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The Future of Intelligent Communications


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Slides from a January 25th, 2018 webinar sponsored by PixelMill. Speakers included Microsoft MVP and CollabTalk Founder & CEO, Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet), and Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, and CEO of PixelMill, Eric Overfield (@ericoverfield). In the session, they shared what you need to know about Microsoft's "Intelligent Communications" messaging beyond the news of Skype for Business integration into Microsoft Teams, including cognitive services, artificial intelligence, machine-learning, IoT, and more. To watch the on-demand recording of the webinar, be sure to visit

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The Future of Intelligent Communications

  1. 1. CHRISTIAN BUCKLEY | COLLABTALK LLC Microsoft MVP @buckleyplanet ERIC OVERFIELD | PIXELMILL Microsoft Regional Director Microsoft MVP @EricOverfield The Future of Intelligent Communications @pixelmillteam #PixelMillWebinars
  2. 2. Christian Buckley Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC Office Servers & Services MVP @buckleyplanet
  3. 3. CollabTalk is an independent research and technical marketing services company. We provide product and marketing evaluation, strategy, and operational support, content development, and demand-generation guidance — working primarily within the Microsoft ecosystem.
  4. 4. Overview Microsoft announced that it will combine Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams, the new communications and collaboration tool within Office 365. This means that the Teams interface will replace the Skype for Business UI. While organizations are trying to understand what this means to their business, it is just one piece of the broader impact of ‘Intelligent Communication,’ which is where collaboration and communication technology is headed.
  5. 5. When Microsoft talks about Intelligent Communications, much of the content you find online points to the effort to move Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams What makes Microsoft Teams powerful is that is delivers a single hub for teamwork, with built-in, fully integrated voice and video. Teams also tightly weaves communications into the apps teams use to collaborate every day, alongside AI, Microsoft Graph, LinkedIn, cognitive services and more, Teams is a game-changer for how we collaborate and communicate.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. What are ‘Intelligent Communications’? Microsoft talks about “harnessing the power of intelligence” It’s beyond chat and online meetings, encompassing: • Cognitive services • Machine learning • Microsoft Graph • IoT
  8. 8. Skype & Teams infrastructure Skype and Teams were designed for enterprise-grade voice, video and meetings The platform has been built to be more efficient, with robust telemetry, and more streamlined updates to minimize disruption
  9. 9. Extending how we think about collaboration and communication Microsoft Teams will become the core communications client for Microsoft Office 365 customers Teams will help organizations surface and utilize content and data residing within existing infrastructure, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and Exchange Artificial intelligence will transform how we interact with our data, and each other
  10. 10. The Future of Business Meetings
  11. 11. Envisioning intelligent communications in our day-to-day work experiences Before a meeting, insights, history, and deeper context After a meeting, notes and actions captured and distributed in context to relevant projects, powering search and eDiscovery During a meeting, improved connections with in-person and online participants, sharing of relevant information
  12. 12. Built-In Intelligence Microsoft Cognitive Services and the Microsoft Graph will transform how content, conversations, and data are captured, classified, and surfaced Discovery will be integrated into every app and solution, putting relevant files and history at your fingertips Transcription, translation, and speech recognition will connect even more people in one streamlined experience Artificial intelligence will auto-generate notes and next steps based on company, team, or individual methodologies and best practices, and make suggestions to optimize and improve
  13. 13. Intelligent Communications vision  Intelligent communications go beyond traditional unified communications, enabling you to complete tasks more efficiently with minimal context switching, participate in more productive meetings that cover the entire meeting lifecycle, and better manage your everyday communications overload.  Microsoft Teams is at the core of Microsoft’s vision for intelligent communications—bringing together conversations, meetings, files, Office apps, and third-party integrations—to provide a single hub for teamwork in Office 365. More details: Intelligent Communications in Office 365 in FastTrack
  14. 14. Developer Opportunities Microsoft offers an extensible platform through Teams, which is available to all business and enterprise SKUs in 181 markets and 19 languages, with more than 150 integrations available and coming soon. Join the Microsoft Office 365 Developer Program
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  16. 16. Additional Resources  An Intelligent Approach to Building Your AI Practice  AI Practice Development Playbook  A new vision for intelligent communications in Office 365  Microsoft 365: Transform your communications with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business (Ignite 2017)  FAQ - Skype for Business & Teams vision  Blog post on Skype features coming to teams including link to roadmap slides: Business-capabilities-coming-to-Microsoft/ba-p/119636  Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams: Capabilities Roadmap  Looking ahead: Opportunities for partners in 2018  Join the Microsoft Office 365 Developer Program
  17. 17. Christian Buckley @buckleyplanet Thank you very much!
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