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  • About 850 Students – About 2500 ResidentsComprehensive – Liberal Arts and Professional ProgramsDisciples of ChristOn-Line Programs in undergrad in business and cj – starting an MBA
  • Mention the issues with the font and the EXP at CSC
  • 8 principles for experiential education
  • 3 week term – 3– 40 hour work week. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t
  • IMA students have captured over $85,000 in scholarships, are consistently named in the top 4 in the countryENACTUS (SIFE) – Eric?
  • Iacbe 2013 meeting

    1. 1. Culver-Stockton College INNOVATIONS IN EDUCATION James M. Cosgrove, J.D. Professor of Business Dr. Kimberly Gaither, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Finance Business Division Chair Mr. Eric Larson Lecturer of Business Do something different
    2. 2. Culver-Stockton College Who We Are:o Small and Ruralo Comprehensiveo Co-educational and DOC affiliatedo Private Collegeo Both Land-Based and On-Line Business Programs
    3. 3. At A Glance
    4. 4. Overview of Canton
    5. 5. Culver-Stockton Campus
    6. 6. At A Glance
    7. 7. Change ImpetusResearch showed:• The future was dangerous for small colleges unless – It had a large endowment (we didn’t) – It had significant name recognition (we didn’t) – It was distinctive (we were not)• Educational marketplace is changing• Stakeholder (students, parents and employers) expectations have changed
    8. 8. Step 1: Write Strategic Plan andChange the Mission StatementPrevious mission statement: Culver-Stockton College is a four-year residential, coeducational community in affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) committed to educational excellence, personal development and integration of liberal arts with professional preparation. Descriptive without distinguishing the College from any other institution
    9. 9. New Mission Statement The mission of Culver-Stockton College is to provide students of promise a superb education within an active learning communityfounded upon integrity and the bestvalues of faith and the human spirit.
    10. 10. Resultso Focused on responsibility of the college toward the studento Redirected the purpose of the collegeo Empowered the faculty
    11. 11. Step 2: Change the Calendar Divided a traditional 15-week term into: 12-weeks (students take 12-14 hours) 3-weeks (students take 3-4 hours) 12-week courses are primarily traditional core classes Most students only take 4 classes 3-week courses offer opportunities beyond the classroom Most students are only taking one course Distinctive with only one other U.S. college utilizing the 12/3 approach.
    12. 12. 12-Week Term Courses tend to be more traditional classes Faculty encouraged to seek breadth versus depth Teaching methods re-examined: More case studies More discussions More group work More student presentations Less lecture Flipping the classroom
    13. 13. 3-Week Term Flexible scheduling  3-hour courses meet anytime between 10-3 In-depth project or research work Travel opportunities Guest speakers Internships
    14. 14. Step 3: Change the Curriculum Every major curriculum changed in a single year  Curricular approval process streamlined Courses redesigned to fit into 12-week or 3-week term
    15. 15. Marketing Consultants Assisted Adopted EXP@CSC as name for curriculum  EXPerience  EXPlore  EXPect Branding with colors, swooshes, font Tag line… “Do Something Different”
    16. 16. Focus on Experiential Learning• Associate Dean of Experiential Education Appointed• Professional Development: Teaching to a New Generation• Adoption of NSEE Principles Additional effort to provide distinctiveness to a Culver-Stockton education
    17. 17. New Opportunities Study Abroad Three-week term is perfect for short- term study abroad EUROPE 2011 COSTA RICA 2012 CANADA 2013
    18. 18. New Opportunities Domestic Travel Three-week term also allows students to learn outside the classroom domestically SPRINGFIELD COSTA RICA 2012
    19. 19. New Opportunities Foreign Language Rosetta Stone combined with a Foreign Language Professor  Allows two languages in the classroom  Students to study at their own pace  Allows a small college to offer a myriad of languages
    20. 20. New Opportunities Professional Internships All division majors complete a 120-hour internship Requirements meet NSEE standards for an experiential experience Internships scheduled summer, 12-week term, and the 3-week term 16% of our interns accepted positions at their internship site.
    21. 21. New Opportunities Required Capstone Courses All majors now required to have a capstone Expected to be experiential in nature Business Strategy class Capstone Research Project and Presentation Business Simulation Activity
    22. 22. Outside the Classroom Business Leadership Exchange Successful business leaders Share experiences Students attend a business lunch and learn etiquette 3-week sessions allow small-group interaction
    23. 23. Both In and Out of the Classroom Student Organizations IMA and Enactus (SIFE) Students earn credit hours Students learn leadership skills Competitions help fund activities
    24. 24. Reflections After Five Years Continued professional development on experiential education and active learning The College focuses on technology Unbelievable IT staff Excellent budget Wireless everywhere iPad initiatives and Apple TV Electronic Portfolios Culver-Stockton College ranked in the top 4% nationally by U.S. News and World Report as a Connected Campus
    25. 25. Reflections After Five Years Many majors are undergoing significant curriculum changes We are reviewing and expecting changes in our general education program next year We are beginning to see enrollment increases Due to curriculum? Better admissions processes? Capital campaign improvements?
    26. 26. Reflections After Five Years The College’s first Master Program (MBA) slated to begin August 2013 The College is experiencing growth in undergrad online programs New BAAS degree offered in 2013 The focus on experiential education is very well suited for our students of promise
    27. 27. Final Comments and Reflections Questions?