Next Gen Ip Services


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For the Growing Indian SMB space a Hosted Communication Service would be of Immense Value

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Next Gen Ip Services

  1. 1. Next Gen IP Services<br />G Suresh Kumar<br />
  2. 2. Business Concept<br />- 2 -<br />The idea or concept proposed tries to introduce Low cost IP as aService to Small and Medium businesses (SMBs). The concept<br />also includes delivering converged communication and other managed services through a unified platform. The ease <br />of configuration of service and novel means of provisioning make the model highly innovative. Product marketing to<br />Value Added Resellers (VARs) is also discussed. The stakeholders involved are new Startup, SMBs, technology vendors, <br />connectivity providers and VARs.<br />Service<br />Provider<br />SMBs<br />IP in a Box<br />Revenue Share<br />Support, Updates, Customization<br />IP as a Service<br />Value Added Reseller<br />
  3. 3. Current Scenario in SMB communication<br />Pain Areas:<br /> Fixed Line <br />Provider<br /> Connectivity <br />Provider<br /><ul><li> Multiple entities are involved to effect </li></ul> enterprise communication.<br /><ul><li> Finger-pointing happens in the event of faults.
  4. 4. Heavy investment is required on fixed phone </li></ul> lines.<br /><ul><li> Enterprise collaboration is minimal.</li></ul>Softphone<br />Provider<br /> IP Phone <br />Provider<br />IT Backend <br />SMB<br />
  5. 5. Current Scenario in SMB communication<br />1. Service Configuration<br /> Connectivity <br />Provider<br />Pain Areas:<br /> Fixed Line <br />Provider<br /><ul><li> Complicated Deployment and management processes.
  6. 6. Numerous calls to be made and forms to be filled for</li></ul> setting up communication.<br /><ul><li>Cost Factors
  7. 7. IT know-how is required.
  8. 8. SMBs have to spend a lot to constantly maintain and </li></ul> upgrade their systems to stay competitive.<br /><ul><li>No transparency in billing.</li></ul>SMB<br />Softphone<br />Provider<br /> IP Phone <br />Provider<br />2. Service Management<br />Support<br />SMB<br /> IT Staff<br />SMB<br />3. Updates/customization<br /> IT Staff<br />$$$<br />SMB<br />Service <br />Providers<br />
  9. 9. SMB - Current Scenario<br />- 5 -<br /> Connectivity <br />Provider<br /> Fixed Line <br />Provider<br />Service <br />Providers<br />Service <br />Providers<br />Connectivity<br />Providers<br />Softphone<br />Provider<br />Technology <br />Vendors<br />Technology <br />Vendors<br />Technology <br />Vendors<br /> IP Phone <br />Provider<br />SMBs<br />Technology <br />Vendors<br />Voice<br />Technology <br />Vendors<br />ICT <br />Providers<br />Network <br />Services<br />Service <br />Providers<br />Backup <br />services<br />Security<br />SMB<br /> IT Staff<br />IT Services<br />SMBs in current scenario deal with multiple partners and vendors for their voice, data , connectivity, <br />IT needs etc, complicating the deployment and management of various services required.<br />
  10. 10. Pain Areas/Opportunities<br />SMB market segment is high-volume, low margin<br />Prefer to deal with a single partner / POC for ICT issues and optimize procurement and supplier management costs<br />SMBs require solutions <br />Easy-to-use<br />Available off-the-shelf (with little customization)<br />No specific skills to operate (fast learning curve)<br />Prefer a specialized partner that can be the “extended” IT personnel<br />Business Needs<br />Business efficiency driven by faster and better interactions with customers and<br /> partners and consequent improved customer relationship <br />Business flexibility driven by sharing business information in real-time, remote<br /> access, mobile workers.<br />Productivity increase driven by automation, focus on core-business, self-service<br />- 6 -<br />
  11. 11. Market Speak<br />Forrester Research forecasts that SMBs will drive 36% of Europe’s managed service revenues – jointly spending almost €8 billion in 2008.<br />Worldwide Revenue for Business Gateway and Office-in-a-box solutions would be reaching €1.7 Billion – Forrester Research.<br />Analysis strategy consulting predicts that SMB business needs, fostered by broadband, will allow telecom operators and ISPs in major European countries to add €25,000 per year in 2008 to ARPU levels for sites of over 20 employees.<br />Analysis Strategy predicts that the revenue from Value Added Services through broadband will grow from €1.1 billion in 2003 to €10.3 billion in 2008.<br />The global SMB segment for PBX (IP and TDM) is set to reach US $6.7 billion in 2007 - Source AMI Partners Inc.<br />The number of SMBs in China is expected to grow to 12 million in 2008 and represent 10.5% of GDP (Source: AMI Partners Inc. and State Statistics Bureau)<br />
  12. 12. Competitive Analysis: Current Competitor Set<br /><ul><li>BT
  13. 13. Strong presence in the SMB market
  14. 14. Comprehensive SMB solutions for communication
  15. 15. Offers solutions even when on the move and abroad
  16. 16. “Communications Complete”, a unified messaging solution for SMBs launched in collaboration with Cisco.
  17. 17. Cisco
  18. 18. Expertise in networking hardware
  19. 19. Cisco Call Manager Express is a communication solution for SMBs
  20. 20. Recently launched Cisco Smart Business Communication System for APAC market.
  21. 21. Microsoft
  22. 22. Expertise in network software
  23. 23. Collaborates with Cisco to provide SMB services
  24. 24. MS Small Business Server
  25. 25. M5
  26. 26. Good presence in VOIP market
  27. 27. Provides Voice as a Service to Small and Medium Businesses
  28. 28. Target market is niche verticals in SMB
  29. 29. Others</li></ul>- 8 -<br />
  30. 30. Competitive Offerings … example<br />9<br />
  31. 31. IP in a Box<br />IP in a Box Back End<br />IP in a Box Front End<br />Service Provisioning <br />System<br />Plug & Play <br />Service Configuration<br />Billing Engine<br />Requests<br />INTERNET<br />Service Management <br />Interface<br />SMB <br />Office<br />CRM Engine<br />IP as a Service<br />NOC configuration<br />Interface<br />Service Provider’s Network<br />Customization <br />Interface<br />Database <br />One Stop for all Communication needs<br />Easy End-End Management<br />
  32. 32. IP in a Box Services Model<br />BPO<br />IDM<br />Support<br />Billing<br />Voice as a Service model<br />Requests<br />Service<br />Configuration<br />Backup as a Service Model<br />SMB <br />Office<br />Self Service Model<br />Service<br />Management<br />Services<br />Remote<br />Web Servers<br />& Web Services<br />Device Layer<br />CRM<br />Network Services<br />All IP based<br />Model<br />SMB Office in a Box<br />
  33. 33. Value Proposition<br />- 12 -<br />
  34. 34. Value Proposition<br />- 13 -<br />
  35. 35. Service Architecture<br />24X7 Support<br />Service <br />Management<br />Billing<br />configuration<br />Network Data<br />Configuration <br />management<br />Provisioning<br />Targeted/Segmented<br />Offerings<br />IP As A Service Platform<br />SMB 1<br />SMB 2<br />Service Arena<br />Basic Services<br />(IM,Voip,email etc.)<br />SMB 3<br />SMB 4<br />SMB 5<br />3rd party Service<br />Players<br />+<br />Start up<br />Support Engine<br />Layered<br />Model<br />Network Zone<br />Connectivity<br />Providers<br />Value Added Resellers<br />Technology<br />Vendors<br />
  36. 36. Data<br />Analytics<br />CRM<br />ERP<br />Web Portal<br />Knowledge<br /> Management<br />24X7 Support<br />Configuration<br />Management<br />Billing<br />Service<br />Management<br />Voice<br />E-mail<br />IM<br />Video<br />Collaboration<br />Value Added Services<br />DSL/BB<br />HOSTED PLATFORM<br />SMB 1<br />SMB 2<br />Default Services<br />SMB 3<br />On Demand Solutions<br />SMB 4<br />SMB 5<br />Support Engine<br />New Layer exists in the hosted platform<br />Seamless integration with existing services<br />Tailor-made Solutions<br />
  37. 37. Current Technology Vendor Classification<br />Value for SMB<br />Value <br />Proposition<br />
  38. 38. Current Technology Vendor Choices<br />
  39. 39. Proposed Feature Segmentation<br />SMBs<br />Features<br />- 18 -<br />
  40. 40. Value Added Reseller Strategy <br />SMB (100-199)<br />SMB (199-499)<br /> SMB (0-99)<br />1. Gold Discount.<br />2. Tier 1 TVP.<br />3. DS + VAS.<br />4. Gold Training and <br /> reward programs.<br />1. Gold Discount.<br />2. Tier 3 TVP.<br />3. DS + VAS.<br />4. Gold Training and <br /> reward programs.<br />1. Gold Discount.<br />2. Tier 2 TVP.<br />3. DS + VAS.<br />4. Gold Training and <br /> reward programs.<br /> Gold Partner<br />1. Silver Discount.<br />2. Tier 2 TVP.<br />3. DS + VAS.<br />4. Silver Training and <br /> reward programs.<br />1. Silver Discount.<br />2. Tier 1 TVP.<br />3. DS + VAS.<br />4. Silver Training and <br /> reward programs.<br />1. Silver Discount.<br />2. Tier 3 TVP.<br />3. DS + VAS.<br />4. Silver Training and <br /> reward programs.<br />Silver Partner<br />1. Tier 2 TVP.<br />2. DS .<br />1. Tier 1 TVP.<br />2. DS .<br />1. Tier 3 TVP.<br />2. DS .<br />Registered Partner<br />VAS – Value Added Services.<br />TVP – Technology Vendor Product.<br />DS – Default Services.<br />
  41. 41. Working Model<br /><ul><li>Help in competing in new markets with its wide geographic reach
  42. 42. Front and Backend Integration
  43. 43. Ensuring Seamless delivery of services
  44. 44. Enabling plug and play configuration
  45. 45. Front End Portal maintenance
  46. 46. Provisioning the right kind of service with industry knowledge and domain expertise
  47. 47. Assuring QoS
  48. 48. Extending Managed services to business and IT consultancy
  49. 49. Avoiding feature proliferation by making the service configurable thereby eliminating unnecessary complications</li></li></ul><li>Additional Revenue Streams as key USP<br />Ads on the Collaborative platform: <br /><ul><li>Third party advertisements can be displayed on the collaborative platform that the staff use.
  50. 50. Web portal that the staff use for collaboration can display third party flash adverts.
  51. 51. Mobile phones of staff containing the collaborative application can display static ads.
  52. 52. The Service logic can involve a smart rules engine incorporating a set of rules to generate ads dynamically</li></ul>Web Portal<br />Hyperlink Ads, Banner Ads, Flash Ads etc<br />Advertising Engine<br />Mobile Phone<br />Text Messages, Discount coupons, etc<br />Third Party Advertisers<br />Ads<br />Voice and Conference Services<br />Ads on Hold Tune, caller tune,<br /> background of video conferencing, etc<br />Billing Engine<br />Bill<br />SMB Employee touch points<br />- 21 -<br />
  53. 53. Thank You<br />