Social is Not Like Facebook, It's Like eBay


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A closer look at why social collaboration within the enterprise is more like eBay than Facebook, where its about purpose and function, not LOL Cats and pictures of what you ate for breakfast. This is a keynote presentation given at the 'SharePoint Success Stories' event in Cape Town SA in September 2013, followed by sessions at SPSCPT and SPSDBN.

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  • As SharePoint extends into broad adoption and business solutions such as extranets securing the SharePoint content is key.
  • As SharePoint extends into broad adoption and business solutions such as extranets securing the SharePoint content is key.
  • Note, this is the design so not using real numbers.A dashboard – a simple way to provide a bunch of data in one single view. Think about your car dashboard.
  • Social is Not Like Facebook, It's Like eBay

    2. 2. Our Awesome Sponsors
    3. 3. Some of the topics we’ll discuss : • Why is everyone so interested in social? • Where is the business value? • What are the differences between SharePoint social features and Yammer features? • What does it take to make social successful in the enterprise?
    4. 4. About me Christian Buckley Director, Product Evangelism at Metalogix Based in Seattle, Married for 23 years w/ 4 kids 2-time SharePoint Server MVP, Forbes/ Top 20 Influencer, ESPC13 Top Community Contributor, 4-time author, Member of MSFT Community Leadership Board @buckleyplanet
    5. 5. Get the Book Available from Microsoft Press Order your copy at Tackle 10 common business problems with proven SharePoint solutions • Set up a help desk solution to track service requests • Build a modest project management system • Design a scheduling system to manage resources • Create a site to support geographically dispersed teams • Implement a course registration system • Build a learning center with training classes and resources • Design a team blog platform to review content • Create a process to coordinate RFP responses • Set up a FAQ system to help users find answers quickly • Implement a cost-effective contact management system
    6. 6. Your end users want social. They don’t know why they want it….but they want it. Right now.
    7. 7. What is the #1 request from your end users? “I want something that looks like FaceBook” (What does that even mean?)
    8. 8. Personalization Rich user profile Network details Rich media sharing Alerts and network notifications
    9. 9. Status updates Newsfeed Threaded conversations Groups / Communities Publishing content
    10. 10. Facebook ≠ enterprise social An Avanade global study of enterprise social collaboration trends, analyzing the habits of 4,000 users and 1,000 IT and business decision-makers in 22 countries, found that  Facebook is twice as popular as SharePoint – 73% to 39%  Facebook is also four times more popular that IBM Open connections (17%) and six times more popular than Salesforce’s Chatter (12%)
    11. 11. Facebook ≠ enterprise social Of course… Although Facebook is used by 74% of organizations surveyed, organizations put SharePoint and Chatter (tied at 23%) at the top of their list of deployments for the coming year When asked about priorities, Facebook fell to the end of the list
    12. 12. Personalization Rich user profile Network details Rich media sharing Status updates Newsfeed Alerts and network notifications Threaded conversations
    13. 13. Yammer + SharePoint Roadmap Today  Option to replace SharePoint Newsfeed with Yammer  Yammer app for SharePoint  SharePoint 2013 on- premises guidance Tomorrow  New User Experience  Document conversations  Office 365 Single sign-on Future  External Communication  Email integration  Enhanced messaging
    14. 14. “Organizational success with social media is fundamentally a leadership and management challenge, not a technology implementation.” The Social Organization, Bradley and McDonald (Gartner)
    15. 15. Small-team collaboration can be fast and effective
    16. 16. While large-team collaboration can be sluggish and siloed
    17. 17. Organizations want adoption and engagement
    18. 18. Social in SharePoint
    19. 19. Social in Yammer
    20. 20. “structured” “unstructured”
    21. 21. Where is social going?
    22. 22. You’re probably asking: “What does any of this have to do with the FaceBook vs. eBay metaphor?”
    23. 23. Product #1 Product #2
    24. 24.  They surface data  They provide context  They extend the search experience  They are increasingly being viewed as the way in which people communicate Why are social tools important?
    25. 25. Problems with “eBay as Social” model  Look to the adoption lifecycle  Initial excitement, its shiny and new  Increased productivity  Soon, experts develop, and novices wander away  “Trolls” start appearing and mucking things up  Introverted social activities dilute the message  After that, “social silos” are created  Lack of alignment with business processes
    26. 26. Where Social Works Cultural change Executive adoption Business alignment Meaningful measure- ments Alignment with structured collaboration
    27. 27. Let’s go back to the FaceBook/eBay metaphor one more time
    28. 28.  Split screen of facebook vs ebay  Means to an end – a specific activity, self-focused  Versus a community, a business focus
    29. 29. “Social media, community, and purpose are the indispensable components that together produce mass collaboration.” The Social Organization, Bradley and McDonald (Gartner)
    30. 30. The elusive “Business Value” problem  When your community has strong business alignment, a sense of purpose, people will contribute, driving business value  Some people talk about “driving innovation.” What they really mean is the “emergence of ideas” between people, across teams, between partnering organizations  Clarifying thoughts  Sharpening messaging  Refining ideas  Delivering value
    31. 31. To move forward you need measurement
    32. 32. The Social Organization Community = Who Social = Where Purpose = Why The Social Organization, Bradley and McDonald (Gartner)
    33. 33. Ultimately, social is about your culture, not about the technology.
    34. 34. Q&A  I am not a consultant, so I do not directly work with companies to help them design their social strategies  However, I personally embrace the eBay model …and charge a small transaction fee for having watched my presentation  I also accept PayPal
    35. 35.  Rate this session and win at  SharePint at Eastwoods from 5pm onwards  Contact me at or @buckleyplanet Thank you!