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What would you say if you have a smart device that is able to control anything, like the FAVI Entertainment wireless keyboard? There are loads of wireless keyboards out there, but FAVI wireless keyboard is packed with the great technology and also features. There is no more manual operation where you need to control everything on your own. Thanks to this FAVI FE02RF-BL keyboard, you can enjoy flexible operation as well as handy device to make your days go easily.

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Favi Entertainment Wireless Keyboard

  1. 1. FAVI FE02RF-BL SmartStick Mini Keyboard (http://www.minikeyboardwithtouchpad.com) The remote control size keyboard, FAVI FE02RF-BL, is available on Amazon for less than $40.00. In return, you will have the QWERTY, compact FAVI Entertainment wireless keyboard with responsive backlit feature, media playback control, rechargeable battery, and integrated laser pointer. There are more of course interesting features on the FAVI SmartStick keyboard. Compatible Keyboard FAVI FE02RF-BL is compatible with FAVI SmartStick, PCs, laptops, Smart TVs, android devices, DVD/Blu-Ray players, and streaming boxes. Most devices today support 2.0 USB wireless keyboard, so the SmartStick keyboard will be easily compatible with your devices. Apart from the high compatibility, the keyboard includes the following key features:  Android hot-keys  Backlit keys  Built-in PowerPoint hotkeys and laser pointer  Media quick-keys  QWERTY layout and touchpad mouse  Rechargeable battery  Small form factor
  2. 2.  Wireless connectivity Keyboard Features FAVI Entertainment SmartStick keyboard just fits perfectly in your hands while you are accessing your email, browsing, playing games, etc. Turn the lights off for more exciting experience as you play your games or watch movies, and let the backlit keyboard give you hassle free operation. These more features do offer further ease.  Keyboard and presenter Interestingly, wireless presenter is the main reason of most purchases. Built-in laser pointer, preprogrammed slideshows, presentation buttons, Google presentations, Apple Keynote, PowerPoint, touchpad mouse, flip function, and other presentation programs are all available in FAVI FE02RF-BL.HR departments, executives, non-profits, business professionals, teaching environments, and educational institutions will definitely find the SmartStick keyboard useful.  Multimedia control Do you want a HTPC control? SmartStick keyboard comes with wide-ranging integrated multimedia keys.  Quick connection The wireless connection allows for immediate connection. Forget the annoying software installation. Open the back cover, take the stored USB dongle out, insert it into your device, and then press RF button.  Rechargeable battery You do not need to buy disposable batteries. Charge the lithium-ion battery using its power cable.  Game controller You will be so thankful for the mobile keyboard, especially for the key layout, mobile touchpad, and Android hotkeys, now that you enjoy your games a lot more than ever before.  All included The purchase includes one wireless keyboard, removable battery, RF receiver, mini charge cable, and user guide.
  3. 3. Keyboard Feature Details Do you need details? These SmartStick keyboard specifications are all for you to check.  Keyboard interface: USB  Design style: mini  Palm rest: N/A  Color: black  Type: RF wireless  Wireless distance: 33 ft.  Mouse: included  Mouse tracking method: touchpad  Supported devices: PC/ laptop, tablet/smartphone, kindle HD, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS 3, SmartStick by FAVI, set-top boxes/ streaming devices, android TV sticks/ boxes, smart TVs, Blu-Ray/ DVD players
  4. 4. Keyboard Performance Now you can expect high performance on the keyboard. For the most and obvious reason, FAVI keyboard does not require software. Let the driver install automatically as you sit back and relax. The satisfying wireless frequency (2.4GHz) will not let you experience lag or latency suffering. The touchpad surface is lightly textured, providing higher accuracy and responsiveness. If you have been comfortably working with dual-thumb operation on your cell phone, typing with the small wireless keyboard feels just fine as long as you hold it instead of placing it on somewhere. For some people, reaching the middle section with either thumb seems nearly impossible, though. It is somehow a design flaw for a typing function device. Another undermining is Bluetooth connectivity absence, which is a necessity for every tablet user. FAVI FE02RF-BL review provides more information on both the strengths and weaknesses of the SmartStick keyboard. You may need to weigh up the weaknesses, but if you can tolerate them, the FAVI wireless mini keyboard is just going to be okay. It is time to make a purchase.