SharePoint's Social Media Scorecard (updated)


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An updated version of my presentation walking through and comparing apples-to-oranges social computing solutions, and what is available out-of-the-box and through partner solutions in SharePoint 2010.

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  • The way that Gen Y works and plays is dramatically different from the social informatics of even 10 years ago. And the speed of change is increasing.
  • Users don’t want to have to go find itThey want it “to just work”Content anywhereSmart solutions that know what I want before I know I want it
  • SharePoint's Social Media Scorecard (updated)

    1. 1. SharePoint’s Social Media Scorecard Christian Buckley @buckleyPLANET Tri-State and Princeton SPUGs November 8th and 9th, 2011Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    2. 2. My Background Christian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler • Most recently at Microsoft • Microsoft Managed Services (now Office 365-Dedicated) • Advertising Operations, ad platform API program • Prior to Microsoft, was a senior consultant, working in the software, supply chain, and grid technology spaces focusing on collaboration • Co-founded and sold a collaboration software company to Rational Software. Also co-authored 3 books on software configuration management and defect tracking for Rational and IBM • At another startup (E2open), helped design, build, and deploy a SharePoint-like collaboration platform (Collaboration Manager), managing deployment teams to onboard numerous high-tech manufacturing companies, including Hitachi, Matsushita, Seagate, Nortel, Sony, and Cisco • I live in a small town just east of Seattle, 4 kids. Co-authoring ‘Implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Real-World Projects’ (MSPress, Feb2012)Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    3. 3. Axceler Overview Improving Collaboration for 16+ Years Mission: To enable enterprises to simplify, optimize, and secure their collaborative platforms Delivered award-winning administration and migration software since 1994 Over 2,000 global customers Dramatically improve the management of SharePoint Innovative products that improve security, scalability, reliability, “deployability” Making IT more effective and efficient and lower the total cost of ownership Focus on solving specific SharePoint problems (Administration & Migration) Coach enterprises on SharePoint best practices Give administrators the most innovative tools available Anticipate customers’ needs Deliver best of breed offerings Stay in lock step with SharePoint development and market trendsEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    4. 4. Agenda • The rise of social media • What is social media in the enterprise? • Social media inside SharePoint • The scorecard, criteria • The contenders • SharePoint 2010 Scorecard • Summary – how SharePoint 2010 stacks upEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    5. 5. Definitions “Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media uses Internet and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one-to-many) into social media dialogues (many-to-many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers.” Wikipedia.orgEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    6. 6. What are we talking about?Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    7. 7. The History of Social Media Bulletin Board Systems (BBS’s) – (1979 – 1995)Email by Robert Watson, Twitter Images Cell 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    8. 8. The History of Social Media Commercial Online Services (1979 – 2001) Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    9. 9. What is Social Media in the Enterprise? The Dawn of the Word Wide Web – 1991Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    10. 10. What is Social Media in the Enterprise? IRC, ICQ and Instant MessengerEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    11. 11. The History of Social Media P2P – BitTorrent – and “Social” Media SharingEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    12. 12. The History of Social Media Social Networking & Social News WebsitesEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    13. 13. The History of Social MediaEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    14. 14. The History of Social Media The Real-Time Statusphere & Location-based Social Web (2008 – ???)Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    15. 15. WindowsLiveSpaces Twitter 06 YouTube Xanga Ning 05 Yahoo360 Bebo Orkut Flickr 04 Facebook Dodgeball LinkedIn MySpace Tribe.Net 03 Xing Friendster Fotolog 02 Ryze LiveJournal 01 99 00 97 98
    16. 16. Why SharePoint Needs SocialEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    17. 17. Why SharePoint Needs Social The islands of information have been moved to SharePoint. NOW WHAT??? You can’t find anything You can’t tell who owns what You can’t tell what’s new, what’s old, or what has changed It’s all disconnectedEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    18. 18. Role of Social in SharePoint End Users Search Governance Social Media Taxonomy Ad Hoc MetadataEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    19. 19. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Ribbon UI SharePoint Workspace SharePoint Mobile Business Connectivity Services Office Client and Office Web App Integration InfoPath Form Services Standards Support External Lists Workflow SharePoint Designer Visual Studio Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings API Enhancements Social Bookmarking REST/ATOM/RSS Blogs and Wikis My Sites Activity Feeds Profiles and Expertise PerformancePoint Services Org Browser Excel Services Chart Web Part Visio Services Web Analytics SQL Server Integration Enterprise Content Types PowerPivot Metadata and Navigation Document Sets Social Relevance Multi-stage Disposition Phonetic Search Audio and Video Content Types Navigation Remote Blob Storage FAST Integration List Enhancements Enhanced PipelineEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    20. 20. The Social Informatics ShiftEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    21. 21. The Social Informatics Shift Social Informatics is the study of information and communication tools in cultural and institutional contexts. It is a cross-disciplinary focus on usage patterns, and is a blend of sociology, anthropology, psychology, technology and business perspectives, examining the changing way in which we do business. (Wikipedia)Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    22. 22. Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    23. 23. The Social Informatics Shift Btw, the word “app” was made “word of the year” 2011Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    24. 24. Emerging Enterprise Technologies 1. Community management tools 2. Open identity 3. Microblogging 4. Social CRM 5. Enterprise applications gaining a social layer 6. Activity streams 7. Social search, analytics, and filtering 8. Enterprise social media workflow 9. Automated compliance monitoring 10. Next-generation unified communications Dion Hinchcliffe, ZDNet, “Ten emerging enterprise 2.0 technologies to watch” Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    25. 25. The Future of Social MediaEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    26. 26. The ScorecardEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    27. 27. The Scorecard / Criteria • Ease of Entry – Internal, External • Discovery (expertise, interests) • Contextual Search • Enterprise Content Management (workflow, business process management) • Building Communities – External Focus • Team Collaboration – Internal Focus • Real-Time Connections • CostEmail • Extensibility Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    28. 28. The Contenders Facebook Ning Yammer Salesforce Google+ Jive Box.netEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    29. 29. FacebookEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    30. 30. FacebookEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    31. 31. Facebook Features Scorecard • Moderation and privacy controls • Ease of Entry – Internal F, External A • Microblogging • Discovery B- • Activity feeds • Contextual Search D • Photos and videos • Enterprise Content Management D • Real-time chat • Building Communities A- • Groups / discussion forums • Team Collaboration F • Advertising • Real-Time Connections A • Events • Blogging • Cost A • App store • Extensibility D-Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    32. 32. NingEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    33. 33. NingEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    34. 34. Ning Features Scorecards Branding and visual design • Ease of Entry – Internal C, External B+ Moderation and privacy controls • Discovery C Activity feeds • Contextual Search F RSS feeds • Enterprise Content Management F Photos and videos • Building Communities A Real-time chat Groups / discussion forums • Team Collaboration C+ Events • Real-Time Connections C+ Blogging • Cost B App store with tools for YouTube, • Extensibility C LinkedIn, Facebook, Google AppsEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    35. 35. Post a Status Everyone I follow within my org Threaded FB like discussionsEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    36. 36. Yammer Features Scorecards Enterprise social networking • Ease of Entry – Internal A, External F • Secure collaboration with internal and • Discovery C external people • Contextual Search C • Search archives of messages/profiles/tags • Enterprise Content Management F • Mobile app • Building Communities C • Team Collaboration D+ • Real-Time Connections C • Extensibility FEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    37. 37. Post a Status Threaded FB like discussions Messages/Alerts Custom DashboardEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    38. 38. Salesforce Features Scorecard • Real time feeds • Ease of Entry – Internal A, External F • Sales visibility • Discovery B • Activity Stream • Contextual Search D • Collaboration • Enterprise Content Management C+ • Manage & track campaigns • Building Communities D • Complete customer profile • Team Collaboration D • Improved marketing efforts • Real-Time Connections C • Extensibility FEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    39. 39. Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    40. 40. Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    41. 41. Google+ Features Scorecard • Microblogging • Ease of Entry – Internal A • Ability to filter your contacts, feeds • Discovery C • Photo aggregation from circles • Contextual Search C • Search across your streams • Enterprise Content Management F • Building Communities F • Team Collaboration B • Real-Time Connections B • Extensibility FEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    42. 42. Set up “observations” about companies, competitors, events, products, etc Publish your observations Create or join communities around products, markets, ideas and align/connect Interact with others about your observations your observations, allow people to connect ideas and solutions Track metrics and activity around those marketsEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    43. 43. Connect your ideas to markets, creating a web of ideas to help you and others see patterns and Attach observations to Track conversations trends business requirements around each idea, and strategies cross-reference other observationsEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    44. 44. Create agents to listen to social media networks and find relevant information Organize how you will view the results of your agentsEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    45. 45. Teams have real-time presence awareness, ability to capture conversations and attach to observations Wherever you are in the environment, connect with others and build the social webEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    46. 46. Jive Features Scorecard • Social media monitoring tools • Ease of Entry – Internal A, External A • Branded public communities • Discovery A • Team collaboration tools • Contextual Search A • Social CRM • Enterprise Content Management B- • Customer support accelerators • Building Communities A • Network / expertise discovery • Team Collaboration B • Metrics, usage patterns, network data • Real-Time Connections A • Integration with SharePoint • Cost C • Uses OpenSocial API • Extensibility B • Microblogging, IM, presence awarenessEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    47. 47. Comment/Tag this box (folder) Ongoing comments Task PaneEmail Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    48. 48. Features Scorecard • Collaboration using a familiar file structure • Ease of Entry – Internal B, External A • Sync desktop files to a box • Discovery C • Mobile app • Contextual Search D • Permission management • Enterprise Content Management F • Integrated file viewer • Building Communities F • Discussions and commenting • Team Collaboration C • Real-Time Connections D • Cost B • Extensibility DEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    49. 49. Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    50. 50. Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    51. 51. Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    52. 52. Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    53. 53. Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    54. 54. Email Email Cell Twitter Cell Twitter Blog @buckleyplanet 425.246.2823 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    55. 55. SharePoint 2010 Features Scorecard • Managed Metadata Service • Ease of Entry – Internal A+, External C • Advanced routing (w/metadata) • Discovery B+ • User profiles (My Sites) • Contextual Search B+ • Status updates/activity feeds • Enterprise Content Management B+ • Knowledge mining • Building Communities C • Bookmarks (replaces My Links) • Team Collaboration B • Feedback/rating • Real-Time Connections B • Note board (Wall) • Cost D • Podcasting kit • Extensibility A- • Social tagging • Expertise tagging • Wikis • Share & Track tab • Individual and team blogsEmail • People and social search Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    56. 56. Final Scorecard SharePoint may not win in any single category, however it is viewed by Gartner and other analyst firms as the only platform able to execute on broader enterprise needsEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    57. 57. What users are asking for Your team wants to build out a Facebook-like social networking solution on your intranet.Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    58. 58. What users are asking for Your team wants to build an intranet version of Twitter to help everyone stay instantly connected, sharing product, support and competitive information in a secure manner.Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    59. 59. What users are asking for Your team would like to access critical content and applications offline, and through their personal devices.Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    60. 60. Outside HelpEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    61. 61. NewsGator • Aggregated newsfeed across SharePoint sites, and using Social Sites, feeds outside of SharePoint • Expanded trackable items • Daily news digestEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    62. 62. NewsGator • Add individuals, groups, and hashtags • Create groups, each of which have their own microblog, documents, calendar, and other capabilities • Statistics on social activityEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    63. 63. Attini • Provisioning process for adding new users • Attini Talk provides microblogging, nested comments, sharing, mentions and badges • Improved blog capability, plus • Aggregate news, and •Email Aggregate video assets Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    64. 64. SnapWorkSocial • Microblogging • My Site integration • Task integration • Aggregate feeds • On-prem, cloud, and Office365Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    65. 65. Final thoughts Identify business gaps that can be filled by social features Ensure a cultural fit for these new features Develop a sound plan for deploying these new features, including buy-in from end users and key stakeholders.Email Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet
    66. 66. For more information Contact me at Christian Buckley,, 425-246-2823 On Twitter at @buckleyplanet Check out article How SharePoint 2010 Stacks Up to Your End-User Social Media RequirementsEmail Cell Twitter 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet