Top 20 Office and Office 365 Productivity Features You Need to Know


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Most people understand the core capabilities in Micrfosoft Office and Office 365: they can log in, access email, upload documents, join in discussions. But are there features that go largely unused, but which can help you unlock personal or team productivity? This presentation walks through the Top 20 Office and Office 365 productivity features that can help your end users get the most out of the and related Microsoft Office functionality.

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  • He goes on to say “The emergence of cloud as the core for new 'business as a service' offerings will accelerate cloud adoption and dramatically raise the cloud model's strategic value beyond CIOs to CXOs of all types."

  • You see what I did there? I jumped right to where I said you should not jump. But after all, I don’t know the specifics of your organizations, or the maturity level of your collaboration efforts to know which pieces to suggest. Technology can be a crutch – because its easier to stand here and talk about tech than it is to get at the root of the problems within any organization, which are inevitably people and cultural issues that keep you moving forward with your strategy.

    Having said that, there are tools that can move you in the right direction
  • Share your work with the world
    Publish unlimited PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Office Mix, and PDF documents, as well as Sways, for free – always with rich formatting intact.
  • Office Lens now converts pictures of paper documents to PDF files—Go paperless! The Office Lens app for Windows Phone makes pictures of whiteboards and docs readable and saves them to OneNote. Now you can use Office Lens to take a picture of a document save it as a PDF file. The file is automatically saved to your OneDrive, so you can access and search it on any device. It’s like having a scanner in your pocket.

  • Office Mix authoring now easier for first-time users—Getting started with Office Mix, the free add-in for PowerPoint, just got easier for new users. Step-by-step instructions guide you through creating your first mix recording in two minutes or less. And the new Create an Office Mix template links you to examples and tutorials. For experienced users, publishing Office Mix presentations is now easier.

    Sharing Office Mixes on social networks and improved embedding available—When you play a public Office Mix with audio or video, you can now pause the mix to see options to share to your favorite social network, including Twitter. And added support for two of the most popular embed formats on the web, and oEmbed, means you can embed a mix in your blog or website.
  • Top 20 Office and Office 365 Productivity Features You Need to Know

    1. 1. Top 20 Office and Office 365 Productivity Features You Need to Know Christian Buckley Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC Office Server and Services MVP
    2. 2. Christian Buckley Founder of CollabTalk LLC Office Servers and Services MVP @buckleyplanet
    3. 3. CollabTalk provides academic research and community-driven conversations around key tools and trends in the enterprise collaboration, social, and business intelligence ecosystem, allowing you to stay on top of these changes -- and ahead of the game. Our latest research project: The State of Hybrid SharePoint
    4. 4. Collaboration has evolved
    5. 5. • Worldwide spending on public IT cloud services will grow • from $47.4 billion in 2013 • to more than $107 billion in 2017 spending-to-reach-108-billion-by-2017-idc.html
    6. 6. • Over the next several years, the primary driver for cloud adoption will shift from economics to innovation as leading-edge companies invest in cloud services as the foundation for new competitive offerings. Frank Gens, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst at IDC
    7. 7. Microsoft’s Roadmap
    8. 8. Modern Team Sites Yammer Office Graph Delve Office 365 Groups Planner Skype for Business Microsoft Teams PowerBI Microsoft Stream
    9. 9. Stuff you *should* already know about
    10. 10. Microsoft Graph
    11. 11. Power BI
    12. 12. Power BI  Microsoft Power BI transforms your company's data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you. Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.  Resources • The Office 365 content pack enables you to use the powerful reporting and analytics capabilities of Power BI to analyze and create interactive dashboards. • Microsoft Power BI Blog • The White Pages (MVP John White’s blog)
    13. 13. Delve
    14. 14. Delve  Microsoft Delve is a data visualization and discovery tool that incorporates elements of social networking and machine learning with the search capability of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. It is a cloud-based service offered through the Office 365 suite to help users find and discover pertinent information across Office 365.  Resources: • What is Office Delve? • Welcome to Delve • Making Sense of Office Graph and Delve (buckleyplanet) • A revamped Microsoft Delve looks like a corporate mashup of Facebook and LinkedIn
    15. 15. Sway
    16. 16. Sway  Helps gather, format, and share your ideas, stories, and presentations on an interactive, web-based canvas that looks great on virtually any screen.  Resources: • Your Sway home page • Getting started with Sway (Microsoft)
    17. 17. Flux Capacitor
    18. 18. Top 20 Office and Office 365 Productivity Features You Need to Know
    19. 19. The New Home Page
    20. 20. The New Document Library UX
    21. 21. App launcher extensibility
    22. 22. • Connects to your enterprise applications, quick task tiles, and a user's My apps page • Integrate with Azure AD to make visible on user’s apps page  Resources: • Pin your own sites and apps (Microsoft) App launcher extensibility
    23. 23. Skype Integrations (within Office apps)
    24. 24. Skype Integrations (with OneDrive)
    25. 25. Skype integration with Office & OneDrive  Resources:  Skype for Business product page (Microsoft)  Office 365 enterprise users get Skype for Business meeting, conferencing, and calling features (VentureBeat)  Skype vs. Skype for Business: Who can stick with the free app, who needs to upgrade (PCWorld)
    26. 26. Skype and OneNote adds to Exchange
    27. 27. Microsoft Stream
    28. 28. Microsoft Stream  Engage and inspire your workforce. Securely upload and share videos from across your organization to improve communication, participation, and learning. Features end user tagging and discovery capability, allowing anyone in an organization to share and consume video content. To be integrated into Office 365 Video.  Resources • Microsoft Stream website • Official Microsoft blog • Microsoft Stream 101 • Microsoft Stream: The future of secure business video
    29. 29. One utility that I love: Tagging for status change alert in Skype
    30. 30. Microsoft To-Do app for task management
    31. 31. Microsoft To-Do app for task management  Available in Preview, displacing Wunderlist over next few months  Helps you to identify and maintain tasks across devices  Intelligent suggestions for your day, based on you’re activities  Integrations with Office and Outlook  Built entirely in the cloud  Resources:  Office blog  Overview video  Getting started (Microsoft)
    32. 32. Calendar peek  Resources:  Keep a calendar and your appointments and meetings always in view (Microsoft)
    33. 33.
    34. 34.  Cloud site on which you can create a visually appealing online portfolio that can include OneNote notebooks, Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint slide decks, interactive Sways, PDFs and a host of web content. retains all your Office documents’ rich formatting, animations and formulas and can be easily shared with to the world.  Resources: • Blog • Frequently Asked Questions about •, an educator’s wonder tool • Microsoft pulls then revives search after complaints of exposed sensitive files
    35. 35. Office Lens
    36. 36. Office Mix
    37. 37. Auto-Save in Word People dread losing their work due to a system crash. By auto-saving what you're working on every minute or two, you get an extra level of protection. Select File - Options - Save and reduce the default Save AutoRecover information from 10 minutes to 1 or 2 minutes.
    38. 38. Move Your Word Auto Recovery Folder To The Cloud If Word ever crashes or you experience a system crash while you have a document open, you can likely recover most if not all of your document through the auto-recovery copy that the app saves regularly. But if you're looking to be extra safe, you should consider changing the Word auto recovery folder's location to a cloud drive. You can use just about any service that has a desktop app and syncs files to the cloud. Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are all options. Here's how:
    39. 39. Customize the Recent Documents List Word shows you a useful list of recently opened documents when you click on the File tab, then choose Open from the menu at the left. If you have a document or several that you regularly open and close throughout your working day, you can pin those documents to the top of the Recent Documents list to make opening them much quicker. Simply right click the document you want to pin and choose 'Pin to list', or click on the pin to the right of the name of the document you want to choose.
    40. 40. Use Outline View In Word To Reorder Headings In A Large Document If you're looking to copy a section from one document to another, this is possibly one of the easiest ways to do it. Word's outline view has a tool that lets you select headings and move them up/down in the document.
    41. 41. Create A Master Document And Add Subdocuments In Word 2016 MS Word has long had a really useful feature that allows users to manage large documents and their subsections that they're collaborating on by separating sections into different files. The subsections or subdocuments make it easy to update and export parts of a large document. The feature isn't just great for large documents but also for smaller ones that have many seemingly independent sections. Identify a document as the Master Document and then identify the subdocuments. Subdocuments can be split or merged with other subdocuments, or you can add a different document as a subdocument.
    42. 42. Turn notes into calendar items You can use Microsoft's note-taking tool, OneNote, inside of Microsoft Outlook. So, if you write a to-do list in OneNote, you can easily convert it to a bunch of tasks with deadlines and reminders on your calendar. You can add automatically add calendar meeting details like date, location, topic, agenda and attendees, to your notes. Then you can email the meetings notes to you team using the “Email Page” button.
    43. 43. Create a Search Folder in Outlook A Search Folder is a powerful way to triage your messages and bring some sanity to your inbox. For instance, you can create a search folder for mail you want to follow up, or flag messages from specific people, groups or list. Click the Folder tab then click New Search Folder then choose the type of Search Folder you want to create from within one of the groups. Select the mail folder and click OK. A search folder is created in the Navigation Pane. Any messages I choose to follow up will be available there when I need them.
    44. 44. Configure your AutoCorrect Speed up your writing with AutoCorrect. If you frequently misspell the same words, add them to your AutoCorrect dictionary. Choose Tools > AutoCorrect, and add entries to automatically fix your terrible typing habits. You can also add to your AutoCorrect dictionary from Word’s automatic spellcheck. Control-Click a misspelled word, and use the context menu to add its replacement to AutoCorrect.
    45. 45. That was 20, but here are a few more…
    46. 46. Ignore reply-all  Resources:  Ignore all email messages in a conversation (Microsoft)
    47. 47. Delay Sending Emails In Outlook With A Rule So You Can Undo Send Gmail has a built-in feature that lets you 'undo' an email that you've sent. It's there to help you avoid last minute email accidents such as forgetting to attach a file. It gives you a brief window in which you can stop a sent message from being delivered. It's widely reported that this feature has saved lives. In Outlook and would like a similar feature on the desktop app, you can set it up yourself with an Outlook rule. Here's how:
    48. 48. Find Which Slide In Your PowerPoint Presentation Is The Largest In Size If the size of a presentation file ever becomes a problem, either when emailing it, or when sharing it via a cloud file sharing service, you will either have to find an alternative method to send the file or you will have to cut it down to size. Here's how you can check which slide in a presentation is the largest in size and cut back where it really matters.
    49. 49. Limit desktop notifications to only the most important emails It's terribly distracting to constantly be told "you've got mail!" but you still want to get notified for the most important alerts. In Outlook, set desktop notifications only for those VIP messages. Simply right click on an annoying message, and create a new rule.
    50. 50. Get emails that aren't sent directly to you OUT of your inbox In an old post, Scott Hanselman details his GTD organization method for Outlook. One of the best tips is to use a special "Inbox – CC" folder to gather all the emails that aren't sent directly to you. That way, your inbox is focused on only the most important emails. To set this up, go to Rules > New Rules…. Then click the "Advanced Options" button. In the Rules Wizard, select "where my name is not in the To box" and then in the next screen, "move it to the specified folder." Alternatively, set up a VIP email folder and move "emails sent only to me" into that special folder.
    51. 51. #30 – Some Possibly Useful Keyboard Shortcuts  Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word on Windows  Keyboard shortcuts in Word for Mac  Excel keyboard shortcuts and function keys for Windows  Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2016 for Mac  Keyboard shortcuts in OneNote for Windows 10  Keyboard shortcuts in SharePoint Online  Keyboard shortcuts in Outlook on the web  Keyboard shortcuts for Skype for Business  Keyboard shortcuts for Office Delve  Keyboard shortcuts for OneDrive  Keyboard shortcuts for Yammer  Keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint Online  Keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac  Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts
    52. 52.
    53. 53. Christian Buckley @buckleyplanet Thank you very much!
    54. 54. Thank you to our sponsors!