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ERM... What Do You Do With All That Data, Anyway?


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Anna Creech and Cindi Trainor examine how, over the past few years, libraries have been investing resources and staff time into collecting information about their electronic resources into central knowledge bases that, in most cases, is not available to users. How could the electronic resources management systems (ERMS) of tomorrow bring together description and access? What kinds of information must we record in our ERMS, and how do we get this information to users? They focus on using the rich data repository in their ERMS to enhance access to our resources, the data elements in the DLF Electronic Resource Management Initiative report, and how this data can be used in ERMS to convey valuable metadata to our users.

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ERM... What Do You Do With All That Data, Anyway?

  1. 1. ERM... What Do You Do With All That Data, Anyway?   D101 ● Digital Preservation, E-Government & ERM Anna Creech Electronic Resources Librarian University of Richmond Cindi Trainor Coordinator of Library Technology & Data Services Eastern Kentucky University
  2. 2. mosaic image possibly titled ERMS or something like that ERM Who Where What Why
  3. 3. image - maybe a collage of spreadsheets, Access reports, email messages, and generic licenses? hint:   they are for          LIBRARIANS!
  4. 4. but what about users ?
  5. 5. users are confused   by ...
  6. 6. ...but what users want is...
  7. 7. hint: it begins with a
  8. 8. <ul><li>data elements + user needs = awesome! </li></ul>trial* fields populate public list or RSS usage stats for ranking search results license terms in plain English
  9. 9. but wait, there's more ....
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