Inspire As a global source of knowledge and advo- Utilizing the global ecotourism develop- cacy in ecotourism, TIES offers practical edu- ment experiences, TIES helps mainstream cational tools and promotes capacity building sustainability in tourism and inspire positive opportunities for professionals. changes in the industry. Ecotourism.org/Learn Ecotourism.org/Sustain Uniting Conservation, Communities and Sustainable Travel
  5. 5. What We Do... 2009 at a GlanceStrengthening Opportunities through International Networks First 10 ambassadors selected for Travel Ambassador Program.Membership Services: Helping members connect with each other and access valuableinformation and resources. 10 destinations and themes fea- tured through ecoDestinations.Online Networking: Offering networking opportunities and marketing tools throughTIES website, Ecotourism.org. 100+ articles on Your Travel Choice Blog.Network Building: Helping strengthen “ties” among members through partnershipswith associations and regional groups. 10,000+ subscribers to Digital Trav- eler eNewsletter.Sharing Education and Capacity Building PlatformsConferences & Workshops: Providing quality learning and knowledge sharing opportu-nities through our events.Educational Partnerships: Collaborating with universities and educational institutionsto create and strengthen educational opportunities for students and professionals.Awareness-Building Initiatives: Working with members and partners to raise aware-ness of the principles of ecotourism and best practice examples.Supporting Efforts to Mainstream Sustainability in TourismIndustry Partnerships: Partnering with various local, national and international indus-try organizations to strengthen efforts to promote sustainability in tourism.Sharing Wisdom: Working with leading industry organizations to establish standardsand guidelines to promote sound development of ecotourism and sustainable tourism.Inspiring Change: Establishing mechanisms to apply lessons learned from ecotourismexamples to help create positive change in mainstream tourism. Uniting Conservation, Communities and Sustainable Travel
  6. 6. TIES History - Since 1990 20 years www.ecotourism.org/our-story 1990 1994The Ecotourism Society 1998launched by a team or-ganized by Megan EplerWood as the world’s first 1992 “International Ecotourism Partners” meeting, St. John, US 1996 Marine ecotourism 2000international non-profit Advocates for sound Virgin Islands, to foster Tourism, Ecotour- stakeholder meetingsdedicated to ecotourism ecotourism practices national and regional ism and Protected in the Caribbean andas a tool for conserva- at World Parks and Pro- ecotourism associa- Mexico. “Your Travel Areas co-publishedtion and sustainable tected Areas Congress in tions. Choice Can Make with the Worlddevelopment. Caracas, Venezuela and “Developing an Eco- a Difference” Conservation Union First World Congress on tourism Destination” consumer educa- (IUCN). Tourism and the Environ- regional workshop in tion campaign ment in Belize. Quintana Roo, Mexico. launched. The International Ecotourism Society Publishes its first book, Ecotour- ism: A Guide for “Ecotourism at the Crossroads” - A regional Planners and The Ecolodge Sourcebook for conference in Kenya, co-hosted by Kenya Wild- Managers Planners and Developers. life Service and Ecotourism Society of Kenya.
  7. 7. 2002 The first Ecotourism in the U.S. Global Ecotourism Conference 2010 Conference in Bar Harbor, Maine, in Oslo, Norway, co-organized by co-organized by the local Chamber Ecotourism Norway and the United of Commerce. September 2005. Nations Environment Programme.The United Nations May 2007.International Year of Ecotourism and Sustain-Ecotourism (IYE) able Tourism Conference (ESTC) held in Portland,IYE regional meet-ings in Belize, India, 2006 2008 Oregon, USA, co-hosted by Travel Portland and 2004Kenya, Peru, Thailand, Travel Oregon.the Seychelles and Public forum “Indigenous “Traveling with Climate in Mind” consumer Business Leaders inSweden. education campaign launched. The first European Ecotourism” organized Ecotourism Conference Begins multi-year in partnership with the (EuroEco), held in Parnu, research on tour- Swedish Ecotourism Estonia, co-hosted by the ism certification as Society. Estonian Ecotourism As- part of Rainforest Alliance-led project sociation. Ecotourism and Sustain- focusing on five able Tourism Conference Latin American (ESTC) in Vancouver, Brit- countries. ish Columbia, Canada. Uniting Conservation, Communities and Sustainable Travel TIES 15th anniversary Washington DC Eco- “Celebration of Ecotourism” in Tour, highlighting Washington, DC. eco-friendly initia- tives and educational opportunities in the greater Washington, DC community. International Ecolodge Guidelines Ecotourism.org/Our-Story
  8. 8. “ Makiko Nakagaki, Executive Secretary, Ecotourism Japan Congratulation, TIES, on your 20th Anniversary! Net- working is key to furthering the ecotourism movement, Thomas A. Tabor, Ecotourism Develop- and I believe that TIES’ roles in assisting networking ment Consultant, Nebraska Department of opportunities around the world will be more and more Economic Development, Division of Travel important. In many countries, ecotourism is perceived & Tourism and practiced in a variety of ways that reflect their unique cultural and social values. I hope to see informa-Kaity Tsui, I LOVE NY’s “Greenest My first exposure to TIES was at the “2005 tion about ecotourism disseminated globally by TIES Ecotourism in the U.S. Conference” in representing not only global but also local perspectives,New Yorker” highlighting diverse approaches. In today’s globalized Bar Harbor, Maine. The conference itself opened up relationships and a networking and rapidly changing society, our worldwide ecotourismI like the user-friendly and community that I have used for resources, network plays a critical role in promoting and advocat-informative features of the TIES education, latest research, development ing for a more sustainable future. I believe that as awebsite, such as the “Tips for concepts, supportive tools for conserva- community we form a stronger voice, and as a commu-Travelers” section, especially tion and preservation, collaboration with nity we build synergies that lead to meaningful actions.with burgeoning interest in the a similarly goal-oriented international I look forward to continue creating opportunities foreco-/sustainable tourism indus- market, and perhaps, most importantly, collaborative actions with fellow members from aroundtry. As more travelers become lifelong friendships and support from the world.increasingly attracted to this like-minded people. In my position here intype of alternative tourism, it’s Nebraska, I work closely with rural people 20周年おめでとうございます。 エコツーリズムという運動には、ネimperative for global networks who work on the land. Nebraska has a ッ トワークは不可欠であり、 TIESの今後の国際的役割も益々大き limited amount of public access land (97% くなると感じています。 各国での文化や社会背景により、 エコツーsuch as TIES to serve as “sources is privately-owned), and to access some of リズムに対する価値観や取り組みは国々や地域によっても多様of knowledge and advocacy the state’s most pristine areas, one needs 化してきています。 TIESとしての視点だけでなく、 そうしたエコツuniting communities, conserva- to have strong connections with landown- ーリズムの多角的な取り組みについても、 発信していただけるこtion, and sustainable travel” in ers. From that first conference to the most とを期待しています。 めまぐるしく変わる社会の中において、 持続order to highlight the issues and recent one I attended in Portland, Oregon, 可能な生き方を提案している我々の活動は今まさに必要とされchallenges raised in this blos- the education, training, and network of ています。 そのような社会に対し、 トワークだからこそ世界的 ネッsoming industry as its definition friends and colleagues I have developed にも大きな声をあげていく力を持ちえるし、 つながりによってシナcontinues to expand. In the end, has been an asset to our state. What I do is ジーが生まれ、 より大きなアクションを生み出していく ことができit’s really about thinking globally so rewarding, in major part because I have ます。 今後もそのようなアクションを一緒につく りだしていけるこand acting consciously. been able to implement TIES many con- とを楽しみにしています。 cepts of ecotourism right here in Nebraska. - 日本エコツーリズムセンター理事 事務局長 中垣 真紀子 ・
  9. 9. ” 2010 at a Glance TIES 20th Anniversary! 514 organization members. Piero Ponce, Executive Board Member, Regional Cham- 1,070 individual members. ber of Tourism (Ayacucho, Peru) TIES is the worldwide reference for sustainable tour- 11 New Advisory Board Members. ism and best case practices. By promoting continuously research and connecting organizations and individuals 47 new members participated in on a common goal, we will ensure that conservation, the ESTC 2010 conference. communities and sustainable travel will remain as our priorities in ensuring the sustainable development of this unique green industry. Innovation Award launched. I’ve been associated with TIES for 10 years as a mem- ber and partner in providing media relations for both the organization and quite a number of members who are tour operators, operate eco lodges, etc. TIES has been such a leader in promoting sustainable prac- tices globally and has provided a forum for meaning- ful conversation amongst the constituency that they serve. As a participant and speaker at conferences organized and sponsored by TIES, it has been so inspirationalNancy Harrison, Founding to see the synergy amongst academics, communityPartner, Adventure Media organizers, outfitters and operators all coming to- gether to further the cause of sustainable tourism(The photo was taken in development, thoughtful economic impact and theVolcanoes National Park, corresponding betterment of people worldwide. AndRwanda with mountain this all happens while providing travelers the uniquegorillas.) opportunity to see and experience world culture, wildlife, nature, sights and sounds all that enrich our collective experience. It’s a wonderful thing that TIES has done these past twenty years and will continue to build and grow in the next twenty years and beyond.
  10. 10. TIES Board of DirectorsDr. Kelly Bricker Deirdre Campbell Richard Edwards Shadia Garrison Palitha Gurusinghe Glenn JampolAssociate Professor, Owner, The Tartan Group Marketing Director, Gap Consultant, Writer, Project Founder and President, President, Finca RosaDepartment of Parks, Adventures Manager Sri Lanka Ecotourism Blanca Coffee PlantationRecreation and Tourism, Foundation and InnUniversity of Utah TIES Advisory Board comprises of ecotour- ism experts and indus- try leaders. Representing diverse groups of stakehold- ers, the Advisory Board serves as an effective venue to support TIES mission.Ariane Janér Karen Lewis Kimberly Lisagor Rick MacLeod Farley Hitesh MehtaCo-Founder, EcoBrasil Owner, Lapa Rios Ecolodge Journalist, Author Principal Consultant, Ma- Architect, Landscape cLeod Farley & Associates Architect and Ecotourism Planner, HM Design TIES Governance Board Dr. Kelly Bricker, Chair Masaru Takayama, Vice Chair Jon Bruno, Treasurer Jason Banks, Advisor www.ecotourism.org/ boardPaul Radchenko Wolfgang Strasdas, PhD. Masaru Takayama Albert Teo Chin Kion Annie VanderwykTourism Development Professor, University of Executive Director, Japan Managing Director Principal Cultural Consul-Planner, Government of Applied Sciences Eber- Ecolodge Association / Borneo Eco Tours tant, Wild Earth ExpeditionsAlberta swalde Founder, Spirit of Japan Travel
  11. 11. “The tourism indus-try has the powerto make a positivechange. It is uniquelypositioned to take aplace-based approachto conservation andpoverty alleviation.”-Dr. Kelly Bricker, Chair,TIES Board of Directors
  12. 12. Our Members Our PartnersGlobal Network Recipe for SuccessTIES global network of members consists of orga- TIES partners with NGO’s, associations and other or-nizational members (Association, Business, NGO, ganizations that share our commitment to responsibleInstitution, College & University) and individual travel and sustainable development.members (Professional, Student, Traveler). Ecotourism Associations Providing the vital links between governments, NGOs, businesses and citizens, local, national and regional ecotourism associations are a crucial part of our efforts to further TIES mission. www.ecotourism.org/ecotourism-associations Voluntourism Partner: Planeterra Planeterra is a leading non-profit foundation dedi- cated to sustainable community development and environmental conservation through travel. www.ecotourism.org/planeterra Membership Service Partners Adventure Media TravMedia Stylus Publishing www.ecotourism.org/membership Ecotourism Explorer: a global online network for individuals and organizations committed to Your Travel Choice Blog Partners the principles of ecotourism. WHL Group Much Better Adventures www.ecotourism.org/ www.yourtravelchoice.org/about/partners explorer
  13. 13. TIES ecoAuction ESTC Silent Auction Featurin a special selection of eco- At the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism holiday packages generously donated Conference (ESTC), held in Portland OR in Sep- by TIES members, TIES ecoAuction is tember 2010, a silent auction was organized, hosted on Bidding for Good, a charitable offering eco-holiday packages (along with auction community with over 87,000 other auction items) generously donated by active bidders. TIES members from around the world. January 2009 - December 2009 ESTC Silent Auction • 58 auction items sold • 58 auction items sold • $28,508 raised • $4,570 raised January 2010 - December 2010 • 45 auction items sold • $15,264 raised Access TIES ecoAuction www.biddingforgood.com/ ecotourismauction Sponsorship Information www.ecotourism.org/ sponsor-ties-ecoauction uction YO U ecoA rters!THANK rs & SuppoSponso
  14. 14. A Sneak Preview of What’s to Come in 2011-12More opportunities for sharing stories and Ecotourism.org will not only be a place for Get engaged in ecotourism initiativesinspirations through improved tools for learning, but also a platform for networking around the world by actively participating inmembers to interact with each other. and expanding your networks. TIES global network! Stay tuned: Ecotourism.org
  15. 15. Sustainability Indigenous Tranform Tourism Creative Solutions Education Off the Sustainable Business Beaten Community Biodiversity Model Making a Path Conservation transition Difference Opportunities Appreciating Cultural Diversity Voices of Nature Story- Leadership Adventure CSR Celebrating Quality of Life Telling Greening Excellence Giving Back Capacity Building Respecting Our Land Tourism Local ecolodge Rewarding and Networking Travel Heritage Memorable Sharing Experiences Ideas Wildlife Authenticity Responsible Travel Innovation Millennium DevelopmentVoluntourism slowness Award Goals www.yourtravelchoice.org Photography Credits Page 2 (from left) Ecotourism Japan, Piero Ponce, Ecotourism Society Pakistan, Outside Hilton Head Island, Dream Nepal Travels & Tours, The International Ecotourism Society (TIES); Page 4 “2010 at a Glance” - Photo by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES); Page 5 “Ecotourism at the Crossroads” - Photo by Megan Epler Wood; Page 6 Ecotourism in the US Conference, Global Ecotourism Conference - Photos by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES); Page 7 (from left) Kaity Tsui, Thomas A. Tabor, Ecotourism Japan; Page 8 (top) Piero Ponce, (bottom) Nancy Harrison; Page 8 “2010 at a Glance” - Photo by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES); Page 14 “ESTC Silent Auction” - photo: Sarah Henderson, sirenapictures.com.