Instant Productivity with Yammer


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This presentation will help you to better understand the role Yammer can play in your business, and provides 10 quick tips on getting the most out of the platform. Originally presented at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (#WPC14) on July 14th, 2014

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  • As SharePoint extends into broad adoption and business solutions such as extranets securing the SharePoint content is key.
  • Instant Productivity with Yammer

    1. 1. Instant Productivity withYammer Christian Buckley Office 365 MVP and Managing Director, Americas at GTconsult
    2. 2. Christian Buckley Managing Director,Americas @buckleyplanet
    3. 3. Summary Wondering where to begin withYammer and what steps you can take to quickly realize its business benefits? This session will help you understand WHY and HOW Yammer can improve productivity, walking you through several tips and tricks for getting the most out of the platform.
    4. 4. AccordingtoGartner, over75%ofFortune 1000 companieswill have undertakensome kind ofonline social-networking initiative formarketing orcustomerrelations purposesthis year.
    5. 5. According to an Avanade study looking at social use for Information Workers:  Social technologies make their jobs more enjoyable (66%)  And more productive (62%)  And help them get work done faster (57%)  Of the businesses using social collaboration tools, 82% want to use them more in the future
    6. 6. Social in Yammer • Community • Social tagging • Easily share content and activities • Follow people, groups, announcement and tags • Activity streams • Profiles
    7. 7. How are businesses usingYammer to improve productivity?
    8. 8. Community Building
    9. 9. Thought Leadership
    10. 10. Seeding Innovation
    11. 11. Partner Development
    12. 12. Customer Enablement
    13. 13. 10Tips for Instant Yammer Productivity
    14. 14. 1. Don’t let questions or comments go unanswered
    15. 15. 2.Track important conversations using Bookmarks
    16. 16. 3. Pull people into a conversation
    17. 17. 4. Redirect conversations usingShare
    18. 18. 5.Use theAnnouncements
    19. 19. 6.Use the polling feature
    20. 20. 7. Recognize someone
    21. 21. 8.Create externalnetworks to collaborate with partners and customers
    22. 22. 9. Host aYamJam
    23. 23. 10. Embed yourGroups inSharePoint
    24. 24. Want to modify the embed feed? • Changes the size, header and footer, and other elements before you add to SharePoint
    25. 25. The overall goal of social is to reach business goals
    26. 26. This list actually goes to 11 Wait!
    27. 27. 11. Join relevant networks • • • Local and Internal user groups • Industry-related groups • LinkedIN groups
    28. 28. Sign up and get started with Yammer Enterprise Social Resource Center Check out the Success Center NextSteps
    29. 29. EnterpriseSocial ResourceCenter Customer testimonials sharing success stories with Enterprise Social Tailored guidance for line-of-business leads: Executives, HR, IT, Sales, Marketing, Customer Support Educational content on the business value and benefits of Enterprise Social Learn how social software can help your business
    30. 30. Scenarios inspire people to work in new ways using Office 365, along with related communication kits to support adoption. A four-step approach to drive adoption supported by downloadable templates and best practices. Featured adoption communities where you can learn from your peers and adoption experts. Helpful resources to learn about other customer stories and special offers to make it easier to get started. Learn how to get the most out of Office 365, quickly get your team onboard, and drive adoption
    31. 31. Further Reading on Social  Success Measurement of Enterprise Social Networks provides a framework for defining your social measurements  Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else andWhat It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life byAlbert-Laszlo Barabasi (2003).  Six Degrees:The Science of a ConnectedAge by Duncan J.Watts (2004). Watts was really the one who brought network science into the mainstream, and was bleeding-edge content at the time when LinkedIn, MySpace, Ryze, Friendster and others were in full swing, prior to the era of Facebook andTwitter.A must-read.  Connected:The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and HowThey Shape Our Lives -- How Your Friends' Friends' FriendsAffect EverythingYou Feel,Think, and Do by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler (2011) is an in-depth look at the power and possibilities of social influence, and specifically talk about the strength of a network over that of the individual.  ReturnOn Influence:The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing by Mark Schaefer (2012) contains a lot of marketing fluff, in my opinion, but does a good job of outlining the strengths of various tools and consumer websites that create and monitor social influence data points.  Understanding Social Networks:Theories,Concepts, and Findings by Charles Kadushin (2011) is more of a deep dive into the social networking platforms.There’s a lot to be learned about how these sites work, and what you can then translate into internal systems or strategies, such as through your gamification strategies.  Bursts:The Hidden Patterns Behind EverythingWe Do, fromYour E-mail to BloodyCrusades by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi (2011)  You may also be interested in a blog post by Rebecca Murphy entitled 10Vital Steps to Building Social Influence, which begins with a link to a study that shows people do, indeed, consider popularity and influence to be two different things.
    32. 32. Christian Buckley Office 365 MVP and Managing Partner, Americas at GTconsult @buckleyplanet /IN/ChristianBuckley Thank you! 5 Power UserTips ForYammer 5 Additional Power UserTips ForYammer Another 5Yammer Power UserTips