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Svedka presentation

  1. 1. SVEDKA VODKA Elijah Clark-Ginsberg, Dana Cornelius, Hilary Kee, William McHugh
  3. 3. Where Young Adults Drink 19% 3% 47% 30% Home Nightclub/Bar Restaurant Friend’s Home
  4. 4. Why Young Adults Drink For relaxation As a pick-me-up As a refreshment I like the taste To get drunk To socialize with friends To socialize with familyTo socialize with coworkers Because it’s easy to mixBecause that’s what you do 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
  5. 5. 30% will not drink cheapbrands around friends
  6. 6. 42%think only premium brands makecocktails taste right
  7. 7. 64%say price is important to them when choosing a brand
  8. 8. 64%say quality is important to them when choosing a brand
  9. 9. Young adults drink to socialize with friends.
  10. 10. They want premium quality.
  11. 11. But they also want an affordable price.
  12. 12. THE BRAND
  13. 13. •Premium taste and quality•Bargain-basement price•Bottom-shelf brand perception
  14. 14. Positioning Map Top Shelf Belvedere Grey Goose Ketel One Stoli Absolut Skyy Finlandia High PriceLow Price Smirnoff Svedka Popov Bottom Shelf
  15. 15. Svedka should have thepremium position it deserves.
  16. 16. Positioning Map Top Shelf Belvedere Grey Goose Ketel One Stoli Absolut Skyy Finlandia High PriceLow Price Smirnoff Svedka Popov Bottom Shelf
  17. 17. Positioning Map Top Shelf Belvedere Grey Goose Ketel One Stoli Absolut Svedka Skyy Finlandia High PriceLow Price Smirnoff Popov Bottom Shelf
  18. 18. OBJECTIVES
  19. 19. PREMIUM BRAND POSITIONINGPremium positioning will appeal to moreaf uent and image-conscious buyerswhile low price will continue to appeal tobudget-conscious consumers.
  20. 20. NOT JUST FOR COLLEGE KIDS ANYMOREIf Svedka just courts college kids through lowprices and a “go hard” mentality, they’ll losecustomers who have graduated and outgrownthe brand. More sophisticated positioning willretain college students as they become youngprofessionals and beyond.
  21. 21. BECOME A NIGHTLIFE STAPLEPremium brands like Absolut and GreyGoose enjoy huge on-premise popularity.With more top-shelf positioning, Svedkacan too. Absolut sales are declining andSvedka is well-positioned to steal Absolut’sshare of the nightlife market.
  22. 22. 20%increase in market share
  23. 23. CREATIVE
  24. 24. New Packaging SIMPLE AND UNCLUTTERED SHOT GLASS AND GAUGE 62% of young adults consume spirits 68% of young adults want packaging as shots. A lid that doubles as a shot that is simple and uncluttered, so we glass, as well as a shot gauge engravedremoved unnecessary design elements down the side of the bottle, are a fun way to engage with this behavior. “PREMIUM SWEDISH VODKA” 32% of young adults look for words like “premium” on packaging, yet it’snotably absent from the current bottle. SLEEK DESIGN Rather than looking like a bulky two liter soda bottle, the new packaging is sleek, elegant, and sophisticated.
  25. 25. THE CAMPAIGNSimple, seasonally-appropriate, integrated with everyday life.
  26. 26. Good enough for Beacon Hill. Cheap enough for Allston.
  27. 27. Good enough for the penthouse.Cheap enough for the basement.
  28. 28. Good enough for Club Med.Cheap enough for a hostel.
  29. 29. Taxi TopperFor the smaller space of a taxi topper, a minimal ad variant mirrors the sleek look of the new packaging.
  30. 30. Print/OOH/Web
  31. 31. Print/OOH/WebThis example demonstrates the feel of a holiday- centered ad, but not its actually content.
  32. 32. TV SpotMUSIC: Sleazy party music SFX: Ding
  33. 33. TV SpotMUSIC: Classy party music VO: “Svedka. Good enough for the penthouse. Cheap enough for the basement.”
  34. 34. MEDIA
  35. 35. Placement•Boston as a test market•Very limited national print media BOSTON•Nine month campaign•No major deviations from current media mix x9
  36. 36. Print
  37. 37. Cable TV
  38. 38. Out of Home/Transit•MBTA Green Line•MBTA buses•Taxis•City information panels
  39. 39. Online•Sites of print/TV media outlets•Skyscrapers and video pre-roll•Geotargeted
  40. 40. Media BudgetCampaign Total: $4,204,620 Online (local) $826,200 Print (national) $1,589,670OOH (local)$1,080,000 Cable TV (local) $1,080,000