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How do I find course reserves


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Guidance for finding Course Reserves at the Learning Library.

Published in: Education
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How do I find course reserves

  1. 1. How do I… …find course reserves?
  2. 2. Course Reserves • are required readings or supplemental materials for courses • may be books, articles, maps, DVDs or other materials • have shorter loan periods to allow more students to access them
  3. 3. Two Types of Course Reserves Reserves at the Circulation Desk: • Most can be borrowed for 3 hours and must stay in the Library • Available at the Circulation Desk Short Loans: • Loaned for 2 days • Kept on the regular shelves
  4. 4. To find a course reserve, go to Click on Catalogue
  5. 5. Select Reserves from the drop down menu.
  6. 6. Select Course Name, Course Code or Instructor Name from the drop down menu. Enter appropriate details in the Search box.
  7. 7. In this example, we are searching by Course ID.
  8. 8. Choose your course from the list.
  9. 9. Click on the title you wish to borrow for more details about the item.
  10. 10. This is a course reserve held at the Circulation Desk. Write down the call number and take it to the Circulation Desk so the staff can retrieve the item for you.
  11. 11. If the course reserve you want is a Short loan item Write down the call number. Find the item on the regular Library shelves. Take the item to the Circulation Desk to sign it out. , short loan
  12. 12. Please ensure that you return course reserves on time. Course reserves cannot be renewed.
  13. 13. Overdue Fines for Course Reserves  Reserves at the Circulation Desk (3-hour loan): $1.00/hour  Short loan items: $2.00/day
  14. 14. We’re here to help! If you need any assistance in the Library please come to the Info Desk! You can also contact us at:  705-474-3450 ext. 4221 