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Summer 2008 newsletter


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Summer 2008 newsletter

  1. 1. • 800-992-9392 • T HE S TUTTERING F OUNDATION A Nonprofit Organization SUMMER 2008 Since 1947... Helping Those Who StutterNew Research from PurdueBy Anne Smith, Ph.D.Purdue University I am pleased to have this opportu-nity to update you on the progressover the past year from the Purdue Sproles Stuttering Project. You may recall Joins from our earlier Sports articles that we are engaged in a The Legends longitudinal study of young children who stutter and great Darren Sproles, of the San Diego Anne Smith, Ph.D. their normally fluent controls. With funding play Chargers who made history last season by returning a kick-from the NIHs National Institute off and a punt for hison Deafness andCommunication Disorders, we Otherhave been recruiting 4 and 5-year- for SFA first two NFL touch- downs in the same game, joins other fa-olds, and we will be following mous people whothem yearly for a period of 5 stutter in a newyears. In fact, we have just re- National Stuttering brochure celebratingceived notice from the NIH that Awareness Week is May 12-18 Continued on page 13our project will be funded for an Photos courtesy of NFLadditional five years. After the five years of testing, the Facts about Darren Sproleschildren will be 9 or 10 years old,and approximately half of them Team: San Diego Chargers Born: Waterloo, Iowawill have recovered from stutter- Position: Running back Career Highlights: Twiceing, while half will persist. In each and return specialist named The Kansas Cityyearly visit to our laboratories, the College: Kansas State Star Player of the Yearchildren participate in an extensive University Source: www.wikipedia.comset of experiments, including thosethat test basic motor timing ability, Continued on page 8 Frances Cook Joins SFA Board Frances Cook, who in 2005, and has been headInside... joined the SFA Board of of Speciality at the Michael Directors in January, has Palin Centre in London Exciting new DVD . . . . . . . 2 specialized in stuttering since 1995. Fraser earns national award . 3 since the early 1970s. She has authored numer- Remembering Richard Curlee In 2005, she earned ous papers, chapters and Honours of the Royal texts in relation to stuttering and Vivian Sheehan . . . . . . 4 College of Speech and therapy and research, and Letters from young readers. 6 Language Therapists, be- contributed to the Stuttering A recipe for confidence . . . 9 came Honorary Research Foundation’s recently re- Frances Fellow of University College leased DVD Stuttering: Cook Celebrate Awareness Week . 16 London (Psychology Dept) Basic Clinical Skills. K
  2. 2. THE STUTTERING2 FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 Luterman’s Expertise Sharpens Skills By Diane Parris, M.S. Boston University “In order to be a growing professional, we need to be always on the fringe of our incompetency,” that is to say we always need to be pushing ourselves to our limits of competence in order to learn new skills at higher levels. This was the invitation offered Bob by David Luterman, D.Ed. as he O’Brien began training ten participants in prepares counseling skills for the latest the video Stuttering Foundation production equipment. Sharpening Counseling Skills. Based on forty years of experience and as Director of the Thayer Lindsey Family-Centered Nursery for Hearing Impaired Children at Emerson College in Boston, and on his seminal book, Counseling Persons with Communication Disorders David Luterman puts on and Their Families, Dr. Luterman describes the coun- his microphone before the seling relationship as an unconventional one. filming begins. “It is a relationship that necessitates deep, self- less listening.” It requires the professional to put aside his or her Behind the scenes point of view in order to fully understand the client’s point of view and to put themselves in the role of “coach, not fixer.” This three-hour DVD captures the unique process that a clinician goes through in learning how to lis- ten deeply and to provide counseling with inner wis- dom. As a viewer, you will join the ten participants — a graduate student, beginning and experienced clinicians, and researchers — as they transform their thinking about being in the role of counselor and practice the skill of nonjudgmental listening. You will hear their personal stories and concerns when an environment of emotional safety is created. When understanding and acceptance are provided, they begin the process of resolving problems on their own. “Getting Wired” Counseling from this perspective means the clin- ician must overcome the discomfort associated Participants put on with silence, an essential tool in deep listening. He their microphones. or she must resist the tendency to provide immedi- ate information and advice to clients and instead listen to the messages that lie beneath their words. “And also, sometimes, we have to be willing to take a few leaps into the void” of vulnerability that comes with not relying on being the expert with all the answers. The kinds of counseling techniques that emerge from estab- lishing this type of genuine therapeutic relationship are masterfully demonstrated by Dr. Luterman. He makes evident the power and opportunity that stillness and silent witnessing create, and he teach- es us to open up to others and to ourselves. Editor: This DVD should be an essential training tool for all those in the helping professions. K
  3. 3. THE STUTTERINGSUMMER 2008 FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 3 Temperament Can Underlie “Signature Strengths” in Children Who StutterBy Patricia M. Zebrowski, Ph.D. positive outcome in therapy? ForUniversity of Iowa example, preliminary research has shown that children who stutter Fraser Earns A number of years ago, I becameinterested in the study of “Positive who exhibit the temperamental substrate of rhythmicity, or tem- National AwardPsychology” (Seligman, 2002 ) as it poral regularity in eating, sleep- With 1.4 million nonprofitsmay be applied to helping children ing, and elimination, may be more in this country to choose from,who stutter and their parents uncov- likely to benefit from the practice the NonProfit Times nameder and appreciate effects associated with picture Jane Fraser,the strengths they naming (which might be associat- the presi-bring to the thera- ed with the practice effect of ther- dent of thepy experience, apy) than do children with less Stutteringstrengths that like- rhythmic biological cycles Foundation,ly play a major (Arnold, Conture & Walden, Executiverole in treatment 2004). As such, there may be in- of the Yearoutcome. creased likelihood of transfer and for 2007. As Wampold maintenance of speech modifica- In a front-and his colleagues Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D. tion skills presented in therapy, re- page story,(1997) in the areas gardless of what those strategies the nationalof psychotherapy and counseling might be. As another example, publicationpsychology have long argued, I consider the child who experi- recognized Fraser for her long-have come to believe that the at- ences a strong degree of reactivity time work with the 60-year-oldtributes of both the client and the and subsequent negative emotion- Foundation.clinician that matter most in therapy al response to either his stuttering, “In choosing our Executivesuccess, and while fluency and stut- or the reaction of others to his of the Year, we consider ex-tering management techniques are stuttered speech. If the child has ecutives who have made aessential to any kind of speech developed the ability to regulate difference not just for theirchange, they make a relatively small his reactions to his own behavior own organizations but morecontribution to the overall experi- (stuttering) or environmental reac- broadly as well, on behalf ofence. As an example, consider the tion (e.g., routinely shift his atten- other nonprofits,” said Markcurrent clinical and research interest tion onto more pleasant, positive Hrywna, the publication’s se-in child temperament and how it or facilitating stimuli, events or nior editor.may relate to either stuttering devel- people), he may fail to develop ha- “We also examine the impactopment or recovery, or to treatment bituated avoidant speech or inter- that organizations of all sizessuccess. Our focus in considering action strategies that have long had on the nonprofit sectortemperament is frequently on how it been thought to characterize, and during the previous year andmay be causal or related to the per- perhaps contribute to, chronic it was clear that Jane Fraserpetuation of stuttering and an obsta- stuttering. In such cases, the child met that qualification incle to therapy. This is certainly a can be described as resilient, in 2007,” he said. Kvalid assumption, and clinical expe- that his temperament and relatedrience suggests that it can be the adaptive skills facilitate the abilitycase. However, looking for “what’s to ‘bounce back’ or take relativelywrong” with the child with regard to negative stuttering related experi-temperament may prevent us from ences in stride. Further, a childconsidering how temperament may whose levels of reactivity, emo- Donors may now make giftsalso represent a ‘strength” for the tional response, and ability to self- through the Network for Good Webchild, something that we should regulate contribute to a more dom- site, out, nurture, and discuss with inant, extraverted and sociable This excellent organization, asthe parents as a way to highlight for personality might be inclined to part of Guidestar, works to makethem “what’s right” with the child. readily and positively approach the work of nonprofits more effec- Regardless of their similarities various social and communication tive and efficient as well as pro-or differences, how can the tem- situations, including therapy (as motes transparency and account-perament and personality of a opposed to reluctantly and nega- ability throughout the sector.child who stutters represent a tively approaching same). In ad- Greater transparency means you“signature strength” (Seligman, dition, such a child might display as a donor know where and how2002), and thus contribute to a Continued on page 9 your donor dollars are being used. K
  4. 4. THE STUTTERING4 FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 Richard Curlee: Remembered as a Gentleman, The Malcolm Scholar and for His Acts of Kindness Fraser Society By Edward G. Conture ment, “Of my several dozen doc- Vanderbilt University toral students, Dr. Curlee was eas- By Don Lineback ily the most tal- Furman University “Quality is not an act. It is a ented. He was a and SFA Board Member habit,” said Aristotle. No truer natural leader. words could be spoken about the Fellow students Malcolm Fraser led by ex- late Dr. Richard F. Curlee, who flocked to him ample. He founded the died January 29, 2008 in Tucson, for guidance.” Stuttering AZ. Dr. Curlee’s habit of high- A recipient of Foundation, quality personal and professional the Malcolm sustained it contributions was not happen- Fraser Award with his gen- stance; it was a choice that he from the Stuttering erous gifts, made as a student as well as dur- Foundation of Richard and perpetuat- ing his long tenure as professor, America, Dr. Curlee ed it through a interim Head and Associate Dean Curlee was a Fellow of the magnanimous at his beloved University of Arizona. American Speech-Language- bequest. It is Dr. Curlee went to high school Hearing Association, from which altogether fit- in North Carolina and received he had also received its highest ting that the Malcolm his Bachelor of Arts at Wake award, Honors of the Association. Stuttering Fraser Forest University. Subsequently, His memorial service took place Foundation he received his M.A. and Ph.D. at on March 2, 2008, in Tucson, AZ, Gift Society be named for him. the University of Southern and at that service his friends Drs. The Malcolm Fraser Society California where he studied with Anthony DeFeo, Roger Ingham seeks to honor those who in- Dr. William Perkins, himself a pi- and Frederick Spahr spoke in clude the Stuttering Foundation oneer in the scientific investiga- Dick’s honor about his many ac- in their estate plans, and who tion of stuttering. Even in these complishments, contributions as agree to be listed annually in early days, there were harbingers well as their personal and profes- the newsletter as members of of Dick Curlee’s future success as sional remembrances. A Stuttering the Society. The amount will Dr. Perkins noted at Dick’s retire- not be listed. Continued on page 10 Such gifts may include: • Bequests; Vivian Sheehan: Pioneering Speech-Language • Trusts paying the donor in- Pathologist and Advocate for People Who Stutter come for life; By Vivian Sisskin, apy was nothing less than conta- University of Maryland, gious. As a young undergraduate • Income-producing annuities; College Park student at U.C.L.A., I watched • Life insurance; her perform what seemed to be • IRAs or other pension plans. Vivian Sheehan was a talented, “magic” in innovative and powerful force in group therapy. I Suggested phrasing for a the field of speech-language remember simple bequest would be: pathology. She passed away on laughter and “I give and bequeath February 14, 2008 at the age of 90 tears, but what $ ________ (or ____ percent at her home in Santa Monica, stood out was of my residual estate) to the California. Through six decades of how she created Stuttering Foundation, a work as a clinician, educator, and an environment charity founded in Memphis, mentor, she helped countless peo- for change Tennessee.” ple free themselves of the struggle through trust In all cases, you should con- and avoidance associated with stut- and support. I Vivian sult your legal advisor for the tering to achieve comfortable, knew immedi- Sheehan appropriate type of gift and spontaneous communication. ately that I wording. Vivian was known for her bound- wanted to do the same. As clini- Editor’s Note: We appreci- less energy, kind demeanor, and cians who did not stutter, we ate the trust and support of sharp wit. She was passionate knew we could never truly live those who have included the about her work and the profession the fear and shame that often ac- Foundation in their will. K of speech-language pathology. companies a stuttering problem. Her excitement for group ther- Continued on page 12
  5. 5. THE STUTTERINGSUMMER 2008 FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 5 Rocket Science’s Blitz Provides Insight Q: What has been your reaction Q: Do you want people in the in- over the years to the many movies dustry to work to foster more pos- that display people who stutter in itive portrayals of people who a negative light? stutter in film and television? A: To be honest, I never took it A: I think this is actually a danger- personally. It always seemed ous kind of wish. I don’t think any ridiculous to me the way stutter- group should be treated such that ing was used — as a kind of all you see is a positive portrait. metaphor for a bigger problem in What I hope for is more honest por- any character. How many movies trayals of life in general. For my- do we have to see where the seem- self, I don’t need to see a stutterer ingly weak kid with a stutter turns succeed in a movie as much as I Photos courtesy of HBO Video. out to be the killer before that idea want to see a stutterer experience starts to seem idiotic. I mean, if life as I know it to be. Realism is Jeffrey Blitz, writer and direc- the hollywood version of stutter- the more important goal, I think. tor of Rocket Science, answers ing was true then we’d all be in SFA questions. This latest pro- jail for murder. But, to be fair, Q: You, no doubt, have gotten ject is now available on DVD. stupid hollywood movies treat ev- many personal responses as a re- eryone except supermodels in a sult of Rocket Science. What is the Q&A negative light. Yes, stutterers get the short end of the stick, but so one that stands out most in your mind? do many other sorts of people. I A: Well, I love it when stutterersQ: Is there one incident in your think it says more about bad and tell me that I’ve captured some-childhood that inspired you to thoughtless filmmaking than any- thing essential about the experi-write the screenplay for Rocket thing else. ence of stuttering. That alwaysScience? lands well for me. My favorite re-A: There wasn’t a single incident Q: What thoughts were going sponse came when the moviethat inspired Rocket Science but through your head when/if you played at the Edinburgh Filmthere was one moment that I kept watched A Fish Called Wanda? Festival and one young stuttererin mind as I wrote. When I was a A: I actually really enjoyed A Fish came up after and said that thehigh school sophomore, I went to Called Wanda when I saw it years only thing that would have mademy first debate tournament. I ago. The whole movie is over-the- the movie better was if two peopleblocked on my very first word and top including the portrait of the stuttered in it and not just one!stayed blocked on it for the entire stutterer. I know that many stutter-8 minutes I was allocated. I tried ers hate that movie but I somehow Q: Did you get any negative feed-to never forget the frustration never felt personally savaged by it. back from people who stutter and(and, in a dark way, the humor) of I just remember laughing really if so, what was the general gripe?that moment. hard through most of it. Continued on page 11 Annual Audit of Foundation The annual audit of the Stuttering expenditures for the year. assured that their gifts will go directlyFoundation financial reports for 2007 The 5.8% of expenditures for adminis- to support our program services.was recently completed by the ac- tration and general expenses and the The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) pri-counting firm of Cannon and 6/10 of 1% for fund raising are very vate operating foundation which ex-Company, Certified Public low, and since we are fortunate to have pends its funds on its own programsAccountants, Memphis, Tenn. an endowment which more than covers and operations and does not makeFollowing is a recap of funds and our overhead expenses, donors can be grants to other institutions.Funds expended for:Creation, production, printing and distribution of educational materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $580,089 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36.0%Public information and education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 351,521 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.8%Educational symposia for professionals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .217,436 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.5%Therapy program and research on causes/treatment of stuttering. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 269,637 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.7%Maintain Web site and toll-free information hotline. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88,985 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.6%Total for Program Services: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,507,668 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93.6%Other expenditures: Administration and general . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93,641 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.8% Fund-raising expense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9,252 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.6%Total Expenditures: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,610,561 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100%
  6. 6. Dear SFA: Reader Response THE6 STUTTERING 800-992-9392 FOUNDATIONSend letters to SFA, P.O. Box 11749, Memphis, TN 38111-0749 or email a hockey puck New book may helpDear SFA: Dear SFA: My name is Colton, and I am Sometimes when I’m7 years old. I live in Canada. I stuttering I feel very to play hockey, golf, soc- When I was in second grade,cer and baseball. I also like I was stuttering and peopleschool and my family. Getting started to laugh at me. Myhelp from a speech teacher teacher talked to me outside,makes a big difference for me. and she talked to peopleI talked to my class about stut- who were laughing.tering and it helped because Also, if you stutter, just usethey got to learn about stutter- your techniques. It will helping, and also I got a chance to you. People will get used totell the other kids important me stuttering and no one will laugh at me again.messages like “Don’t tease Dominic and Rebecca with a “speech tools” birthday In my new school, my friendother people because they cake at the University of South Alabama. The cake says Dara stutters too. Dara washave a difference from you.” “brain, mouth, vocal folds, lips, voice box.” crying because boys were For me, stuttering is like a fun, awesome, love my hair, and my making fun of her. I felt sad for puck because it starts going shoes. When I speak, I repeat the I felt mad at the people who madefast then it stops suddenly. It helps sounds and words several times. I fun of to imagine this because I can prolong sounds. I move body parts Jonishathink what to do and then get mov- (my hands) when I stutter, and I try to Wyandanch, with the puck again. find other words when I am talking. Editor’s Note: Trouble at RecessColton, 7 Katie (on page 7) is a great book thatCanada Owensboro, Ky. deals with bullying.A fun, awesome 3rd grader Stuttering isn’t illegal Still learning about stutteringDear SFA: Dear SFA: Dear SFA: My name is Katie. I am in 3rd I don’t mind stuttering. It’s not I don’t mind my stuttering. It’sgrade. I like to play football, have like it’s illegal to stutter. But I don’t not that bad.sleep-overs, cheerlead, color, and like it when I can’t let the words Sometimes stuttering makes me feelsleep. I am good at science, math, out. Robert, my speech therapist, sad. Especially when people make funtaking tests, watching TV, and helps me learn about stuttering. Oh, of me, which occurs not very often.changing my baby sister’s diapers. and by the way, I’m John, and I’m But sometimes people call me names. I have stuttered since the 2nd 8 3/4 years old. I go to speech therapy everygrade. My friends think I’m crazy, John Continued on page 12 Picture Perfect Sometimes I get stuck on words when I meet new teachers and new people, and then I stutter. Now that I go to speech, I have learned how to control and work through my stuttering. They both help me with my speech. They taught me to say all my letters and words without get- ting stuck. They have taught me how to breathe better and how to stretch out words and work through bumpy words. I do not mind that I stutter and have learned to love talking in front of others! I love play- ing drums, and I love to sing. Angelo, Angelo drew this picture of a band. Roslindale, M.A. Do you have artwork to share? E-mail it to us at
  7. 7. THESUMMER 2008 STUTTERING 800-992-9392 7 FOUNDATIONMySpace Outgrows Initial Expectations Young Author’s Book a Big Success By Julie Gasway, M.A., CCC-SLP a difference when talking withBy Joan Warner someone who stutters. Trouble at Recess has been a Jamie’s friends and their par- If you haven’t visited the Stuttering huge success at home! Jamie was ents, family members, classmates,Foundation’s MySpace page recent- excited to see her “finished prod- neighbors, school teachers andly, hurry to http://groups.myspace. uct,” as were her parents. She guidance counselor attended thecom/stutteringfoundation and see read it proudly and was surprised book signing. She read Trouble atwhat is new. to see how her drawings have Recess in front of her guests while Managed by our friend, Eva changed over time. she was surrounded by friends.Woolwine, the space has grown When I asked her Many of the kidsleaps and bounds what she thought commented that theyin just a short time about the book she wanted to write aand now claims said, “I like it!” She book too, and in her144 members. also said the best usual positive manner Originally con- thing about making she encouraged themceived to interest the book was “draw- to do so. Jamieteens and young ing the pictures.” seemed unaware ofadults by providing idea exchange Jamie and her par- how rare her accom-and support, we have all been ents sched- plishmentamazed at the level of participation uled a book was. Sinceby so many people. signing for a the book “We aren’t just hearing from recent after- signing,teens and young adults, and that noon at the Jamie has re-has been a great thing,” Eva tells local library. ceived manyus. “People of all ages are checking They sent out cards tellingin. Each of us may be in a different i nv i t a t i o n s her that herplace as far as our fluency and how and gave each book hasopen we are about are stuttering, person who been helpingbut we have a strong bond that con- attended an other peoplenects. Thanks to all the members, autographed who stutter.without them it would just be a copy of Several par-page and not a group!!!” Trouble at ents and One of the initial goals was to Recess. Jamie autographs a copy at her book t e a c h e r sprovide insight, awareness, and They also signing in March. who attend-education to those who do not took dona- ed the bookstutter. Those who stutter gener- tions so that signing re-ally agree that it is nearly impos- Jamie, at every ele- center, reads ported thatsible to adequately explain to a mentaryfluent person the difficulty and her book as teasing is a school library others follow u n i v e r s a ldepth of emotion involved. in our city topic and A common description shared by along. will have a Jamie’smany who stutter is “exhaustion.” copy of her book wouldOne member recently posted, book. Jamie’s be encour-“Most people live day by day, but parents have been active in learn- aging for all children. The bookstutterers live word by word.” So, ing about stuttering, and they signing was a chance to cele-if you are a parent, relative, teach- went to the Stuttering Foundation brate Jamie’s accomplishment,er, classmate, employer, or even a website and did their own re- teach others about stuttering andstranger who spoke with a stutterer search. teasing and to further developtoday, please take a few minutes to They made a “Fact Sheet Jamie’s self-confidence.take a look into what is being said about Stuttering” and passed As a speech therapist this ex-by those who so want to be heard. this out to all who attended the perience has been especially re- Speaking of being heard, another book signing. Many parents warding and exciting for me. Iupdate on our incredibly busy and were surprised to learn: the inci- learned more about stuttering,goal-oriented Eva is in order. She is dence of stuttering is 1-3% of stuttering therapy and how tostill studying hard at Northwestern the population, many famous access feelings and thoughtsState University in Alva, Oka. and people stutter, and how to make through art and writing. K Continued on page 16
  8. 8. THE STUTTERING8 FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 Smith CND could produce all four continued front page 1 Where’s Nick? tests of the brain’s activity in pro- nonwords correctly. Actor Nick Brendon has land- Clearly in terms of these behav- cessing language, and studies of ioral results, the children who areed a recurring rule speech production in which weon the CBS drama stuttering do not do as well when record muscle activity and motion asked to produce novel speech se-Criminal Minds, of the articulators.playing Kevin quences. The goal of the project is to de- During the nonword experi-Lynch, a technical termine if the results of these testsanalyst for the FBI. ment, we record the motions of will help us to predict which 4 and the lips and jaw. We are able to Brendon, who’s 5-year-old children who are stut-a spokesperson for look at oral coordination during tering are likely to persist. production of the novel non-the Stuttering Foundation, is also One of the speech productionworking on Super Cat, an ani- words. We analyzed data for the tasks that our kids do involves pro- nonword, "mab" since all themated project in which he voices ducing what we call “novel non-the lead character. children could produce it. Given words.” These are words like “mab” how simple and short this non- Visit which sound OK in English, butfor more news on the actor. word is, we did not expect that which are meaningless. We de- CWS would be less able to gen- signed a set of four nonwords of in- erate a motor program and pro-Sporty Readers Win creasing difficulty, so that “mab” is the easiest one, and “mab- duce it. Surprisingly though, CWS were significantly more In the winter newsletter we shaytiedoib” is variable com-asked readers to guess who was the most difficult. pared to CND inadded to the Famous People When we tested ... the goal is to their coordina-brochure. The answer, of course, adults who stut-is Darren Sproles. ter, we found that predict which tive patterns over 10 produc- The first three they could pro- children who are tions of “mab.”winners were duce the words stuttering are likely Thus, we cangiven T-shirts. correctly after The winners hearing them, but to persist. see that already, in the earliestare Juanita Sirois they showed years of stutter-of Williamsburg, more variability ing, even when the childs pro-Va., Julie Peters in their oral movements, suggest- duction is accurate and no dis-of Asland, Va., and Linda Wyatt ing that hearing, encoding, plan- fluency is perceived, the under-of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. ning, and producing a novel speech lying patterns of speech move- Runners up include Michelle sequence was a much more diffi- ment are different. Are the chil-O’Loughlin, Lisa Burroughs, cult task for them compared to nor- dren who perform most poorlyPaul Blackburn, Marilyn mally fluent adults. on this nonword repetition taskBurgin, Mary Eileen Moore, Is this lower ability to encode the ones most likely to persist inRita McIntyre, Mike Molini, and produce new sound sequences stuttering? We will be able to an-and Andrew Bathish. present at the onset of stuttering? swer that question in the later Or is it something that develops years of our project. after many years of disfluency? We are truly excited about the Our experiment is designed to an- potential for this work to have swer this question. major implications for treating So far in the “mab” nonword young children who stutter. experiment, we have analyzed If you know of someone who data from 22, all 4 and 5-year- has a child who stutters and lives Camp Our Time will be held old children who stutter (CWS) in our area (Lafayette, Indiana), Aug. 10-17, 2008. It is an arts and 14 children who are normal- please ask them to contact us at camp for young people who ly developing (CND). K stutter and their siblings, ages Interestingly, we found that all 8-15. Camp Our Time will take of the children could produce place in Rock Hill, N.Y., 90 minutes from New York City. For more information call the simplest nonword, "mab" correctly. However, on the more difficult items, such as “mab- T he Stuttering Foundation of America is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is classified as a private operating foundation 212-414-9696, e-mail camp@ shibe,” only about 25% of the as defined in section 4942(j)(3). Charitable contri-, or visit CWS could accurately produce butions and bequests to the Foundation are tax- K them, while about 88% of the deductible, subject to limitations under the Code.
  9. 9. THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION 9SUMMER 2008 800-992-9392 Sometimes I Stutter A Recipe for Confidence By Robert J. Heemstra By Joan Warner has affected our lives.” Plymouth, Pa. Bob McKinney, LSH Specialist The Stuttering Foundation was for Southwest High School, has had Sometimes I stutter excited to hear from students in a great deal to do with encouraging people may look at me strange San Diego, Calif. this group of students to inspire and but do they know me? “We are a group of students who motivate not only themselves, but stutter at Southwest High School in also others. “These guys are excit- They hear my stutter beautiful San Diego, Calif.,” the ed … They are a great group of students wrote. “Our group is com- guys, and I’m proud to be able to but I am much more than that posed of five work with Please listen to me students (all them,” Bob bilingual) tells us. “I am Please don’t look away whose stutter- always amazed Because of my stuttering ing ranges at the maturity Don’t judge me by that ... K from mild to they show moderate-se- when they dis- vere. We get cuss their stut- together fre- tering withSignature strengths continued from page 3 quently to dis- their peers,” hea relatively high degree of atten- cuss our stut- continued.tional focus and risk-taking while tering and “All ourparticipating in therapy, and may ways to control lives we’ve hadactively seek out novel experi- it. We have to overcomeences while also being more apt to also done a se- These students from Southwest High ridicule, em-take risks in both social and ries of presen- School in San Diego, Calif., meet fre- barrassment,speaking situations. The willing- tations with the quently to discuss stuttering and how and despera-ness and ability to take risks has purpose of ed- to control it. They have also done a tion, but beinglong been considered a trait im- ucating our series of presentations to educate in this group,portant to progress across all school regard- other students about stuttering. The we’ve learnedtypes of therapies (Yalom, 2002). ing stuttering. students are (from left) Fernando, to accept, andIt is my hope that future research We would like Irvin, Adrian, Andres, and Christian. to be proud ofwill focus on how temperament to reach out to who we are.”and other client and clinician at- all people who They go on totributes interact with the tech- stutter and tell them that they say, “We are no different than any-niques we teach to influence the should not be ashamed of one one else besides the fact that it takesoutcome of stuttering therapy. small part of themselves, but be time to say what we want to say.” proud of who they are and what On a recent field trip, the guysReferences: they can achieve.” made their presentation to a group Arnold, H., Conture, E., & Walden, T. These five teens are worth re- of school district psychologists. It(2004). Relation of temperamentalcharacteristics to picture-naming prac- marking on for a number of rea- afforded this group of profession-tice effects in children who stutter: sons – all of which are “ingredi- als the opportunity to receive a re-Preliminary findings. Poster presented ents” in the recipe for confidence. alistic and heart-felt “lesson” on aat the annual meeting of the American In their own words, Andres, often misunderstood disability.Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Fernando, Irvin, Adrian and So, what is in the “recipe” for con-Philadelphia, PA. Christian, tell us, “We are a group fidence? Apparently, some very Seligman, M (2002). Authentic happi- of students who stutter … Our solid ingredients including support,ness: Using the new positive psycholo-gy to realize your potential for lasting group rendezvous once every encouragement, perseverance, ma-fulfillment. Free Press. week to discuss how stuttering has turity, inspiration, motivation, and a Wampold, B.E., Mondin, G.W., affected us recently (in either a dash of being proud of one’s ac-Moody M., Stich, F., Benson, K. & positive or negative way).” But complishments. In the boys’Ahn, H. (1997). A meta-analysis of they don’t stop there, talking words, “We believe that confidenceoutcome studies comparing bona fide among themselves. “Our group is the best cure for stuttering.”psychotherapies: Empirically, “all has presented several times to high Please see their exceptional pre-must have prizes.” PsychologicalBulletin, 122, 203-215. school students (and once each to sentation at: Yalom, I. (2002). The Gift of the school district’s speech pathol- New York: Perennial; Harper ogists, psychologists, and support php?/specialservices/detail/stut-Collins. K staff) what stuttering is and how it tering_presentation/ K
  10. 10. THE STUTTERING10 FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 Curlee cause to do so – no doubt con- continued from page 4Help Not Lost Foundation of America memorial tributed to the many students who sought his advice, counsel, andin Translation fund has been established in honor and memory of Dr. Richard mentoring. A mentor’s mentor, Dr. Curlee acted like a bridge, for Chinese parents now have an- F. Curlee. many students, seeing in themother tool if their child stutters. Among his peers, Dr Curlee was more than they saw in themselves, Jennifer Tseng, who attended known for his taking themthe 2005 Stuttering Foundation even-handed, from where theyworkshop in precise and were to whereIowa, went thoughtful schol- they couldhome deter- arship. Curlee and/or wanted tomined to help was well regard- be.bring new infor- ed for his early Survivedmation to new scholarly at- by his lovelycompatriots. tempts to apply wife and soul This new and/or test the mate, Jennie,book, a transla- tenets of learning Dick will betion of If Your theory relative to missed terriblyChild Stutters: Jennifer stuttering re- by his family,A Guide for Tseng search/treatment. friends, col-Parents, is hot These ahead-of- leagues, and pastoff the press and is sure to be an their-time schol- Dick Curlee receives the Malcolm s t u d e n t s .important prevention tool. arly contributions Fraser Award for Excellence from Building off a Meanwhile, in the Czech were followed by Jane Fraser in 2002. theme developedRepublic, Dr. Elisabeth several text- by Dr. Spahr atPeutelschmiedova continues her books, aptly described by Dr. Dick’s memorial service, Dr.outstanding work translating Ingham as classic, treatises that Curlee may be gone from ourStuttering Foundation books. have stood the test of time in terms midst, but we will be reminded of Her latest achievement is Do of relevance and impact. Dr. him in our daily lives. For exam-You Stutter: Straight Talk for Curlee remains, to this day, one of ple, when we see some beginningTeens. K the first to apply “expert system” scholar falter during a presentation technology to the diagnosis of and their mentor, just like Dick Czech version of Do You Stutter: early childhood stuttering, another might have, makes a gentle sug- Straight Talk for Teens. contribution far ahead of its time. gestion from the audience to help Recently, this writer was fortu- the nervous beginner. Or when nate to co-edit the third edition of two academicians lock horns, over one of Dick’s books, and the ex- theory or method, and a third, perience of working with Dr. cooler head like Dick’s often was, Curlee, his insights, wordsmith steps in and brings about rap- skills, and common sense en- prochement. riched literally almost every page For Dick was not only a gen- of the text. Common sense, it is tleman and scholar but routinely said, is not all that common, but practiced random acts of kind- Dick possessed it in droves and ness. Indeed, Dick’s high quality its use by him could be truly re- contributions were not restricted markable as he quickly identified to his scholarly endeavors, but the essence of a problem and, also imprinted his interpersonal more often than not, a reasonable interactions. As Shakespeare solution for same. (Merchant of Venice) noted, Dick’s character, one could rea- “the quality of mercy is not sonably say, was at least partially strain’d, it droppeth as the gen- shaped by his experience with dis- tle rain from heaven. Upon the ability, a concern he adapted to place beneath: it is twice blest; and rose above to lead a life of It blesseth him that gives and consequence, substance and pur- him that takes.” And Dick was Chinese pose. That character coupled with so blessed, as were we, by his copy of If his “don’t complain, don’t ex- presence. Your Child plain” personal style – even when “Farewell Richard, may flights Stutters. his disability gave him plenty of of angels sing thee to thy rest.” K
  11. 11. THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION 11SUMMER 2008 800-992-9392Rocket Science continued from page 5 for words and reading, that IA: Before Rocket Science came found myself drawn into the Dream Team power of film. I am who I am be-out, I read some hilariously nega- cause of my stuttering and I’m fi- Tours USAtive stuff on stuttering boards nally very glad for that. Whenwhere some people worked them- Bob Love’s national school you’re blocking on a word, you tour moves ahead.selves into a froth imagining on wish it gone. But when you stepthe basis of The tour includes showing back and students Love’s documentaryjust the 2 look at theminute trailer Find Yourself a Dream! big picture The docu-that the lead there arecharacter mentary was some great recently ac-didn’t have a things thatreal stutter, cepted into come along the Santhat this was with stutter-yet another Diego Black ing. Film Festivalbogus por-trait of stut- and the screen Q: Do you play for thetering and anticipatethat they’d movie was ac- doing any cepted into theskip the m o r emovie. I get Beverly Hills movies with Film Festival,it that people charactersare sensitive A scene from the movie Rocket Science. who stutter? which was held in mid-April.about this but The documentary was re- A: I think my next movies won’t cently featured on WYCC, awhat about waiting until you’ve be autobiographical at all so Iactually seen the movie before PBS station in Chicago. don’t have plans to revisit that. WYCC promoted it with morejudging it? Luckily for me, I think But you never know.most stutterers who actually see it than 100 commercials leadingreally like it. up to each of the showings. Q: What do you think of treat- The PBS station reaches 3.6 ment for stuttering ? million in the country’s thirdQ: What has been the reaction of A: Well, in the movie, Hal Hefner,your childhood friends and peers largest TV market. my main character, gets no real help Love has served as ato the movie, and to you after its for his stuttering. I have been luckyrelease? spokesperson for the Stuttering enough to work with some excellent Foundation, and is featured onA: One old friend said, I had no people and have made some gains inidea it was so hard for you. the Famous People Who Stutter my speech because of them. I know brochure and poster.Another said, I didn’t realize it that some people believe that youwas all so funny to you at the time. The documentary can be or- should just work to accept stuttering dered online at www.So you just never know. But the and not try to “fix” it. That’s nevertruth of it is that the movie is only K been my approach. I’m kind of avaguely autobiographical. It’s not born fighter when it comes to thismeant to be the literal truth of my stuff, and I like trying to lick a prob-life as a teen, just an artful extrap- lem even if it’s thought to be unlick-olation from that. able. I think most anythings attain- This poignant book, written by able if you’re dedicated enough. K Kimberly Fusco, for middle and highQ: If you could give a simple mes-sage to high school kids who stut- school students features 14-year old Now available on DVD: Cornelia Thornhill. Cornelia’s adven-ter, what would it be? Rocket Science, which received 3A: Sometimes you want to cut out tures start not only when her mother 1/2 stars from movie critic pulls her out of school butthose parts of yourself that are Roger Ebert, is nowfrustrating or painful or make you also leaves her high and available on DVD. dry with an elderly great-different. But those parts are as re- The release includes asponsible as the good and easy is aunt in rural New behind-the-scenes fea- England of all places.for who you are. Stuttering makes turette, as well as ayou who you are and it can inspire Readers will be capti- music video by film’s vated by Cornelia’ssome great things. It’s because of composer and singer/songwriterstuttering that I got involved in de- courage as she struggles Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide). with her own stuttering and copesbate, that I developed a passion with an upside down life. K
  12. 12. THE STUTTERING12 FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 Sheehan came part of her growing staff. continued from page 4 On the Loose However, Vivian taught me that Joseph accepted a faculty position in the psychology department at We know our readers will be we could develop a valid under- U.C.L.A. and the Sheehan’s moved surprised to learn of two recent standing of that experience by to Santa Monica, California where retirements. listening carefully to our clients and she began one of the first private Both Roberta Brugge and Anne paying attention to our “stuttering practices in the country. Vivian’s pi- Edwards have equivalent,” something about our- oneering work in aphasia contin- decided the selves we wish to hide to avoid po- ued. She founded an organization time has come tential negative that later became to enjoy more thoughts or reac- the Emeritus leisure time tions of others. “Vivian’s contributions P a t h f i n d e r s and grand- Vivian’s sharp went far beyond Program at Santa motherhood! mind and wonder- her stellar record of Monica College, Callers will ful sense of humor providing rehabil- remember delighted her clinical work and itative services Anne who friends and col- service to the and support to began working Anne Edwards leagues. We cele- profession and stroke patients at the Stuttering brated the many and their families. Foundation in things we had in the community.” common. One day Vivian Sisskin Vivian received the early prestigious honors 1980’s when she told me, “No, throughout her ca- we were ad- we are not people who stutter”, and reer. She was named an ASHA dressing en- then with a wink and a smile contin- Fellow in 1986 and was the recipi- velopes by ued, “We just marry them!” Vivian ent of ASHA’s Frank R. Kleffner hand. She had was married to the late Joseph Clinical Career Award in 1993. She worked as a li- Sheehan, professor of psychology at was honored numerous times by the brarian so was Roberta U.C.L.A. and father of avoidance re- California Speech Language and tremendous Brugge duction therapy for stuttering. Vivian Hearing Association, the American help as we pub- worked with Joseph at the U.C.L.A. Academy of Private Practice, and lished more and THE Speech Psychology Clinic until his the National Stuttering Association. STUTTERING death in 1983. She continued their more books. FOUNDATION She was elected to serve in leader- For 12 years, work as director of the Sheehan ship positions within all of the Roberta was our Wednesday part- Stuttering Center well into her 80’s. above-mentioned organizations. timer, taking over thank you letters Vivian completed her graduate Vivian’s contributions went far to donors and keeping the mailing studies at the University of beyond her stellar record of clini- list updated. Michigan and worked in the Battle cal work and service to the profes- We call on them regularly for Creek schools during the day and at sion and the community. She in- advice and help! K Percy Jones Army Hospital in the spired clinicians young and old evenings. It was during World War with her wisdom and skill, and has II, and soldiers were returning from been cited as the primary force for battle with brain injuries. Vivian change among her clients whoThanks for the Support scoured the medical literature to de- have recovered from stuttering. velop what became the first aphasia Vivian was my dear friend and Because of the ongoing support rehabilitation program in the U.S. mentor. I will never forget herof NSSLHA chapters around the Army Hospital system. It was at warm smile, encouraging words,country, the Percy Jones where Vivian met her and wonderful sense of humor. IStuttering future husband, Joseph Sheehan, a will always be grateful to her forFoundation young speech pathologist who be- her guidance and love. Kis able toprovide re-sources to Letters continued from page 6 Dysfluency Conference The Eighth Oxford Dysfluencythose who Tuesday. It really helps me. Mrs. Conference, co-sponsored by the Stutteringstutter, parents, schools, libraries, Miller helps me ease out of a stutter. Foundation and the Michael Palin Centre,universities and physicians. I’m still learning. I’ve only been will be at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, July 3-6. Speakers include NSSLHA chapters have done ev- to the speech room about 12 times. Paul Dolan, Imperial College, Marcerything from bake sales to working I hope to learn how to tell people Shell, Harvard University, Patriciathe SFA booth at conferences to help about my stuttering. Zebrowski, University of Iowa, Anne Smith, Purdue University, and Dr. Per Alm, Danishraise the awareness of stuttering. Jessica Information Centre for Stuttering. Visit We appreciate it. Thanks! Largo, Fla. K K
  13. 13. THE STUTTERINGSUMMER 2008 FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 13 Sproles continued from page 1 ogy. In college, he worked with a Coming out of Kansas State, speech pathologist to make inter- Sproles was one of the most pro- National Stuttering Awareness views less difficult. Darren also lific runners and all-purpose per- Week, which is May 12-18. got advice from basketball great formers in college football histo- The brochure — which un- Bill Walton, who struggled with ry. He set nearly every school folds into a small poster — is stuttering some years ago and is record imaginable - 23 in all - and available free he is regarded by of charge from many as the best the Stuttering Foundation. Q&A player in the 110- year history of Sproles is fea- An interview with Darren Sproles Kansas State tured alongside football other sports leg- Q: TV interviews are high pressure. In a previous interview with a newspaper, you said you found "little tricks" to con- As a 5-foot, 6- ends who stutter, inch running such as Bill trol stuttering. What are some of the tools that work for you? back and return Walton, Kenyon specialist with Martin, Ken A: “I have learned to take my time while answering questions the Chargers, he Venturi and Bob ranks eighth in Love. As such, he during an interview. I don’t have to be in a hurry to say the NFL in kick- is the 18th famous off return aver- person. Others in- something. I also ... keep my words flowing.” age (26.7 yards) clude actor James and 13th in punt Earl Jones, return average Marilyn Monroe Q: Why did you put off the NFL and go back to college? (10.1). and Winston Playing the Churchill. A: “I didn’t want to do it but I made a promise to my mother game has always Sproles, who come easy for became aware of before she passed away that I will finish school first and then go to the NFL.” Sproles. The his stuttering at spoken word is age 4, says the more difficult. problem became Q: The fact that you majored in speech pathology is very ex- citing. Why did you choose it as a major? Has it made a dif- “I remember a more pro- long time ago my nounced when ference in your speech? A: “When I went to college I majored in speech pathology grandpa told me he was a star “don’t ever let football player at because I really wanted to learn about stuttering and how I can better my speech. I feel from me learning about it helped anybody tell you Olathe North that you can’t do High School and me find tools to help me out.” anything because at Kansas State you stutter.” University. Q: What advice would you give others who stutter? A: “Just work on it. Take classes and learn more about where Sproles said. “I “I had to talk to always remem- the media a lot, stuttering comes from. I remember a long time ago my grandpa told me ‘don’t ever let anybody tell you that you bered that and and once they worked hard to put a camera in can’t do anything because you stutter.’ I always remembered that and worked hard at improving my speech.” improve my my face that’s speech.” when it got bad,” “Darren Sproles Sproles said. “I Q: Do you see yourself as an inspiration and role model for others who stutter? will be a great just had to work source of inspi- on it. I couldn’t A: “Yes, I do.” ration to young really stress people who about it, because Q: What advice did Bill Walton give you? A: “Take my time when I talk. Don’t be in a hurry.” struggle with that’s just me.” stuttering,” says The 24-year Jane Fraser, pres- old Sproles continues to take now an NBA analyst. ident of the Stuttering steps to control his stuttering. He “I don’t have to be in a hurry to Foundation. She notes that bypassed potential NFL riches say something,” said Sproles, speech therapists, school clini- following his junior season and who learned to take his time cians, teachers and others often returned to Kansas State to com- while answering questions dur- hang the posters in a prominent plete his degree in speech pathol- ing an interview. place in their office. K
  14. 14. THE 16 STUTTERING FOUNDATION 800-992-9392 Help Spread the Word about Stuttering Talk about Stuttering Encourage your newspaper to StutterTalk is a self-help styled National Stuttering do a story on stuttering. audio podcast that can be down- Maybe you can set up a display loaded directly from www. Awareness Week of Stuttering Foundation re- or via iTunes. May 12-18 sources at your library. Greg Snyder, Ph.D., Peter Send us pictures of how you cel- Reitzes, CCC-SLP and Eric In May 1988, ebrated National Stuttering Jackson co-host the show which the U.S. Congress Awareness Week. E-mail us at features passed a Joint weekly, Resolution The Stuttering Foundation can o p e n designating the provide public service ads and discus- second week of other resources to newspapers sions May as National and TV and radio stations. K about Stuttering stutter- Awareness Week. This newsletter is published quarterly. ing. Topics have included how, Please e-mail address changes and why and when to use voluntary story ideas to stuttering, stuttering openly National Stuttering Awareness (avoiding avoidance), covert stut-Week is May 12-18. Volume17, Issue 2 tering, relapse, non-verbal forms There are many ways to cele- Jane Fraser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Editor of stuttering and much more.brate it, educate others, and be- Scot Squires . . . . . . . . . . Writer/Designer Listeners join the show by call-come involved. Renee Shepherd . . . . . . . . . . Proofreader Special thanks to Joan Warner, Patty Reed, ing in or emailing. Special guests Ask your local radio station to have included Kristin Chmela, Susie Hall, Pat Hamm, Lisa Hinton, Annerun the Stuttering Foundation’s Edwards, Terri Jones, and Carol Ecke. MA, CCC-SLP who discussedpublic service ads. recovery from shame, Joseph Klein, Ph.D. who shared hisMySpace continued from page 7 this summer as Miss Emerald City. thoughts about job interviews,working toward her degree in ele- Eva is just one of many real people Dennis Drayna, Ph.D. who talked you will meet on SFA’s MySpace. about gene research, Ken St.mentary education. Louis, Ph.D. who spoke about Whether you are a person who In early February she competed in stutters or not, you will see we are living with stuttering and clutter-the Miss Northwestern pageant, all much the same: people with ing, and Taro Alexander who dis-where a 2nd runner up place earned dreams, goals, accomplishments; cussed the Our Time TheatreEva “…a great experience and a nice someone’s friend, mother, or Company which is an artisticscholarship!” Eva has also recently brother; someone waiting to be home for people who stutter.qualified in preliminaries for Miss heard, someone’s hero. Come Tune in and join the conversa-Kansas and will return to the pageant check us out! K tion online! K THE NONPROFIT ORG STUTTERING US POSTAGE FOUNDATION PAID MEMPHIS, TN 3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603 PERMIT # 2078 P.O. Box 11749 • Memphis, TN 38111-0749