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239 - TmL New And Noteworthy


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Tools for Mobile Linux 10-minute talk. Mauren Brenner discussed the status of TmL for Galileo

Published in: Technology
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239 - TmL New And Noteworthy

  1. Tools for mobile Linux New and Noteworthy Mauren Brenner Committer Eldorado Institute Fabio Rigo Contributor Eldorado Institute
  2. Mission • Tools and frameworks that assist in the creation of a development environment that allows developers to easily create applications for mobile devices
  3. History • Project incubated in December 2006, driven largely by Motorola, with contributions from Montavista and Nokia • Two releases to date (Oct 2008, Jan 2009) • Release 0.3 on Galileo train • Commercial-quality code being used in shipping products available today
  4. TmL Technology for Galileo++ • Device framework – A framework that defines types of devices that can be simulated – A mechanism that defines states and transitions between states • VNC Viewer plugin – An implementation of the VNC protocol as a View inside Eclipse • Protocol framework – A framework that takes the definition of a communication protocol • /proc Tools – Tools that access diagnostic information in the /proc filesystem • Device Proxy (under development) – A framework for exchanging data between external sources and simulated devices
  5. Category Item Target Milestone TmL Bug TmL Status M4 257283 Yes Intent M4 257285 Yes Communicate M4 257284 Yes Participation Attendance M4 257286 Yes Ramp Down Policy M5 257287 Yes IP M5 257288 Yes APIs M6 257289 Yes Development Message Bundles M4 257290 Yes Version Numbering M5 257291 Yes Leverage OSGi M5 257292 Yes Bundles Execution Environment M5 257293 Yes Signing M4 257294 Yes Use Jars M4 257295 Yes Builds M4 257296 Yes Orbit M4 257297 Yes Releng Optimization M4 257298 Yes New & Noteworthy RC 257299 Pending Work Together RC 257300 Pending Capabilities M6 257301 Yes Deployment M6 257302 Yes Localization M5 257303 Yes Branding RC 257307 Pending Usability M5 257304 Ok Accessibility M4 257305 Ok Performance M7 257306 Pending Should Do M6 257308 Yes Localization M6 257309 Yes M7 257310 Pending
  6. New and Noteworthy • There is a new update site: • Migrating the main update site to use signed jars • Planning to move to Subversion • /proc tools may move out of TmL after Galileo • Use this query to show the list of bugs fixed • For post-Galileo, submit feature requests as bugs • For details on checkins, see the CVS changelog • For other questions, check the TmL FAQ
  7. The future of TmL • Continue development of frameworks, protocols and reference implementations • Continue coordinated releases (trains) • Support the mobile Linux and Android development communities with tools • Recruit contributors and committers that have interest in mobile & embedded Linux • Move technology that have a better fit elsewhere • Eventual goal of reaching maturity (v 1.0)
  8. Working with the TmL Team Project web site: Project wiki: Regular phone meetings: Developer mailing list: TmL demo: Contributions, Bug Reports, Suggestions using Bugzilla product=TmL
  9. TmL Committers and Contributors Christian Kurzke Eric Cloninger Architect Project Lead Fabio Fabio Rigo Mauren Otavio Daniel Fantato Contibutor Ferranti Brenner Franco Committer Committer Committer Committer Eugene Yufen Kuo Petr Baranov Melekhov Contibutor Contibutor Contibutor
  10. Q&A