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  1. 1. WINTER 2005 THE Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids S TUTTERING wins Adding Wisdom Award Workshop Highlights ASHA Reunion Honors Gregory FOUNDATION The Genius of Dean Williams— now compiled in one publication A Nonprofit Organization 1-800-992-9392 Since 1947... Helping Those Who StutterDAF in Stuttering: USA Today Story on Stuttering SpawnsA Potential Increased Media Coverage, Web Site UseAnatomical Link A prominent article in USA Today, the helped one-third of them. In particular, he largest-circulation newspaper in the coun- found that the device was helpful when heBy Anne L. Foundas, MD try, spurred a dramatic jump in traffic on fitted adults who had not seemed to bene-Professor of Neurology, Tulane the Stuttering Foundation’s Web site fit from therapy in childhood.University Health Sciences Center ( in October. The SFA hopes that the results of the At this juncture The October 19 article at the top of the study will help scientists to easily deter- neuroscientists be- Life section of the mine who will bene- lieve that develop- newspaper focused fit from the device mental stuttering is a on the SpeechEasy and who won’t. complex motor device and whether That’s especially speech disorder with this and other simi- important because a strong genetic link. lar electronic de- the device costs Based on converging vices can help those about $4,500 and evidence from cogni- who stutter. It insurance may be Anne Foundas tive-behavioral, ge- reported that the unlikely to cover it. netic, neurophysio- Stuttering Foundation plans to support a In fact, the cost has deterred many peo-logical and neuroanatomical studies, we study to determine why some people find ple from purchasing the device, the SFAhave learned that it is likely that stuttering the device helpful and not others. found. In a survey conducted in 2003 ofdoes not result from one causative factor. Peter Ramig, pro- 1,000 people who requested informationFurthermore, there is increasing evidence fessor at the Univer- about such devices from the SFA, 85% ofthat biological subtypes may be demon- sity of Colorado respondents decided against purchasingstrable with the potential that different (Boulder) and speech- one because of the prohibitive cost and thetherapies may benefit different biological- language pathologist, lack of insurance specific types of stuttering. In a series of has fitted some of his The article quoted SFA President Janerecent studies our research group has fo- clients with the Fraser saying there’s no need to spend socused on the anatomy and functional rep- device. He reported in much money on a device unless there’s aresentation of the auditory system in indi- Peter Ramig USA Today that the reasonable expectation that it will help. □viduals with developmental stuttering. device significantly It is well established that the dysfluen-cies observed in individuals who stuttermay be reduced under a number of condi- Community Mournstions including choral reading and altered-auditory feedback. Delayed auditory feed- Hugo Gregoryback (DAF) is a technique that can induce Hugo Harris Gregory Jr., internation-fluency in individuals who stutter and can al expert in speech and language pathol-make fluent individuals dysfluent. The ogy and the treatment of stuttering, diedauditory system, at least at the level of October 11 of a stroke and meningitis,auditory input, is involved in these fluen- following surgery at Johns Hopkinscy inducing conditions. Thus, there may Hospital in Baltimore a defect at the level of auditory pro- Born in Texarkana, Texas, the son of Hugo and Lola Brewer Gregory, on Julycessing that is at least partially reversed 11, 1928, he grew up in Portland,with these procedures. One hypothesis is Arkansas, a small town of 500 people.that alterations in the auditory signal Dr. Gregory received three degreesunder conditions of DAF diminish an (Ph. D., 1959) from Northwesternauditory perceptual defect in people who University, majoring in speech and lan-stutter. This auditory perceptual defect guage pathology. While a student hemight be related to anomalous anatomy of met his wife, Carolyn Booth Gregory.auditory temporal cortex. Carolyn is also a speech pathologist, and In a 2001 study we found atypical they became life long partners in clinical Continued on page 4 Hugo Gregory 1928-2004 Continued on page 12
  2. 2. 2 1-800-992-9392ASHA Draws a CrowdFriends pay tribute to Hugo Gregory at ASHA 2004 The City of Brotherly Love was a fit-ting gathering place for the AmericanSpeech-Language Hearing Association’s2004 Convention and for SFA work-shoppers and friends to share remem-brances of Hugo Gregory. Always a time for laughter andfriendship, the SFA’s annual workshopreunion at ASHA this year was especial-ly poignant as those who studied underHugo and Carolyn spoke of the tremen-dous inspiration the couple has been in Carolyn Gregory and Susan Cochrane.both their professional and personallives. A week after the memorial servicefor Hugo, Carolyn graced the reunion inPhiladelphia with her presence, herhumor and her enduring love and com-mitment for Hugo, for those he men-tored, and for the field of fluency. Kathleen Mallory Chase, class of ‘’85. Each year, the SFA hosts a receptionfor alumni of the Stuttering Therapy: AWorkshop for Specialists led by Hugoand Carolyn Gregory from 1985 to2001. The gathering also includes alum- June Haerle Campbell, Simona Bernardini andni of the five-day workshops around the Luisella Cocco begun by graduates of theNU/SFA workshop. “Thank you for sharing Hugo,” wasthe refrain from “Hugo’s girls” whoworked with him at NorthwesternUniversity and from all those wholooked to him for guidance—many ofwhom are themselves now leading ex-perts in stuttering treatment and whohave gone on to mentor a new genera- Larry Molt and Susan Cochrane.tion of speech-language pathologists. As always, the SFA thanks those whovolunteered in the exhibit booth, somefor more than one shift! Special thanks Sheryl Gottwald and Jennifer Joe Donaher, Susan Cochrane,Maureen Tardelli, Susan Hamilton, PeterRamig and Lorrie Scott, SherylGottwald, Trish Zebrowski, MarybethAllen, Fran Cook, Willie Botterill, JoanBabin, Julie Anderson, Larry Molt, LisaScott, Marybeth Allen, Bill Murphy,Courtney Byrd, Mark Pellowski,Adriana di Grande, Charlie Healey,David Evans, Jennifer Watson, Patrice Camera phone! Rosanna Portley and David Daley snap a shot. Marybeth Allen, David Evans and Joe Fulcher.Carothers, Judy Kuster, Barry Guitar,Stacia Thompson Paganelli, NancyRibbler, Tony Buhr, John Ellis, Rick Fran CookArenas, Darrell Dodge, Ryan Pollard, and NanBill Shannon, Elizabeth Mendez, and Ratner. Right:many more hearty souls! Lourdes Hot new materials this year included Ramosthe Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids and HeinrichsWorking With Preschoolers Who Stutter: and JaneSuccessful Intervention Strategies on FraserDVD and video. □
  3. 3. WINTER 2005 1-800-992-9392 3Media Efforts Promote Stuttering Awareness Here are some other top stories in the of an 8-year-old girl who stutters. (Editor’snews: note: The brochure, Special Education Law, ■ Morning offers more information on services avail-drive-time news able through the public school system. Itanchor Linda may be downloaded for free on the SFA’sNunez of KNX Web site, radio in LosAngeles inter-viewed Jane Fraserfollowing thereport in USAToday. The award-winning reporter co-anchors the news with Tom Haule week- ■ Reporter Laura Faber of WZTVdays from 9 a.m.–12 noon on KNX 1070 Fox 17 News in Nashville aired a story inNEWSRADIO. Nunez joined KNX in November on stuttering, using the SFA asMay 1990 and later became the first a resource for information and photos ofwoman in KNX’s history to anchor the famous people who stutter. The stationmorning drive time slot. also aired an Associated Press story on the Record Year for difficulty schools in Tennessee are having ■ The Washington Post on October 12 in recruiting enough speech-language Public Service Adsran a photo of U.S. Congressman FrankWolf (R-Va.) holding the pathologists. in MagazinesSFA’s 15 Famous Pick up a copy of Time magazinePeople Who Stutter on the newsstands and chances areposter, which includes you’ll spot a plug for The Stutteringhis likeness. Wolf served Foundation. Leaf through other mag-as SFA’s spokesman for azines, such as Golf, Seventeen,National Stuttering Newsweek and People, and you’llAwareness Week in find more.2000. About 560 magazines ran public “Had I not stuttered, I service ads for the SFA in 2004, gen-don’t think I would have erating thousands of phone calls, e-been in Congress,” the mails and letters from people seeking12-time incumbent is help. The magazines cater to all sortsquoted as saying. “It of interests and include those yougave me the drive and might find in the supermarket check-the determination to stay out lane (Good Housekeeping), in thewith it. I’d go so far as to Congressman Frank Wolf is seen holding the SFA’s 15 Famous airplane seat pocket (Southwest People Who Stutter poster in this photograph in the October 12,say, maybe, it was an 2004 issue of The Washington Post. Airlines Spirit), or at the feed storeuncommon gift. I’m not □ (Soybean Digest).so sure you could have convinced me of The SFA tries to reach differentthat at 15.” audiences with ads tailored to readers Wolf, who stuttered badly as a teenag-er, was often taunted about his stuttering Web Use Soars with of the magazine. For example, Seventeen magazine ran ads that fea-by classmates. He has become an outspo-ken advocate for the abused worldwide. Focus on Fluency tured Nicholas Brendon, star of the television series Buffy the Vampire With the in- Slayer. Time and People preferred creased focus in the those featuring conservationist and media on stutter- author Alan Rabinowitz. Of course, ing, use of the the ad with a photo of Winston ■ News radio station WBZ CBS SFA’s Web site also Churchill is always a favorite, appear-Channel 4 in Boston aired a story on stut- soared. On October ing in Forbes, Fortune, and AARPtering on November 8. The broadcast fea- 19, prompted by a publications. Some magazines, suchtured the SFA Web site as a source for story in USA as the Journal of the Americaninformation. Today, SFA’s Web site had 32,665 hits, Medical Association and Kiplinger’s ■ The nationally-syndicated column, with 27,715 the following day. In Personal Finance magazine, prefer toParent to Parent, on October 24 featured October, there were 658,315 hits on run ads without photos. “To someoneSFA as a source for help and information on, attributed in who stutters, it’s easier done thansecuring speech services through the public part to the record number of public ser- said” is a popular text-only system. Columnist Jodie Lynn also vice ads in magazines nationally. The So the next time you pick up arecommended the SFA’s newest video/DVD, Spanish site,, had magazine, be on the lookout! An SFAStuttering: For Kids, By Kids to the mother 16,074 hits in October. □ ad may jump out at you. □
  4. 4. 4 1-800-992-9392International Expert in Stuttering Mourned by ColleaguesContinued from page 1 One of his proudest accomplishments was his directorship of an annual two- week professional workshop, Stuttering Therapy: Workshop for Specialists, held at Northwestern from 1985 to 2001. The workshop was limited to 20 participants a year, and over time he and his staff en- hanced the training of more than 255 clin- icians from the U. S. and Canada and more than 75 clinicians from other coun- tries representing all continents. Parti- cipants developed professional skills which they carried to programs through- out the world, and also formed lasting friendships. National Stuttering Awareness “I can think of no one who has done Week poster featuring 1995 SFAwork, research, and writing about the more to promote and help carry out spe- spokesman Robert Merrill.problem of stuttering. cialization in the field of stuttering than Dr. Gregory was Professor of Speech Hugo Gregory, not only in this country, Opera Great, SFAand Language Pathology at Northwestern but also around the world,” said JaneUniversity in Evanston, IL, from 1962- Fraser, president of the SFA. Spokesman Robert1993. He authored or edited six books on At Northwestern he mentored hundredsstuttering.. His most recent textbook, of students, directing 15 doctoral disserta- Merrill Dies at 87Stuttering Therapy: Rationale and tions. He was Head of the Speech and Noted baritone Robert Merrill,Procedures (2003), focused on the rela- Language Pathology Program for seven who sang more than 500 perfor-tionships among theory, research find- years, and served on professional commit- mances at the Metropolitan Opera,ings, and clinical procedures in treating tees of the American Speech-Language- died October 22. He was 87.stuttering. Hearing Association and the International Merrill, a cross-over artist, was He has been recognized with numerous Association of Logopedics and equally known for popular rolesawards at the state, national and interna- Phoniatrics. He had a particular interest in international affairs in his field and he and such as in “Fiddler on the Roof”tional levels including as the first recipientof the Malcolm Fraser Award (Stuttering his wife Carolyn traveled widely, present- and as the voice of the national an-Foundation of America), Honorary Degree ing short courses on four continents. them on opening day at Yankee(Universidade Camilo Castelo Branco, San His friends, colleagues and family will Stadium.Paulo, Brazil), and the Honors of the remember forever his smile, relaxed style Less well known was Merrill’sAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing of speaking, and twinkle in the eye. He struggle with stuttering.Association (the highest honor of the knew how to listen, and was a natural clin- Merrill served as SFA’sAssociation). ician and wise counselor. □ spokesman and honorary chair- man of National Stuttering Awareness Week in 1995. “I think it’s a tremendously important Shelby RR Tourney Raises $3,500 issue because stuttering can make Shelby Railroad Services again this or break you as a human being,” year chose to benefit the SFA through Merrill said then. “You can lose so their annual golf tournament, raising much from your life unless you $3,500 to help those who stutter. conquer it and come to terms with The Memphis-based company held it—not only in your professional it’s annual Tin-Cup tournament on a in life, but in your personal life as October.. The blustery weather couldn’t well. Stuttering makes you unsure dampen high spirits, and the benefit of yourself, it make you feel that raised $1,000 more than last year. you are really less than you are— “We are thrilled to again be the bene- which is a terrible thing.” ficiary of this tournament,” said SFA A Brooklyn native, Merrill, President Jane Fraser. “ended his career as one of the “I would like to thank most beloved singers of his time,” everyone who gave to wrote Washington Post staff writer Jane Fraser with Kirk Tarver. Shelby this worthwhile cause, Railroad Services’ Tin Cup Golf Tim Page in an October 27 tribute especially John and Tournament raised $3,500 for the SFA. to the singer “Part of this was due Kirk Tarver of Shelby to Merrill’s personal warmth and Railroad Services for president John Tarver. Ruth stuttered decency. He seems to have been a making this possible.” from the time she was a young child, genuinely nice man.” John Tarver The Tarvers again said Kirk, vice-president of the compa- Merrill is survived by his wife chose The Stuttering Foundation for ny. “It didn’t matter to us, but it embar- of 50 years, Marion Machno, his their gift in honor of Ruth Tarver, the rassed her. Back in the ‘30s there wasn’t son, David, daughter, Lizanne, late mother of company founder and any help.” □ and three grandchildren. □
  5. 5. WINTER 2005 1-800-992-9392 5African Families Provide New Avenues for Genetics ResearchBy Dennis Drayna, Ph.D. roughly 100 in- Studies of several remarkable fami- dividuals inlies in West Africa have reinforced evi- three genera-dence for genetic factors in some cases tions, while theof stuttering, and these families are giv- other has 48ing us opportunities for research aimed members, alsoat understanding these factors. in three genera- These families live in the Republic of tions. In theseCameroon, and were originally discov- two familiesered due to the efforts of the Speak Clear there are a re-Association of Cameroon (SCAC), one markable 60 in-of the leading stuttering self-help orga- dividuals whonizations in Africa. Led by Mr. Joseph stutter.Lukong, Founder and Coordinator The rare oc- General, currence of SCAC has these families reached out presents re- to stutterers markable op- Stuttering research volunteers in Cameroon, West Afrrica. workiing with Dr. Dennis Drayna, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication across the portunities for Disorders into genetic factors in stuttering. many diverse research. We regions of don’t yet know if the gene or genes re- they’ll tell us important things about the Cameroon, sponsible for stuttering in these families cause of stuttering in general.” and helped cause stuttering in other populations, but Stuttering therapy might be signifi- coordinate we’re making progress finding these cantly improved if these underlying therapy train- genes. If and when we find them, we hope causes of stuttering were known. □ ing and prac- tice in thatcountry, with the aid of stuttering pro-grams from both Europe and the United The Genius of Dean WilliamsStates. Book Offers Compilation of Work In the course of SCAC’s outreach ac-tivities, they became aware of several A compilation of classic articles by the the renownedlarge families in which almost half of all authority on stuttering is now available in a single vol-family members stutter beyond young ume with the publication of The Genius of Deanchildhood. SCAC then contacted re- Williams. Edited by Carroll Guitar, M.L.S., this collec-searchers at the National Institutes of tion covers the full range of topics on which WilliamsHealth, in Bethesda, Maryland, regard- wrote. Gathered in one 102-page book, The Genius ofing these families, which sparked the in- Dean Williams represents a unique philosophy andterest of researchers there. Over the past approach to stuttering therapy and to clients from afew years, these families have been giant in the field. The book is available from the SFAcarefully documented, and the stuttering for $10 each by calling 800-992-9392 or at the on- line store at □that occurs has been shown to be typicalof stuttering worldwide. Importantly,the affected individuals in these familiesdo not appear to have any other symp- Order Now for National Stuttering Awareness Week in Maytoms or disorders beyond stuttering,making them especially helpful for ge- NSAW posters andnetic studies. brochures inspire! Our Two families have been carefully newest poster featuresstudied so far. One family consists of wildlife conservationist, explorer and author Alan Rabinowitz.. Great Give the United Way to increase awareness in your school, clinic, com- Do you give through United munity, library or work- Way? You can still directly place. Order now for designate your gift to the SFA! NSAW in May, online at Proof of nonprofit status can be 15 Famous People sent to your employer by fax, inowitz Who Stutter, poster Alan Rab ster and brochures or call 1-800-992-9392. mail or email. NS AW po
  6. 6. 6 1-800-992-9392Southern WorkshopFosters Network The terrific trio of Lisa Scott, KristinChmela and Joe Donaher led the 2004Southern Workshop this past summer. “This was my first experience work-ing on a five-day conference,” said co-di-rector Joe Donaher, M.A., of Children’sHospital in Philadelphia. “What I foundwas an amazing learning experience sur-rounded by people who were equally ex-cited about stuttering.” “The workshop was a great successbecause of the dedication of our attendeesand my colleagues,” said Lisa Scott,Ph.D., Florida State University. “It’s aprivilege to spend a week interacting andlearning from others who are passionateabout helping children who stutter. Not Southern Workshop 2004, from left, back: Joe Donaher, Stacia Thompson, Sandra Ferguson,only did we learn from one another but Ashley Jackson, Terry Clark, Amie King, Mary Chamier, center: Lisa Scott, Janaye Mattesonwe had a lot of fun. I am thrilled to be part Houghton, Vina Kahre, Valeria Silver, Felix Matias, Wendy Sprague, Hazel Hewitt, Ellenof such a wonderful experience.” Germain, Elaine Rau, Delores Hudson, Heidi Chew, Rob Burroughs, Edie Jones. front: Nadia Brown, Joe Fulcher, Jane Fraser, Heather Bersuch, Kristin Chmela. Not pictured: Itza DAvila. “This year the extended role playgave the participants the opportunity to “The setting provided time for deep walked away better prepared to workpractice skills being learned,” Chmela discussions, debates and conversations with children who stutter. Participantssaid. “I hope we can continue to dia- on concomitant disorders which fre- became part of a strong network whichlogue about the kids they are working quently coexist with stuttering.” Donaher will foster their future learning and sup-with who stutter!” added. “All of us, leaders included, port them in their clinical pursuits.” □“Toughest Teachers” Train SLPs at SFA’s Western Workshop The toughest teachers at the Western Workshop were only chest-high to most workshop participants. But they knew their stuff and were strict taskmasters. School-age clients were the “experts,” training and testing participants on their knowledge of the speech mechanism, their ability to explore stuttering mo- ments and their ability to use tools with the help of client models. The kids’ parents also engaged partic- ipants, bringing up all aspects of treat- ment in a panel discussion. Workshoppers, who came from a record 12 states, left inspired and better prepared for stuttering therapy. “I feel so much more confident about my abilities,” said Candi Epperson. “Thanks for helping us and conse- quently helping our clients,” added Katie Goudie. Other highlights of the five-day work- shop held in June at the University of Washington were demonstrations of clin- ical techniques by co-leaders Susan Hamilton and Jennifer Watson and guid-Western Workshop 2004, from left, back: Beatrice Lomonace, James Lautenschlager, David and ed practice with participants role-playingGloria Prins, Pat Carothers, Alex Johnson, Jennifer Watson, Susan Hamilton, second row: treatment scenarios.Patricia Boyd, Linda Shulman, Janet Tilstra, Carole Roth, Treva Graves, Katie Goudie,AbbyFarr-Petterson, third row: Deborah Squires, Lorraine Garvey-Will, Shana Gibson, Marie Lambe, Guest lecturer David Prins was also aBecky Evans, Candi Epperson, Devra Milligan, Joe Fulcher, front: Roxanne Lang, Elisa Huff, hit with his morning session on evi-Karin Fleming, Ashleigh Hautala, and Julia Steifel. dence-based treatment. □
  7. 7. WINTER 2005 1-800-992-9392 7BCAPS Buys 300 Swish and Friends Are Scoring Big!Tapes for Schools tundSwish—the ro- little animated my classroom pre- sentation,” he Editor’s Note: Here’s a great idea for basketball— and his added. “Childrena project for NSSLHA groups and local real friends who thoroughly enjoyself-help support groups in the U.S.! stutter in Stuttering: listening to him Saying they want to put a copy in For Kids, By Kids while learningevery school, the British Columbian are hitting the road. about stuttering.Association of People Who Stutter has From the ASHA The tape presentsordered 300 copies of Stuttering; Convention in information in aStraight Talk for Teachers from the SFA. Philadelphia to the non-threatening and “Over the years, BCAPS has noticed OSHA conference sensitive fashion.”that teachers in the school system appear in Portland, Oregon Morning host Ron Mahoney with Jane Fraser “I am thrilledto have a general lack to an in-service in and Swish on Fox 13 News in Memphis. with the video. Iof awareness and un- Cleveland, Swish and friends are mak- have shown it to several clients with par-derstanding of what ing the rounds and scoring points with ents in my practice. We have discussedstuttering is, how to SLPs, parents and kids who stutter. many issues and I find that the parentsidentify it, and what “I am thrilled with the Stuttering will focus on one or two things and theactions to take Foundation’s new video,” wrote Judy children on a couple of points, but theonce it has been Butler of Franklin, Mass. “I would like bottom line is that the dialogue resultingidentified,” said to know other SLPs’ experiences with from the video is wonderful!” wroteLisa Avery, SLP showing it. Here are some of my own... Diane Games, an SLP in Cincinnati,Advisor to the Fourth grader’s mother: You [child] Ohio. “I also used the video in my grad-BCAPS Board. do some of those things in that video, uate class as a teaching tool when intro-“To help teach- like eye rolling. Second grader: turns ducing transcription of samples anders to support away saying, “I don’t want to go to types of disfluencies. The video provid-children who school.” Second grader: smiling through ed several short samples of speech withstutter in schools, most of it, looking at parents with ap- a variety of types of fluency.”BCAPS is developing a Teacher parent feelings of gratitude and relief. Swish has become a darling of theEducation Pro-gram. This program will “How are others helping kids process press as well.include a package of multimedia materi- this video?”Butler asked. Fox Channel 13 in Memphis choseals for distribution to teachers and other “I have a big picture on my therapy Swish as the focus of their back toeducators in the public and private wall with Swish,” said Joe Donaher, a school program in September. Longschool system.” SLP with Children’s Hospital in Island Parenting and Woman’s Day— The SFA’s 20-minute video will be Philadelphia and member of the team with a circulation of 4 million—haveshown to teachers in 60 schools. SLPs that created the video. “When kids see chosen Swish to launch 2005 with arti-will use the free 40-page handbook to him we talk about the famous basketball cles in January and March on helpingfacilitate the sessions, and teachers will players who stutter like Kenyon Martin school-age children who stutter.receive a two-page fact sheet on stutter- and Bill Walton. I then talk about how Reporter Angela Daidone of KABCing and classroom strategies. Swish wanted to learn more about stut- Channel 7 in Los Angeles is using For “It is expected that this program will tering and this leads into the tape. Kids, By Kids with live interviews ofhelp to build a closer partnership among “Swish has become an integral part of children from L.A. and Drs. Glyndonteachers, parents and school speech-lan- and Jeanna Riley for a segment.guage pathologists so that appropriate And stacks of press clippings, withand effective treatment can be provided more arriving daily, attest to the charmas early as possible to school-age chil- Stutterin g : and effectiveness of the 12-minute video, which features kids of all agesdren who stutter,” Avery said. □ For Kids, By Kids talking about whether their stuttering bugs them, dealing with bullying, how DVD Honored with an to tell people you stutter, and more. Adding Wisdom Award Many parents and children who stut- ter have never met anyone else who stut- Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids, was ters, and hearing and seeing other kids selected for an Adding Wisdom who do talk honestly about it is a Award by Parent to Parent, the syn- tremendous benefit in itself. dicated column. Products are chosen “The tape has been an invaluable tool for outstanding quality and support- for parent training,” Donaher said. “They ing family values. The award guides see many children, each with their own parents in choosing products for characteristics, who all stutter. Too often their children that not only entertain, parents have a stereotypical view of what but also “add wisdom.” (See Special a ‘stuttering child looks like. By demys- Needs Products for Education, with Sw ish! tifying stuttering, this tape has helped parents put things into perspective.” □
  8. 8. 8 1-800-992-9392 Dear SFA: Reader Response Send letters to SFA, P.O. Box 11749, Memphis, TN 38111-0749 or email is... art to Share Dear Eddie: Dear SFA: I’m Brandon I’m 11 years old and I My name is Jacob. I live in Coeur know I like to stutter. Why? Because whend’Alene, Idaho. I have two brothers and I talk I just let me stutter. Because if youone sister. I have six cats and one dog. I don’t want to stutter it can be a problem. Ilike to play video games. I have green- have a lot of problems. I know you haveblue eyes and blond hair. I wear two some problems too. But when someone iswatches because one of them tells the teasing you just say “Come back whenright hour and the other tells the right you can stutter better than me.”minutes. Brandon, 3rd grade I am in the fourth grade at BorahElementary. I am really good at math. I Dear Eddiestutter a lot. Lots of kids tease me about I know it’s hard. I think stuttering is amy stuttering and get on my nerves. I gift. Do you? I know that we both like tohave gone to speech for five years and it stutter. Oh, by the way, my name isis a lot of fun. I have been stuttering my Joshua. Some kids don’t like to stutter.whole life. That’s because they’re embarrassed. I told Here at Borah School we have stutter- my friends that I stutter. They said “OK,ing parties. Kids that stutter in School we won’t laugh.” Only have a good timeDistrict #217 are invited. I have been and don’t let stuttering get you down.president of the parties for two years and Joshua, 4th grade “This picture will show other kids andthis is my third. I get to think of any type adults that they are not the only ones whoof food I want and in May I don’t have to stutter,” writes fourth-grader Jacob M. Dear Jenny:go to class for one whole day. from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We know that you have problems Two years ago I made this picture. It about people teasing you. Just make a union after 17 years since graduation. joke out of it and just make something up.was done with watercolor. I just started When I entered the big hall, a former Like if kids are calling you “Stutterface”painting and it turned out this way. The teacher approached me and said: “I hoped just tell them that “you should see myreal painting looks better and it is at my that you would come tonight. I have a stu- fishface.” Or tell them “Is that all youmom’s house.I am sending you this pic- dent who stutters and I want him to get in got?” And shake their hand. They say,ture and letter because my speech teach- touch with you!” I was so happy that my “But we just called you a name.” And weer said that if I wanted to I could. She courage in 1998 had left an impression. say “I know. You did a very good job.”thinks my picture is the best out of all the Stefan Hoffman Then they are the ones to get confused. I14 years that she has seen kids’ artwork Germany wait ‘til I get home to cry. I tell myselfin speech. I think my painting is awe-some. My speech teacher and I were hop- that I don’t stutter that that you could put on one of the What’s Up with Stuttering? This is Joshua and Brandon signing off.movies that you make, or in or on one of Stuttering makes me feel...the front pages of your booklets. The pic- Angry when I can’t get a word out. Please Send Helpture will show other kids and adults that Nervous because kids might make fun Good morning, SFA:they are not the only ones who stutter and of me. I have read about your organizationfor people who don’t stutter to learn more Different from everybody else. and I was wondering if there is anyabout stuttering. Frustrated when kids finish my sen- chance you would be able to send materi- Jacob M. tence and they are sometimes wrong. al so that I may be able to help myself (or President of Stuttering in School Proud because I sometimes get even read stories about how others are through words without getting stuck. coping with stuttering). I live inSharing Story of Stuttering Excited on some days I don’t stutter Cameroon and there will be no way for much at all. me to attend anything in the U.S., how-Helps Others Years Later Happy because my real friends listen ever if there is any way I could receive I want to tell you all a wonderful story. to me! newsletters, self-help guides, books, etc, IIn 1998 I went back to my high school Jacob S., 10 would really appreciate it. Thank you andand in front of all teachers I told them God bless.what had been the matter with me and Sometimes I Just Stutter Victor Banseka Wirbamy stuttering when I was in the school The following letters were written to Cameroon, Africafrom 1978 to ‘87. I left with them the Eddie a 13-year-old boy and Jenny a 7-teachers’ brochure of the German year-old girl whose stories appear in one Victor was sent free copies of AdviceAssociation, so that they know what to of the SFA’s most popular books, to Those Who Stutter and Self-Therapydo with other stuttering children. Sometimes I Just Stutter by Eelco de for the Stutterer. [Last week] we had a high school re- Geus (Publication No. 0031). □
  9. 9. WINTER 2005 1-800-992-9392 9 dents, clients and colleages, from experi-SFA Supporters Use News Shorts ences in a long career in the academic world, and from a life-long immersion inWeb Site, Media to nature. Call 800-992-9392 for details. □Reach SpanishSpeakers Worldwide Treating the School-AgeSpecial to The Stuttering Foundation Child Who Stutters by Carl Dell Now in Czech The Stuttering Foundation Spanishwebsite,, is The Carl Dell classic, Treating thereaching new heights. Not only is it the School-Age Child Who Stutters: A Guidefirst website of its kind in the Spanish for Clinicians, is now available inlanguage to serve people who stutter Cuban Congress Includes Czechoslovakian thanks to the efforts ofand their families, but it has now been Elizabeth Peutelschmiedova, Ph.D., offeatured in newspapers all over the Lecture on Stuttering the University of Olomouc. She has alsoworld. Havana, Cuba was the host city for an been on TV and radio in the Czech International Congress on “Education and Republic to talk about the book. □ Several ardent SFA supporters sub-mitted letters to the editor of daily Diversity” attended by 160 participantsnewspapers and at least one newspaper from the U.S., England, France, Finland,in every Spanish-speaking country Mexico, Spain and Brazil. Fred Murray, Alex Johnson Electedprinted the letter, including Equatorial one of the presenters, writes that his trilin- President of ASHAGuinea, the only Spanish-speaking gual capacities “were pressed to the limit when it became apparent that that commu- Congratulations tocountry in Africa. Alex Johnson on his In addition, Spanish-language nications between Cubans, the English and French guests had to pass through me— election to Presidentnewspapers in the U.S. and Canada of ASHA. Johnsonprinted info about the website as well. quite a challenge for one with a history of stuttering! Fred’s 40-minute talk was on will serve asThe number of “hits” on the website President-elect forhas increased substantially since the the theme of “Interdisciplinary Aspects of Management of Stuttering.” □ 2005 and then asletters appeared in November. In a fu- President in 2006.ture newsletter, we will print a break- Johnson, a 1998down of the requests that came from graduate of theeach country to show the progress that Buy Sharing the Journey SFA’s Workshop forhas been made with this website. and Get Free Magnet Specialists, will lead a five-day work- Furthermore, publication of these Sharing the Journey... Lessons from my shop for SLPs on stuttering therapy onceletters by SFA boosters have resulted in students and clients with tangled tongues his ASHA duties are over. □inquiries by a couple of newspapers is available to readers through a specialabout doing feature articles on stutter- offer by the SFA and North Countrying and the website; such articles will Publishing. Buy the book at the regular Surviving Adversitylikely be posted on the website in the price of $14.95 and receive a free refrig- Two of the SFA’s spokesmen are sub-future. erator magnet with talking tips for parents jects in a book by Gord Carley. Former We thank all of our supporters who of children who stutter. Author Lon Chicago Bulls great Bob Love and actorhave contacted us with their kind Emerick, Ph.D., is a former university Nicholas Brendon talk about how theywords about our new Spanish-lan- professor, therapist and severe stutterer. overcame their struggles with stuttering inguage website and welcome sugges- The book’s journey is highlighted by 10 Surviving Adversity. The book includestions. □ maxims for good living, gleaned from stu- 30 other profiles of individuals who have overcome adversity. It may be purchased through the SFA for $12.95. Fifty per- cent of the sales price to the SFA! □ Stuttering and Your Child: Q & A in Korean Moonja Shin has translated one of SFA’s most popular publica- tions, Stuttering and Your Child: Questions & Answers, for parents of youngA group from the Shanghai Stuttering Association gathers for a photo at ISAD in Oct. children into Korean. This is her second translation of an SFA book. □
  10. 10. 10 1-800-992-9392 ■ The Stuttering Foundation two-NEWSBRIEFS day conference for speech-lan- guage pathologists working with Our best school-age children who stutter, Practical Ideas for the School wishes for a Clinician, will be held in June, 2005. For dates, place, and an happy new application form, call the Stuttering year! Foundation at 1-800-992-9392 or check From the ■ The Stuttering Foundation Eastern Workshop, Diagnosis and staff at SFA. Treatment of Children Who Stutter: Practical Strategies, directed by Susan Dietrich, Ph.D., Sheryl From left, back: Susie Hall, Lisa Scott, Lisa Hinton, Joan Warner, Jane Fraser; front: Pat Hamm, Gottwald, Ph.D., Edward G. Roberta Brugge. Not pictured, Anne Edwards, John Bell and Deborah Squires. Conture, Ph.D. in collaboration with Diane Parris, M.A., will be held at Boston University. Fordates, place, and an application form, call DAF in Stuttering SFA Workshopsthe Stuttering Foundation at 1-800-992- Continued from page 19392 or check■ The Stuttering Foundation two-week anatomy in auditory temporal brainWorkshop for Specialists will be held at regions (planum temporale, PT) in a group Two-Day Workshopthe University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in of adults with persistent developmental Stuttering Therapy: PracticalJune 20-July 2, 2005, directed by PatriciaZebrowski, Ph.D. and Toni Cilek, M.A. stuttering (PDS). We postulated that his Ideas for the School ClinicianFor more information, contact the anatomic defect may be functionally rele- June 17-18, 2005Stuttering Foundation at 1-800-992-9392, vant, and the results of a recent study sug- Minneapolis, MNor write Dr. Zebrowski, c/o SFA, 3100 gest that there may be a structure-functionWalnut Grove Road, Suite 603, Memphis, relationship. In this study (November Charles Healey, Ph.D., Peter Ramig,TN 38111-0749. This unique workshop Ph.D., Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D., Billbrings together speech-language patholo- 2004, Neurology) we examined a group of adults with PDS and fluent adults. The PT Murphy, M.A., and Kristin Chmela, M.A.gists from all over the world.■ To purchase a poster entitled The Bill of was measured on volumetric MRI brainRights and Responsibilities of PWS, con- scans, and subjects were classified as hav- Five-Day Workshoptact Michael Sugarman It represents the ing a typical leftward PT asymmetry (left Treating Children andcombined effort of the IFA and ISA. larger than right) or atypical rightward PT Adolescents Who Stutter■ Cours d’immersion a la fluidite offrira asymmetry. Prose passages were read at June 22-26, 2005des l’automne 2004, une fin de semaine in- baseline, with non-altered feedbacktensive sur la fluidite. Pour renseigne- Boston, MAments, faire venir un courriel a abcbe- (NAF), and with DAF, and fluency was Edward G. Conture, Ph.D., measured in these three conditions. In the Dietrich, Ph.D., Sheryl Gottwald,■ LISTSERV for doctoral students in stutter- adults with PDS and atypical PT anatomy, Ph.D., and Diane Parris, Membership is limited to doctoral students fluency was improved with DAF. In con-only. To subscribe, send the following messageto subscribe stut- trast, the adults with PDS and typical PT Two-Week Workshopterdoc firstname lastname or contact Joe anatomy did not improve fluency with DAF. Our results suggest that anomalous Stuttering Therapy:Donaher at■ For those interested in joining Toastmasters PT anatomy may be a neural risk for Workshop for SpecialistsInternational, their address is: Toastmasters developmental stuttering in some individ- June 20-July 1, 2005International, Inc., Attention: Membership uals. It may be that atypical rightward PT Iowa City, IADepartment, P.O. Box 9052, Mission Viejo,CA 92690, Telephone: (714) 858-8255; Fax: anatomy may alter speech feedback, and Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D., Toni Cilek,(714) 858-1207. treatment with DAF might allow these M.A., Edward G. Conture, Ph.D. and■ For Self-Therapy for the Stutterer in people to compensate. Peter Ramig, Ph.D.Japanese, write to Dr. Shokichi Nakajima,2-21-1 Ogawa Machida-shi, Tokyo 194, References: Applications may be downloaded fromJapan, Phone: 0427 (96) 5092. Foundas AL, Bollich AB, Corey DM, Hurley the Web site,■ For Self-Therapy for the Stutterer in M, Heilman KM. Anomalous Anatomy in AdultsFrench, write the Association des Begues Click on applications for professional with Persistent Developmental Stuttering: A workshops or call 1-800-992-9392.du Canada, 2596 A rue Chapleau,Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2K 3H6; 1- Volumetric MRI Study of Cortical Speech-877-353-1042. Enclose $20 Canadian for Language Areas. Neurology, 2001 57:207-215. Foundas AL, Corey DM, Hurley M, Heilmanprinting, postage, and handling costs.■ For Stuttering and Your Child: Questions KM. Anomalous auditory processing in adults STUTTERING FOUNDATION TMand Answers in Hindi, write to: Dr. Sajiv with persistent developmental stuttering:Adlakha, Adlakha Speech and Hearing Clinic, Dichotic listening measures of free recall andA67 Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar - 4, New directed attention Cognitive and Behavioral A Nonprofit OrganizationDehli-110024, India, or e-mail: adlakhas@hot- Neurology. (in press). Since 1947 — Helping Those Who Those interested in joining a fluency 3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603 Foundas AL, Bollich AM, Feldman J, Coreyand public speaking skills group should also P.O. Box 11749 ● Memphis, TN 38111-0749contact Dr. Adlakha at the above address. DM, Hurley M, Lemen LC, Heilman KM. Aberrant auditory processing and atypical 1-800-992-9392 ● 1-800-967-7700For a list of books on stuttering or relatedtopics, please visit our web site. planum temporale in developmental stuttering. Neurology, 2004, 63:1640-1646. □