Productivity Hacking for Team Collaboration


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What does it take to get people to be more engaged within SharePoint? That's the focus of this session from #SPTechCon, which walks through a design and planning perspective on making SharePoint more productivity-focused.

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Productivity Hacking for Team Collaboration

  1. 1. Christian Buckley CMO at Beezy + Office Servers and Services MVP @buckleyplanet
  2. 2. Beezy is the premier enterprise collaboration solution for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, extending the feature set and improving the user experience for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments. We are on a mission to transform the way people work, and to help employees be more connected, innovative, and happy. Learn more at or @FollowBeezy on Twitter.
  3. 3. a strong baseline building and customizing
  4. 4. Common collaboration failures
  5. 5.     
  6. 6. Collaboration and productivity are being transformed
  7. 7. Mobility has become business-critical
  8. 8. Employees are better at self-monitoring than we thought
  9. 9. The power of social is not about the technology at all
  10. 10. Success = People + Culture
  11. 11. Intelligent, Social, Mobile, and Ready-to-go
  12. 12. #ProductivityHacking
  13. 13. focus on productivity end-to-end accomplish their work leveraging as much as you can
  14. 14.     
  15. 15. What is your UX goal?  Search  Metadata  Content Management  Compliance  Governance
  16. 16. Discover Follow-up Recover What’s going on? What’s interesting? Things I did Universe of user needs
  17. 17. Start page My profile Discover Follow-up Recover Other’s profile Discover Common pattern in social network interfaces
  18. 18. Start page My profile Discover Follow-up Other’s profile Discover Recover Discover Discover Example: Twitter
  19. 19. Start page My profile Discover Follow-up Other’s profile Recover Discover Discover Discover Example: LinkedIn
  20. 20. Start page My profile Discover Follow-up Other’s profile Recover Discover Example: Facebook
  21. 21. Start page My profile Discover Follow-up Other’s profile Recover Discover Example: Google+
  22. 22. Start page My profile Employee profile Follow-up RecoverDiscover Discover Find the patterns, keep it simple
  23. 23. User develops blindness Discover Follow-up
  24. 24. Follow-up Discover Recover Translate across navigation menus
  25. 25. Card-based system optimized for responsiveness Discover and on-boarding cards are mixed with content Iterate on your page layouts
  26. 26. MENU HEADER WIDGETS NEWSFEED More structured and stable content More fresh and dynamic content Extend these patterns to other pages
  27. 27. User research Wireframes Design Code 2-3 iterations 2-3 iterations 2-3 iterations Design process
  28. 28. Business requirements and usage data analysis Definition of 5-6 User Personas User journeys & stories User research
  29. 29. Information architecture Navigation based on mental models Interaction design (raw) Prototype Patterns libraries Wireframes
  30. 30. UI elements (typography, icons, etc) Motion design Responsive design Branding application Design
  31. 31. HTML / CSS Javascript Framework Mobile native Code (front-end)
  32. 32. To simplify the interface into SharePoint To better align end user activities with the needs of the business To better streamline business processes To get more out of SharePoint Why focus on Productivity?
  33. 33. @buckleyplanet /IN/ChristianBuckley Thank you!