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Fall 2008 newsletter

  1. 1. www.stutteringhelp.org • 800-992-9392 • www.tartamudez.org T HE S TUTTERING F OUNDATION New Look at A Nonprofit Organization FALL 2008 Since 1947... Helping Those Who Stutter Stutteringand EmotionsBy Edward G. Conture, Ph.D.Vanderbilt University We are grateful to the SFA forproviding us this space to tell you Oxford Hosts Conferenceabout the progress of Vanderbilt’sDevelopmental Stuttering Project.In an inter-disciplinary collabora-tion with a developmental psy- chologist, Dr. conference. This year’s event was Tedra Walden, co-sponsored by the Stuttering and support from Event Draws Experts Foundation and the Michael Palin NIH’s National Centre for Stammering Children. from Around the World By Lisa Scott, Ph.D., The Florida Institute on Keynote speakers represented State University, and Willie Deafness and several diverse backgrounds re- Botterill, MSc, Michael Palin Other Commun- garding their interests and expe- Centre for Stammering Children ication Disorders, riences with stuttering. Their we have been St. Catherine’s College, Oxford presentations reflected this di- studying emot- University, was the location for versity and provided new per- Edward G. ional and speech- the eighth Oxford Dysfluency spectives for attendees. Conture, Ph.D.language development of 3, 4, Conference held July 3-6, 2008. Frances Cook, of the Michaeland 5-year-old children who do The conference is organized every Palin Centre for Stammering(CWS) and do not stutter (CWNS). three years and brings together ap- Children in London and Stuttering In our most recent sample, proximately 150 researchers, clin- Foundation Board member,we’ve tested over 100 CWS and icians, and people who opened the conferencealmost as many CWNS. We have stutter from around the Friday morning and in-proposed to continue this work on world who have a spe- troduced Professor Marca longitudinal basis – if our pro- cialized interest in stut- Continued on page 2ject is renewed during a time of tering. The Stutteringvery tight funding at NIH – to de- Foundation has a history Photos above: The Oxford University skyline, Frances Cook of the Michaeltermine which of our measures of of co-sponsoring this Palin Centre, actor Michael Palin, andspeech-language and emotion Professor Marc Shell.predict those CWS who persist Photo of skyline by Nasir Hamid 10 Downing Street Continued on page 12Inside... As we go to press, Stuttering Telemundo airs awareness . . 3 Foundation representatives Joe Fulcher Web traffic hits 20 million . . 5 and Jane Fraser will join actor Michael Kids share their thoughts . . . 8 Palin and the remarkable staff of the Workshops a success. . . . 6, 7 Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children at a reception at 10 Downing Songs with stuttering . . . . . 9 Street hosted by Mrs. Sarah Brown, Libraries provide help. . . . . 10 wife of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, MySpace co-leader needed . 13 in honor of the work done on behalf of Back-to-school materials. . . 13 10 Downing S treet, London. children who stutter. Stay tuned! K
  2. 2. 2 800-992-9392 THE www.stutteringhelp.org STUTTERING FOUNDATION Oxford Continued from front page ample, research seems to indicate Therefore, an important aspect Shell, the Irving Babbitt that stuttering is related to an im- of measuring therapy outcomes is Professor of Comparative pairment in left hemispheric re- to assess how much attention the Literature at Harvard University gions of the brain responsible for client or the family is giving to whose address was entitled, controlling the speech system, and stuttering at any one point in time, Talking the that the brain partially compen- and developing measures that are Walk & sates by recruiting regions of the able to capture the impact of stut- Walking the right hemisphere. Dr. Alm then tering on the clients quality of life Talk. A per- described the associations be- rather than looking simply at fre- son who stut- tween traits of basal ganglia disor- quency of stuttering. ters, Dr. Shell ders and stuttering, and further Dr. Anne recently pub- proposed that stuttering, at its Smith fol- lished a book core, may be a neurological diffi- l o w e d called Stutter, culty in speech motor initiation. Professor which pro- On Saturday, Professor Paul Dolan with vides an in- The audio/v ideo staff Dolan, Chair a presenta- t e r d i s c i - set up the equipment in Economics tion on her plinary per- for Professor Marc at Imperial current re- spective of Shell. College search pro- how stutter- London, dis- gram, “New ing has been described through- cussed the W i n d o w s Dr. Anne Smith con- out time in art, literature, and relationship on the Onset fers with a colleague. film. His fascinating address between of Stuttering in Young highlighted these references and stuttering Children.” It is known that provided a unique and alterna- and well- adults who stutter exhibit differ- tive viewpoint for attendees. ences from normally fluent being in The audience prepares Next, Dr. Per Alm, professor of adults in motor control, under- his talk, to hear from Professor neuropsychology at Uppsala “Stuttering Paul Dolan. standing and processing lan- University in Sweden and an affil- Into Happiness.” Approaching guage, and in anatomical and iate of the therapy outcomes from an functional components of the D a n i s h economists perspective, Professor central nervous system. What is Information Dolan emphasized looking at ther- unknown, however, is when Centre for apy in terms of costs and benefits, these differences emerge. Are Stuttering, resource allocation, and quality of they present in children? At what presented life. Conceptualizing quality of life age could we expect to observe “Fluency as the degree of attention one gives such differences? Disorders: A to a problem (i.e., past, present, To attempt to answer these Discussion of and future) and the problem’s im- questions, Dr. Smith and her re- Dr. Per Alm uses the P o s s i b l e pact on the individual’s thoughts search team are recruiting 72 chil- analogy of a hy brid Causes and dren who stutter between the ages car during his pre- Mechanisms and feelings, Professor Dolan pro- posed that stuttering is “an atten- of 4 and 5, who will be seen once From a Neuro- sentation. tion grabber.” a year for 5 years. Age and gen- science Pers- der-matched peers are also being pective.” High- recruited. Early findings suggest lighting key that children who stutter may ex- findings re- hibit some evidence of motor dif- Around the World Participants came Israel garding the from: Japan ferences from their typically flu- role of the Australia Malta ent peers, as exhibited by motor brain in stut- deficits on a simple clapping task. Belgium Netherlands Bulgaria tering, Dr.Alm Croatia Norway Additionally, on a grammatical- summarized ly simple sentence repetition task, Czech Poland Russia for the audi- Republic Denmark Sweden children who stutter demonstrate ence what is currently known re- Eire United increased motor variability from garding the underlying neurologi- France Kingdom their nonstuttering peers in repeat- cal aspects of stuttering. For ex- Germany United States ing the sentences. They are also Continued on page 4
  3. 3. 800-992-9392 3 THE STUTTERINGTelemundo Promotes Stuttering AwarenessFALL 2008 FOUNDATION The Miami, Fla.-based NBC Universal, Telemundo TV station, recently featured the Stuttering Foundation Spanish Web site, www.tartamudez.org, as well as SFA re- sources to raise aware- ness and provide help for stuttering within Spanish speaking communities. This Telemundo segment shows Lisette Lisette Betancourt, M. A., SLP, Betancourt, M.A., (right) work ing with a young client and her mother. of Miami Children’s Hospital along with one of Betancourt’s young children and Telemundo is clients, a young girl who struggles an excellent source for spreading with stuttering and her mother, was the word.” interviewed by Telemundo re- The DVD Stuttering: For Kids, porter, Diana Montano. By Kids in Spanish and English was 2008 A Great “The two and a half minute seg- shown as one resource of help for ment provides a wonderful way parents and is available for free- Year for PSAs to reach Spanish speaking parents viewing on SFA Web sites. with help,” said Jane Fraser, To view Telemundo’s segment on president of the Stuttering stuttering, visit www.tartamudez.org or www.stutteringhelp.org and click This year’s National Stuttering Foundation. “We know of the im- Awareness Week got off to a portance of early intervention for on Telemundo. wonderful start early in the year when public service ads ap- K peared in March and April issues of many national and regional magazines. PSAs have appeared in Time, Good Housekeeping, Parents, Newsweek, Forbes, Parenting, Guitar World, LA Confidential, Betancourt discusses stuttering on Gotham, Hamptons, Capitol the Spanish TV network Telemundo. File, Wealth Management, Carolina Country, S.C., School Nurse News, and newspapers around the country such as the New York Post. The American Medical Association publications, AMA News and JAMA also placed re- cent PSAs, thereby informing the medical community about resources available for stutter- Reporter Diana Montano, ing from a nonprofit source. right, ask s Lisette Betancourt The excellent support of so questions about stuttering. many magazines brought the total of donated space to a record high over the past twelve months. The Stuttering Foundation Betancourt ex plains the Spanish materials av ailable extends its heartfelt thanks to from the Stuttering all the publications that donat- Foundation. ed space this year. K
  4. 4. 4 800-992-9392 THE www.stutteringhelp.org STUTTERING FOUNDATION Oxford Continued from Page 2 Lisa Scott at less accurate at repeating nonwords (e.g., the Stuttering mab). Finally, working memory in the Foundation group of children who stutter seems to be booth. less robust than in the typically fluent group. Dr. Smith suggested that these preliminary findings may be evidence for atypical brain development in children who stutter. On the last day of the conference, the audience heard “Why Stuttering Therapy Works: The ‘Common Factors’,” by Dr. Jane Fraser, Michael Palin, and Patricia Zebrowski of the University of Patricia Zebrowsk i at the gala dinner. Iowa. Dr. Zebrowski discussed research Barbara Moseley Joseph Agius from Malta, Jane Fraser, from the psychotherapy Harris from Telford, and Rosalee Shenk er literature on four com- Jenny Graham from from Montreal. mon factors that are Belfast, Norbert Lieck feldt of the present in any type of British Stammering intervention: the specif- Association, and ic type of intervention Louise Wright from used; the therapeutic al- Cornwall. liance between the clin- Dr. Patricia ician and client; the Zebrowsk i, fea- extra-therapeutic factors tured speak er for that clients “bring to the Michael Palin, Elaine the last day of the conference. table,” such as tempera- Kelman, and Joe Fulcher. ment, resilience, and ex- ternal support; and, the client’s hope or Rosalee Shenker, conference organizer expectancy for change. Dave Rowley, and Ronny Boey. For the field of psychotherapy, treatment research has yielded find- Mies ings that individuals who get treat- Bezemer ment do better than clients who don’t and a go to treatment. Furthermore, on aver- colleague. Paul Cook e with graduate age, treatment is effective regardless students from Michigan of the particular intervention approach State Univ ersity . used. Finally, statistical differences in effectiveness of various treatments are Jane Fry likely to be due to client variability and and clinician expertise rather than the Kit specific treatment approach itself. Sparkes. Dr. Zebrowski challenged the clinicians and the researchers in the audience to begin thinking of ways to measure these Suzana common factors within the context of stut- Jacsic- Per Alm talks with Jane Fry. tering therapy. In such a framework, build- Jelsic and ing evidence for specific treatment ap- Mirjana proaches would receive less emphasis than Lasan of Croatia. building evidence for the kinds of factors that contribute to a client’s improvement in fluency and in communication. Elaine K Kelman Jane Coley , Jenny and Ali Y eatman, and Berquez. Michael Palin with Keith Boss of the Diane Moore. British Stammering Association and Gro Hartveit of Norway. In the back- groud are Anne Ayre and Frances Cook.
  5. 5. 800-992-9392 5 Volunteers Across the Country THE STUTTERINGFALL 2008 FOUNDATION Thanks to the many volun- teers, the Stuttering Foundation exhibit booths have enjoyed a hearty success across the United States this year as health profes- sionals, educators and SLPs all showed great interest in the Web Traffic Hits many new materials on display. Kenneth O. St. Louis with Emily North Carolina 20 Million Garnett and Desiree Phillips at the “The response to the SFA ma- conv ention in West Virginia. terials was overwhelming at the North Carolina Speech- Desiree It seems just about every Language-Hearing Association shows hour is rush hour on the conference!” said Rita Thurman, SFA Information Super Highway. M. S. “It was interesting to see materials. The Stuttering Foundation’s all the ‘networking’ that oc- Web sites, www.stutteringhelp curred around the booth. I heard .org and www.tartamudez.org, many discussions that started Emily continue to draw a record like this: ‘I need help with a sugggests amount of traffic. child that …’ a great Just recently the Web site “There was an atmosphere of SFA book . hit 20 million visitors since it excitement about services for was launched just a couple of people who stutter that was gen- years ago. erated by the booth’s presence,” It is not unusual to have 1.8 she said. “So often therapists million hits in a single month feel overwhelmed and unsure of or 81,382 hits in one day. how to treat children or adults The streaming videos, down- who stutter, I feel that the booth loadable brochures, the kids page, facts about stuttering, provided materials to empower and a directory of famous peo- them in this process.” Wendy Wingard-Gay work s ple who stutter continue to be West Virginia the booth in South Carolina. the most visited part of the The SFA booth was also well Web site. received at West Virginia Speech- After the United States, Language-Hearing Association most of the visitors come conference, according to Kenneth from Brazil, Canada, United O. St. Louis, Ph.D. Kingdom, Australia, and “Many attendees commented India, respectively. that they appreciate the SFA pres- conference,” said volunteer Recently an RSS feed was ence at their state convention and Wendy Wingard-Gay, M.S. “The added to allow users who hope it continues,” he said. Carolinas have seen a dramatic in- subscribe to be notified when South Carolina crease in the number of Hispanics new content is placed on the “The brochures in Spanish relocating so the Spanish publica- Web site. were especially popular at the tions are quite helpful for SLPs A new section for “e-books” South Carolina Speech- working in all settings.” has been added to the Language-Hearing Association Many thanks to our volunteers! K Foundation’s Web site. This al- lows users to download select- T ed books free of charge. K The Stuttering Foundation he Stuttering Foundation of America is a is a proud participant of the tax-exempt organization under section Combined Federal Campaign. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and Please note our number. is classified as a private operating foundation as defined in section 4942(j)(3). Charitable contri- CFC #11047 butions and bequests to the Foundation are tax- deductible, subject to limitations under the Code.
  6. 6. 6 Mid-Atlantic Workshop GoesI n t er n a t i o n a l www.stutteringhelp.org 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION By Lisa Scott, Ph.D., Florida State University In June, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Stuttering Foundation co-spon- sored the second Mid-Atlantic Workshop in Philadelphia. Twenty speech-language pathologists from Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Alla Brutter, Shalini Wick remesooriy a, Marina Llobera, Belmar Riv era Vila, New York, North Carolina, Carla Monteleone , Jonathon Robb, Sharon Lee-Sheridan, Laura Khorozov , Joe Pennsylvania, Virginia, Puerto Klein, Loretta Connolly , Lisa McManama, Ily ssa Fox , Mara Luque, Martine Rico, Canada, Spain, Argentina, Sri O’Connor, Gina Iaquinto, Shelley Williams, Madely n Maguire, Sandra Garzon, Lanka, and South Africa met June Anabel Gordon, Ursula Zsilav ecz, Joe Donaher. Front row seated: Kristin Chmela, Jane Fraser, and Lisa A. Scott. 18-22. The workshop was led by co-in- Ursula Zsilav ecz and Madely n structors Joe Donaher of the Maguire. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Joe Donaher, Kristin Chmela in private practice, Lisa Scott, Kristin Chmela, Long Grove, Ill., and Lisa Scott of and Alla Brutter. Florida State University. Joe Donaher speak s during The goals were: the work shop. • to increase participants’ skills and confidence in communicating effectively with children, • diagnose the extent and severi- ty of the communication disorder, Workshop leaders Kristin Chmela, Jane • develop appropriate treatment Shelley Williams, Jonathon Robb, Fraser, and Joe Donaher stand behind plans, Jane Fraser, Sharon Lee-Sheridan, Gina Iaquinto, Carla Monteleone, Mara Luque, Marina Llobera, and Alla Brutter. • design meaningful therapy ac- and Loretta Connolly . tivities, and Sandra Garzon and • learn to model both fluency Shelley Williams. shaping and stuttering modification tools. “We placed emphasis on creat- Jonathon Robb, ing relationships with children, Loretta Connolly , families, and teachers to facilitate and Joe Klein. the greatest success for children who are working to improve their communication skills,” said Scott. Mara Luque from Argentina and “Learning opportunities included Marina Llobera from Spain. traditional lectures, guided case Alla Brutter and Sharon Lee-Sheridan, Laura Khorozov , and Jonathon Robb. planning, daily small-group prac- Jane Fraser. tice of skills, and watching video- tapes of therapy sessions.” “We were so thrilled to have so many clinicians from a variety of work settings devote a week of their summer to learning more about stut- Gathering for pictures tering,” said Kristin Chmela. during the reception. Scott agreed, and added, “It Ursula Zsilav ecz was especially interesting to have and Sandra Garzon An ev ening out with the group. Continued on page 10 receiv ing their diplomas.
  7. 7. 800-992-9392 7 THEEastern Workshop: Focus on Cognitive ApproachesFALL 2008 STUTTERING FOUNDATIONBy Diane Parris, M.A.Boston University This year, the EasternWorkshop at Boston Universityattracted twenty experienced flu-ency specialists from across theUnited States and Canada. Theygathered to learn about the inno-vative cognitive approaches toParent Child Interaction Therapyoffered at the Michael PalinCentre for Stammering Childrenin London. Frances Cook and Willie Botterillalso provided a “brief taster” of both Back row: Diane Parris, Laura Jo McKamey , Wendy Wingard-Gay , Charleen Bloom, Caroly n Belle, Melissa Bruce, Melissa O. Kates, Charlie Osborne, JimCognitive Behavioral Therapy and Tsiamtsiouris, Susan Short, Mercedes Cooper Delaney . Middle row: SarahSolution Focused Brief Therapy. Smits-Bandstra, Adriana diGrande, Nancy Swartz, Diane Polledri, Rosalee These two days of training were Shenk er, Donna Cooperman, Patricia Lohman-Hawk , Steffi Schopick , Barbarafilmed by videographer, Bob Thomas. Front row: Willie Botterill, Jane Fraser, Frances Cook , Brian Hesk in.O’Brien and his expert AV team andare now being edited for the SFA re-source library. The final three days ofthis workshop were spent exploringParent Child Interaction Therapy. Frances and Willie did a masterfuljob of demonstrating a positive ap- Sarah Smits- Bandstra and Jimproach to problem-solving and par- Adriana di Grande and Tsiamtsiouris.ent training, focusing on the thera- Donna Cooperman at Adriana di Grande, Brianpeutic alliance of child, parent and a coffee break . In back - Hesk in, Nancy Swartz, Steffi Schopick.therapist. Throughout the training, ground are Jim and Diane Polledri.many interactive exercises helped Tsiamtsiouris, Susan Short and Mercedesattendees develop specific skills in Cooper Delaney .Parent Child Interaction Therapy. Alot of time was spent in discussinghow to adapt these techniques witheach client. Laura Jo McCamey of Montana Charlie Osborne Videographer Bob O’Briencommented, “I have found that the and Jim Tsiamtsiouris chats with presenters.strategies I learned can readily apply getting wired.to other aspects of my life. I am try- Adriana di Grande,ing to keep the focus so I can imple- Diane Parris, Wendy Williement what I learned as soon as Wingard-Gay , and Botterill Barbara Thomas.school starts.” gets “I am excited about the direction of wired.addressing the cognitive and emotion-al aspects of stuttering,” added BrianHeskin from Colorado. In their closing comments, partic-ipants reflected that they would prof- Dianeit from incorporating new strategies Frances Parris wasinto their existing practices. The Cook and coordinator.warmth and humor of these experi- Willie Barbara Thomas,enced presenters and the contribu- Botterill Brian Hesk in, andtions from each attendee made this present. Sarah Smits-Bandstra.an extraordinary program for all! K
  8. 8. Dear SFA: Reader Response 8 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERING www.stutteringhelp.org FOUNDATIONSend letters to SFA, P.O. Box 11749, Memphis, TN 38111-0749 or email info@stutteringhelp.org.Speech is like a train I’m still working with my speechDear SFA: teacher. She is a really good teach- Imagine that your speech is a er. When my stuttering was reallytrain. The train is going across flat bad, it made me angry. Now I’mland on a bumpy track with no en- doing better so I don’t mind thatgine. The workers of the train, much. I hope my stuttering stayswho pull it across the land, are away forever.your speech muscles. The boss, Paxtonwho is directing the work, is you. E-mailYou must pull slowly and at asteady rate. All of the works must It is OK to stutterpull together at the same time Dear SFA:with the same amount of force. My name is Frank. I am 9 yearsDysfluency is when the train is old. My stuttering goes in a pattern.derailed. To keep the train from The first year I stuttered and thederailing, the workers must work second year I didn’t stutter. When Itogether at a slow pace. If the was around 3 or 4, I realized I stut-workers pull too quickly, the tered. Then everybody kept makingbumpy track will make the weight fun of me. They just say that I stut-of the train shift so much that the In the Summer Newsletter, Colton, 7, ter, and that makes me feel badtrain falls over. said, “stuttering is lik e a hock ey puck be- about myself. Now I learned to saySeamus cause it starts going fast then it stops “It’s OK to stutter” to people who suddenly .” Colton, who liv es in Canada, make fun of me. Then I ignoreE-mail drew this picture to illustrate his letter. them. Then they get bored and theyIt takes hard work really badly so I kept on working leave me alone. It makes me feelDear SFA: hard not to stutter. Now I’m in 2nd like the stuttering is gone. No one Hi. My name is Paxton and I’m 8 grade. When we had spring break, I realizes it.years old. I’ve been stuttering off quit stuttering and when I got back Frankand on for several years. When I in school I still wasn’t stuttering! Brooklyn, N.Y.was in first grade I was stuttering So I hope it won’t come back! But Continued on page 9 Student explains stuttering to class All eyes were on Paul as he prepared to deliver a presentation to his 2nd grade class about stuttering. In his usual cool, confident manner he assured his speech teacher, Karrie Johnson (a graduate student at the University of South Alabama), that he was ready… And he was. They had spent a few weeks organizing and brainstorming all the information he had learned about his stuttering over the past year. Paul, being the firecracker that he is, loved the idea of presenting to his class from the very beginning. “ All I did was make a list of possible topics and walk him through what he wanted to say about each. He came up with most of the ideas on his own,” said Johnson. The presentation began with a quiz administered to the class that exposed facts and myths about stuttering. Then Paul explained how the speech mechanism works and described different locations and types of stuttering. Next, he passed around a picture he had drawn of a “speech mountain” while he explained the highs and lows of his speech and the tools that help him “climb back up” when he hits a rough spot. The presentation ended with Paul telling the class about things people do that hurt and help him when he gets stuck on a word. As the class erupted with clapping, Paul proudly smiled back and cast a glance at his Paul and Karri e Jo hns o n mother and sister who had come to support him. K o f Mo b i l e, Al a.
  9. 9. BTOʼs Song is Unique 800-992-9392 9 THE STUTTERING FOUNDATIONFALL 2008Bug chews up words My name is Tyler and I am 9years old and I stutter. I live inLumby, B.C., in Canada. I like Editor’s Note: The author is a per-to Gary and no one else. Randysoccer and I go to Scouts. I go to son who stutters. For many years he Bachman once said of the situa-speech class to learn how to stop has been a collector of “stuttering” tion, “He stuttered. We thought,stuttering and to be OK with stut- songs – the good and the bad! just for fun…. We’d take this songtering. I like to go to my cousin’s and I’d stutter and we’d send it toplace and go to the park. My We all know that there have been numerous songs of the rock era that him. He’ll have the only copy incousin’s name is Josh. Josh helps the world of this song by BTO.”me by telling me when I’m talking feature stuttering vocals. Evany Thomas posted a list on the internet However, their record company,too fast so that I can slow down Mercury Records, felt that theirmy speech. Stuttering is nothing entitled “The Top Ten Stuttering Songs.” The list in- soon-to-be releasedbad, over a million people stutter album Not Fragile cludes Foolin’ byin the world. I use to stutter lots Def Lepard, My lacked a potential hitbut now I go to the speech teacher Generation by The song and asked if theAnita, and she helps me stop stut- Who, Changes by band had any leftovertering. If you don’t like stuttering David Bowie, Jive songs. Randy told theand people tease you, ask your Talkin’ by The Bee record executives,mom to get help from a speech Gees, My Sharona by “We have this oneteacher. When I go to talk and I The Knack, You Ain’t song, but it’s a joke.can’t get the words out I think that Seen Nothing Yet by I’m laughing at the end.there’s a big bug inside me that Bachman-Turner I sang it on the firstchews up all the words I’m trying Overdrive, Bad to take. It’s sharp, it’sto say. I slow down and I talk to the Bone by George flat, I’m stuttering tomy friends more slowly and when Thorogood, Benny do this thing for my brother.” He agreed Celebrity Corner to include the songI talk more slowly the bug comes and the Jets byflying out of my mouth and dies. Elton John, SussidoTyler by Phil Collins and on the album only if Lola by The Kinks. This list he could re-record theLumby, B.C., Canada vocals. The record company hated seems accurate, though a couple of other tunes are conspicuously ab- the second version with the non-Trouble at lunch stuttering vocals and insisted that I’m 8 years old. I started stuttering sent such as Too Much Time on My Hands by Styx. the stuttering version be released,when I was about 5. I stuttered for much to the chagrin of Randy. It be-3 years. Now I go to a speech ther- Of these songs, Bachman- Turner Overdrive’s You Ain’t Seen came the band’s only chart-topper.apist. I feel just fine about my stut- You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yettering. There’s this kid in my class Nothing Yet is unique in more ranks as not only the first songthat imitates me at lunch about my than one way. First, it ranks as the with stuttering vocals to hitstuttering and that makes me mad. first song with stuttering vocals to number one, but also the firstBut I just deal with it. I wish he reach the number one slot on the with stuttering vocals to actual-wouldn’t imitate me. Billboard Hot 100, reaching that ly be written about a real personErik plateau in early November 1974. who stutters.St. Paul, Minn. However, few realize the interest- Between 1974 and 1976, ing story behind the song. The Bachman-Turner Overdrive hadSchool therapist helps Canadian group was led by six songs enter the Top 40. TheyDear SFA: Randy Bachman, and featured his disbanded in 1977 and there Here is my story. I started stutter- brothers Robbie and Tim, as well have been a couple of minor re-ing when I was 6 now I am 7. Last as Fred Turner. The band’s first union tours since. It is com-year I went to a speech therapist. manager was another Bachman pelling that their former manag-I’ve needed help for a while now brother, Gary. er, the famous Gary Bachman,with my stuttering. They told me The song was never intended to got on top of his stutteringif you slide it, start out like this ... be released with stuttering vocals. through speech therapy and forsllllide. I don’t like stuttering Randy sang the stuttering vocals to many years has been a highly poke fun at his brother Gary, who successful realtor in his home-though. Near summer time I stut- had recently stepped down as the town of Winnipeg, owning andter the most. I don’t know why. band’s manager. It was done with operating Century 21 BachmanDylan the intention that it would be given and Associates for 25 years. KAllen Park, Mich. K
  10. 10. 10 800-992-9392 THE Doing Self www.stutteringhelp.org STUTTERING Libraries Helping Those Who Stutter FOUNDATIONBy Patty Reed Discovery Work Editors Note: Our friend Wonder Ny oni Public libraries are helping from Zimbabwe is a person who stutters.educate people about stuttering. He decided to learn more about how his general phy sical condition might affectWith more and more joining the his stuttering.8,500 that have shelved SFAmaterials, libraries are a real Say s author Dr. Fred Murray about eachasset to teachers, employers, person’s quest for fluency , “This called for searching and self-inquiry . Some of theseco-workers, parents, relatives, quests led toward better organized andand those who stutter. more helpful ty pes of therapy . Others led The Atmore Public Library inward in a scrutinization for more self-in Alabama has made space for Oneida Community Library in Oneida, k nowledge.” Wis., shared information on stutter-“Information on Stuttering” on ing with their patrons during National By Wonder Nyonitheir Web site at www.atmore Stuttering Awareness Week in May. Being a stutterer myself, I have dedicat-library.com and included a ed a fair part of my life to studying andcopy of our home page with have a seizure disorder support group, a diabetes support group, a analysing this demoralizing speech disor-links to help their patrons who der, obviously hoping that one day Istutter. They have also shelved memory loss support group, and would crack the code to the cause and at-every book, DVD, and video have materials to help visually im- tain some form of relief. I have requestedthat we offer. paired. With our materials, they information on stuttering from various Little Elm Public Library in can now help those who stutter. sources including the world wide web.Little Elm, Texas, serves another Our thanks go out to public li- Of significance has been information re-need in their community. They braries across the country. ceived from the Stuttering Foundation (SFA). The impact of a self-therapy book K written by Malcolm Fraser has been amazing. This openness that you witnessMid-Atlantic continued from page 6 cation experience of my profes- in sharing reflections on my stuttering is sional career. Thank you for a direct result of encouragement and sup-so many participants from for- making it possible!” port obtained from this wonderful book. Iteign countries, who shared with And “this was an excellent is especially helpful in instances whereus how children are served workshop! The length and in- professional speech therapy is either un-within their educational and tensity of it allowed time for the available or unaffordable.health systems.” sharing of an abundance of in- In this brief article, I will focus on the “The dedication of these SLPs importance of physical exercises and formation. For the first time, their benefit to me.to helping kids is inspirational. I’m not nearly as anxious about Physi cal Exerci sesMany children will benefit from working with a person who stut- Having read one or two aspects aboutthe talents and interest these in- ters. This workshop not only the importance of physical exercise fromdividuals have,” added Donaher. gave me a lot of insight and in- Fraser’s book on self-therapy, I decided to Feedback from workshop par- formation, it confirmed some of explore this phenomenon further. Earlierticipants included comments the things I was doing and pro- this year, I suspended all forms of physi-such as “I really think this week vided me with a new sense of cal exercises for my body and subsequent- confidence. Thank you for pro- ly increased my calorie intake for aboutwill stand out as perhaps the three months.most significant continuing edu- viding me this opportunity!” K During this period, I was monitoring This Just in to Our Newsroom... both my breathing rates and stuttering be- haviour. It took about a month and half to realize the substantial changes. Apart from If you read or watch a news lished or aired between Jan. 1, the obvious increase in weight that mystory on stuttering, please let us 2008 and April 1, 2009, and must friends and family relentlessly commentedknow about it. The Stuttering be received by April 5, 2009. on, the other observation was a change inFoundation is accepting nomina- Please submit copies or tapes of the my breathing pattern. I began experiencingtions for our Media Award, news items to the Stuttering heavy breathing. Consequently, productionwhich recognizes reporters who Foundation, 3100 Walnut Grove of fluent speech was affected.advance the public’s understand- Road, Suite 603, Memphis, TN An attempt to explain this result shed more light on the relationship betweening of stuttering. 38111-0749. Call 800-992-9392 Entries must have been pub- for more information. K Continued on page 12
  11. 11. Just What the Nurse Ordered 11 THE 800-992-9392 STUTTERING Poignant Look at FOUNDATIONFALL 2008 Tangled Tongues Pediatric nurse practitioners steadily made their way to the nursing from Massachusetts grateful to receive information Sharing the Journey … Lessons Stuttering Foundation booth dur- to be used in professional train-from my Students and Clients with ing the 35th Annual Conference of ing, a past president of the orga-Tangled Tongues by author Lon the National Association ofEmerick, Ph. D., is available again nization sharing her gratitudefrom SFA through a special offer Pediatric Nurse for SFA’s liter-with North Country Publishing. Practitioners at ature and pres- Emerick, self-ap- the Opryland ence at manypointed inspector of Convention conferences,all the natural wood- Center in and a nurseland beauty of his Nashville, Tenn. practitionerUpper Peninsula, As she has for from AlabamaMichigan home, and the past several who shared in-severe stutterer, years, June formation withtakes readers on an Campbell shared an adolescentenchanted journey information about at her church.with stories gleaned the Stuttering Junefrom a lifetime of experi- Campbell Also visitingence. The former university professor F o u n d a t i o n ’s answers the booth wereand therapist combines experiences support services questions six nurses infrom his personal life, clients, stu- to medical pro- during the training fromdents, and his long academic career, fessionals for National the University parents of chil- of Tennessee, a Associationinto a delightful journey highlighted of Pediatricby 10 maxims for good living. dren who stutter, Nurse nurse practi- This 1st Edition printing, with ir- as well as for Practitioners tioner workingresistible chapters such as “Don’t older individuals. conference. with neurologi-Wear a Raincoat in the Shower” and “I was amazed cally impaired“Keep Looking for the Pony” is that over one children inavailable for $10.00, includingpostage and handling, by calling hundred profes- Pennsylvania,800-992-9392. Take a walk along sionals wanted to and one withwith Emerick through his life-long be added to the advanced ex-immersion in nature, the greatest SFA mailing list,” pertise in hyp-teacher and detangler of lessons. Campbell said. nosis. Many Nurse practi- others shared Venturi Featured tioners working in diverse set- how valuable the SFA literature in New Book tings, in turn asked questions of was or will be in dealing with the June and shared their own needs many inquiries they field from The Book of Sports Virtues: and experiences with stuttering. parents, and some shared personalPortraits from the Field of Play fea- Among the hundreds who vis- experiences with stuttering intures a chapter on legendary golfer ited the booth was a professor of their family or friend’s lives.Ken Venturi. The book by Fritz Knapp tells K Bob Love Keynote Speaker in Floridahow Venturi over-came many obstaclesin life including stut-tering to become a Three-time NBA All-Star Love overcame poverty andsuccessful golfer and Bob Love will be the keynote stuttering to become a suc-commentator for speaker for the 2008 Southwest cessful basketball player.CBS Sports. Florida Blue Chip Community Today he travels the country The book, pub- Business Award in Fort Myers on spreading his inspirationallished by Acta Nov. 6. story to students and adults.Publications, also Stuttering Foundation Love has earned numerousmentions how Venturi helps spread Board member Jean awards and honors. His lifethe word about stuttering by serving Gruss recommended is the subject of a documen-as a spokesman for the Stuttering Love, who also serves as tary film that was recentlyFoundation. For more information, a spokesman for the honored at the Sundance Filmvisit www.actapublications.com. K Foundation. Festival. K
  12. 12. 12 800-992-9392 THE www.stutteringhelp.org STUTTERING FOUNDATION ... look ing for impala Conture who did not; however, for continued from front page and those who recover. CWNS, no such relation was ob- To study these children, we served between emotional regu- have used validated parent re- lation and speech disfluencies. ports and systematic behavioral Furthermore, decreased emo- observations of emotions (and tional arousal (reactivity) was recently child-friendly physio- strongly associated with in- logical indices) as well as con- creased expressive vocabulary versational, standardized and for CWNS but not CWS. experimental measures of Importantly, changes in emo- These photos are from the Shashe- speech and language. tion occurred during listening and Limpopo Predator Research Group While earlier aspects of this work before talking suggesting that meeting in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe. have been published, we’d like to changes in stuttering may follow share two preliminary findings indi- rather than merely preceed Zimbabwe continued from page 10 cating that speech-language and emo- changes in emotion! fear and stuttering. My assumption These findings also suggest that is that when one is experiencing tions interact to contribute to child- fear, the muscle cells are activated in hood stuttering. emotional processes relate to speech anticipation of the ‘fight or flee’ sit- Using an experimental proce- disfluencies in different ways for uation and therefore ‘call’ for more dure called CWS than CWNS. “Converging glucose and oxygen. Any hindrance “background Likewise, CWNS, to the respiratory system exacer- stimulation,” when compared to lines of evidence bates the situation and makes it hard borrowed from CWS, appear more to relax and reach a calm state. And proficient at using psychological should help us obviously relaxation is vital in making easy, trouble-free and fluent studies of chil- expressive vocabu- dren in families lary as a resource better understand speech. All these connotations gave me an indication of how normal with marital dis- to regulate their emotions. We are the role of breathing is important or at least re- putes, preschool- lated to speech production. age CWS and eager to see how emotion in After the three-month period, I CWNS listened physiological mea- began gradual physical exercises in to three audio- sures of emotion, developmental the morning and after work. It took presented two- for example, heart about a fortnight to realize a signifi- minute conver- rate variability, stuttering...” cant change in my breathing system sations that were again. Also, when I exercised in the corroborate these mornings before going to work, I presumably findings. would generally start the day in a overheard be- These cross-sec- good or ‘happy’ mood. When in this tween two speak- tional or one- mood, I would rarely stutter. Most ers in the next point-in-time importantly, I would not become room. One in- Edward G. Conture findings beg the conscious about my disorder thereby volved “flat” af- question of wh- allaying any fears about stuttering. fect, another ether differences in emotional This relationship has been a major “happy” and a third “angry.” processes not only differentiate breakthrough to my work life since Immediately after listening to most management meetings where I CWS from CWNS but also pre- these conversations, the children usually suffer speech disfluency take dict CWS who do and do not re- provided a short narrative from a place in the morning. text-less picture book while we cover. To do that, as we have I therefore conclude that for me at measured their emotional, proposed, we must study children least physical exercises are not only longitudinally using multiple important for the respiratory system speech-language and disfluent be- havior. Findings indicated that methods and measures. or the heart, but also essential to pro- ducing relaxed trouble-free speech. most children reacted emotionally Converging lines of evidence Perhaps, it would be worthwhile for in line with the overheard conver- should help us better understand researchers to pursue this interesting sations, but some children in both the role of emotion in develop- relationship in a more scientifically groups regulated their emotional mental stuttering, a link often acceptable research method. arousal better than others. speculated about, but less often Post S cri pt CWS who engaged in emo- empirically studied, especially in These reflections are only intend- preschool children, the childhood ed for my fellow stutterers and are tional regulatory behaviors (for example, self-soothing) stuttered years in which developmental based on personal experiences. K significantly less than for those stuttering begins. K
  13. 13. 13Back-to-School Opportunities for a Promising Year 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERINGFALL 2008 FOUNDATION notes Dr. Lisa Scott, “they should ing and introducing children to otherBy Joan Warner consult with the school speech students who speak like them may It is time to think about back to clinician as well as the parents to be as important asschool and how to make make sure their approach to the teaching speakingthis the best school year child’s speech is consistent.” strategies [for confi-possible for all students. Ultimately, each teacher is part dence building].” If a student is stut- of a child’s team and everyone Reitzes suggests,tering in the class- should work in the same direction. “Create an open di-room, his or her teach- In addition to being practical, alog about stutter-er will have the first Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids ing with your stu-opportunity to make a highlights children discussing dents and theirdifference. Some re- their experiences in parents, teachers and principles.”sources include the the classroom and In a school therapy setting, he likesStuttering Foundation’s sharing what works to plan “stuttering cele-brochures Notes to the best for them. brations” with his stu-Teacher and 8 Tips for Teachers. Trouble at Recess dents in which they goAnd a must-see DVD Stuttering: is a new book that into classrooms andStraight Talk for Teachers answers appeals to parents, teach their peersfundamental questions and offers teachers, the SLP, and about stuttering.concrete suggestions. the child who stutters. A classic book This DVD includes a newly up- Eight-year-old author Jamie tells us that should be indated handbook with sections for about her problems both in and out of all back-to-schoolboth the classroom teacher and the the classroom. Teasing and bullying, professional libraries, Treatingschool clinician. are all addressed openly and calmly. the School-Age Who Stutters: A “Any time teachers are con- Peter Reitzes, M.A., CCC-SLP, Guide for Clinicians includescerned about a child’s fluency,” offers, “Talking openly about stutter- helpful dialogues. Wanted: MySpace Co-Leader ... Tell Us Why We Are Looking for You! K You just might have what we are cated out there! time to celebrate the Stuttering looking for to join our MySpace The qualifica- Foundation MySpace One-Year Team. Read on and enter our con- tions are simple: Anniversary in October. The top test to become our new Co-Leader. If you are a three applicant’s essays will be pub- The response to the launching of Person Who lished on our website and the winner the Stuttering Foundation’s Stutters; know a announced with an introductory MySpace page in October 2007 has thing or two about MySpace design splash on MySpace. This is consid- been truly gratifying, and not just a and upkeep; are 21 – 28 years old; ered a volunteer position with all the little educational, too! Attracting a enjoy meeting new people; and have benefits that come with philanthropy, cross section of ages and back- a practical, compassionate, fresh na- including the less tangible gift of giv- grounds and nationalities, the one ture … you may be the one! ing, along with the practical bonus of thing these members who stutter The responsibilities are equally an addition to your resume! have in common is they all say, “I am simple: Check the space daily; ac- “People who stutter have found a so glad I found this group!” knowledge/respond to posts; update wonderful place to share ideas, offer We hand much of that credit to the page face from time to time as directed; and familiarize yourself support, and sometimes, just grum- the Foundation’s long-time friend, Eva Woolwine, group leader for with the Stuttering Foundation and ble about things. But I think always, SFA’s MySpace. “It’s been my communicate with Eva and the SFA we end up putting a smile on each pleasure to run this group!” Eva office as needed. others faces,” Eva says. “Amazingly, says as she welcomes each new We are accepting 250-word essays some people are finding other stutter- member. And by the time this is in that tell a little about you, your inter- ers for the first time and I am thrilled print, our MySpace may have some ests and goals, and why you’d like to to be a part of that discovery!” 300 members! contribute to and be a part of this ex- We look forward to meeting you, So now is a good time to find a citing opportunity. You should e-mail so please send your essay today. Be Co-Leader to help Eva and share in your essay, with “MySpace Co- sure to address all qualifications, the fun. If we could clone her, we Leader Essay” in the subject line, to including practical knowledge of would, but we know there is a candi- info@stutteringhelp.org by Oct. 15, MySpace design, and Tell Us Why date equally as interested and dedi- 2008. We hope to have a winner in We Are Looking for You! K
  14. 14. 16 www.stutteringhelp.org 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION International as a way to improve fluency, Guitar. (2006). Available from Lippincott, WilliamsNewsbriefs communication or public speaking skills, their & Wilkins, 800-638-3030, www.LWW.com. Thanks to ads on Google, more than 40,000 address is: Toastmasters International, Inc.,Web users each week visit Attention: Membership Department, P.O. Box Beyond Stammering, Revised edition bythe Stuttering Foundationʼs 9052, Mission Viejo, CA 92690, Telephone: David Maguire. (2008) Souvenir Press, London. (714) 858-8255; Fax: (714) 858-1207. TMsite, www.stutteringhelp.org.The search engine provides these ads at nocost to the Foundation as a public service. For those wanting to obtain a copy of Self- Empirical Perspectives by Dale F. Williams. Stuttering Recovery Personal andYou may have seen the ads; they are located Therapy for the Stutterer in Japanese, (2006). Available from Lawrence Erlbaumon the top or right of Googleʼs search page. write to Dr. Shokichi Nakajima, 2-21-1 Associates, Mahwah, NJ, www.erlbaum.com. Ogawa Machida-shi, Tokyo 194, Japan, tele- The Stuttering Foundation Five Day phone/fax: 0427 (96) 5092.Workshops will be held in the following loca- Speech Therapy for the Severe Oldertions in 2009: Portland, Oregon; Self-Therapy for the Stutterer is avail- for Change by George Helliesen. (2006). Adolescent and Adult Stutterer: A ProgramBoston, Massachusetts; Iowa City, able in French. Write to the Association des Available from Apollo Press, Newport News,Iowa. The Stuttering Foundation pays Begues du Canada, 2596 A rue Chapleau, VA, 800-683-9713, www.apollopress.com.all tuition costs as well as room and Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2K 3H6; 1-877-board for these exceptional in-depth 353-1042. Please enclose $20.00 Canadianworkshops. Dates to be announced - to cover printing, postage, and handling costs. Treatment and Activity Resource Guide by The Child and Adolescent Stutteringstay tuned! Peter Ramig and Darrell Dodge. (2005). Available from Thomson Delmar Learning, For those wanting to obtain a copy of The eleventh annual ISAD On- Clifton Park, NY.line Conference, Don’t Be Afraid Answers in Hindi, write to: Dr. Sajiv Adlakha, Stuttering and Your Child: Questions andof Stuttering opens Oct. 1 and Adlakha Speech and Hearing Clinic, A67ends Oct. 22, International Clinicians by Clinicians by Ehud Yairi and Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar - 4, New Dehli- Early Childhood Stuttering: ForStuttering Awareness Day. Go to Nicoline Grinager Ambrose. (2005). Available 110024, India, or e-mail: adlakhas@hotmail.com. from ProEd, Austin, TX and amazon.com. Those interested in joining a fluency and public speaking skills group should also contact Dr.www. stutteringhomepage.com. The Second African Conference on Adlakha at the above address.Stuttering will be held in Stutter by Peter Reitzes. (2006). Available 50 Great Activities for Children Who from Pro-Ed, Austin, TX, www.proedinc.com.Ougadougou, Burkina Faso, Books on Stuttering or Related TopicsWest Africa, from October 30-November 1, 2008. For moreinformation, contact Mouusa and Practice by Nan Bernstein Ratner and Current Issues in Stuttering Research Stammering: Palin PCI Approach by John Tetnowski. (2006). Lawrence ErlbaumDao at daomoussa@yahoo.fr Practical Intervention for Early Childhood Kelman, E. & Nicholas, A. (2008). Associates, Mahwah, NJ.or ouaga2008@yahoo.fr Speechmark Publishing Ltd: Milton The Sixth IFA World Congress, August Keynes, U.K., www.speechmark.net.7-9, 2009, in Sao Paulo, Sharing the Journey: Lessons from myBrazil.For more information, visit Stammering, Advice for All Ages by Renee by Lon Emerick, Ph.D. (2001). Available for $10 Students and Clients with Tangled Tonguesthe International Fluency Byrne and Louise Wright. (2008). Sheldon from the Stuttering Foundation at 800-992-9392.Association Web site at: http:// Press, London, www.sheldonpress.co.uk. This newsletter is published quarterly. Please e-mail address changes and story ideas towww.theifa.org/IFA2009/ for School-Age Children Who Stutter by info@stutteringhelp.org.IFA_congress_2009.doc Speak Freely: Essential Speech Skills The 9th World Congress of Mark Allen, Ph.D., (2007) Speak Freelythe International Stuttering Publications, Evanston, IL , www.cfst.com.Association will take place in Volume17, Issue 3Beijing, China 2010. For more in- Renee Shepherd . . . . . . . . . . . . . Editorformation, visit www.bj2010isc.cn Stutter by Marc Shell. (2005). Harvard Scot Squires . . . . . . . . . . Writer/Designer University Press, Cambridge, MA./index.php. Special thanks to Joan Warner, Patty Reed, For those interested in joining Toastmasters Nature and Treatment, Third Edition by Barry Stuttering: An Integrated Approach to Its Susie Hall, Pat Hamm, Lisa Hinton, Terri Jones, and Carol Ecke. THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION 3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603 P.O. Box 11749 • Memphis, TN 38111-0749