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Office 365 Productivity Tips "Summer Scuffle"

  1. Office 365 Productivity Tips “Summer Scuffle" Christian Buckley CollabTalk LLC Thomas Duff Cambia Health
  2. Christian Buckley Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC @buckleyplanet Please remember to subscribe on YouTube!
  3. Thomas Duff Software Engineer at Cambia Health @Duffbert
  4. Rules of Engagement 1. Each opponent will take turns 2. No duplicates 3. Audience votes after each round 4. No hitting below the belt 5. Winner based on overall voting
  5. Let’s get started!
  6. Round 1
  7. Make time for outstanding tasks  The new Insights capability in Outlook provides some amazing new personal analytics, as well as AI-powered capabilities based on your individual work patterns.  To help you set aside time for pressing tasks—tasks you promised to complete for coworkers and tasks they asked you to get done—new inline suggestions and adaptive cards in email digests have been introduced. These will use AI to surface outstanding tasks from emails, making it seamless for you to reserve focus time for them.  One of these new AI capabilities helps you to set aside “Focus Time”  us/microsoft- 365/blog/2019/05/06/minimize- distractions-stay-focused-ai-powered- updates-in-microsoft-365/
  8. Using the Announcement post in Teams I've been waiting for this feature to show up in our Office 365 tenant, and now we have it… Announcement posts in Microsoft Teams! This is a great way to garner more attention to a post in a Microsoft Teams Channel. Here's how it works… Here's a normal entry to start a new conversation in a Teams Channel. To get to the Announcement format, click the Format icon in the lower left corner: In the upper left corner, click on the dropdown arrow next to New Conversation, select Announcement, and hit Enter:
  9. Using the Announcement post in Teams Here is the blank Announcement post format. It allows you to add a Headline (with different background colors or a background graphic), add a subheading, and then your content with all the text formatting options in the Format toolbar: In order to change the Headline banner, click on the color control (left) or the image control (right). For this sample, I'll add a background image:
  10. Using the Notes feature in Outlook Click on Upload An Image to add your background. It's recommended that you choose something that's at least 918 pixels wide by 120 pixels high: When the image is loaded, you can move it up or down to change the focus of the picture, as well as changing the magnification of what is shown. Once finished, click Done:
  11. Using the Announcement post in Teams Now you have your background image, and you can add your subheader and the text of the Announcement. When finished, click the Send icon in the lower right corner:
  12. Using the Announcement post in Teams And there you have your new Announcement showing up in your Teams Channel: Just remember… if this is overused, then people will learn to visually filter it out when they're reading a channel. You should only use this for things that truly warrant it.
  13. Who won the round? 15 votes 23 votes
  14. Round 2
  15. Seeing a weekly calendar view in the Outlook mobile app This is something I saw mentioned in the Twitter-verse a number of times, and I thought it was pretty cool. Using the Outlook mobile app, you can easily see a weekly view of your calendar just by changing your phone's orientation. Here's how that works… First, I open my Outlook mobile app (I'm on an iPhone, but I understand this works the same for Android, too):
  16. Seeing a weekly calendar view in the Outlook mobile app Clicking on the Calendar icon in the lower-right corner shows me my daily calendar view:
  17. Seeing a weekly calendar view in the Outlook mobile app However, if I turn my phone sideways into Landscape mode, it magically changes my view to a week-at-a-glance view: I find this incredibly useful, as I use both the daily and weekly views a lot, and I don't have to spend time tapping back and forth between them now.
  18. Planner and To-Do Integration  Planner is your out-of-the-box Kanban-based project management tool. Microsoft has finally taken steps to align this great tool with Microsoft To-Do.  Users can see all of their tasks across Microsoft 365 in To-Do, including flagged emails in Outlook and tasks assigned in Planner. View your tasks, deadlines, and details, and plan to get more done throughout your days.  To get started, update your To-Do app and click Show List when prompted to Track tasks assigned in Planner.  365/blog/2019/05/29/new-to-microsoft-365- april-streamline-compliance-collaboration- inclusive-engaging/  soft-To-Do-Blog/Planner-and-To-Do- integration-bringing-you-a-more-cohesive- task/ba-p/552740
  19. Who won the round? 19 votes 15 votes
  20. Round 3
  21. Get tricky acronym definitions automatically in Microsoft Word  Using the Microsoft Graph, Microsoft AI makes suggestions for acronym definitions specific to you and your organization while you read documents.  This makes it easier for you to read documents with clarity in the flow of your work.  To get started, click the Acronyms button on the References tab to launch the Acronyms pane and see suggested definitions for acronyms.  365/blog/2018/12/17/new-to-microsoft-365-in- december-ai-powered-tools-to-help-you-create-your- best-work/
  22. Using the Notes feature in Outlook When going through my list of reading material from Twitter, I found a link to an article by Rob Woodgate titled What are Notes in Outlook and How Do You Use Them? I didn't know that was buried in Outlook, and it's a pretty cool way to keep "sticky notes" in Outlook for easy reference. Here's how it works… Click the Ellipsis icon at the bottom of your folder list, and select Notes:
  23. Using the Notes feature in Outlook That option brings you to this Outlook screen. It shows your existing Notes, as well as various options to create a new Note, change the way you view them, forward the Note to someone else, and categorize them:
  24. Using the Notes feature in Outlook If you create a new Note, it automatically saves it using the first few words that are in your Note: There are some other ways you can work with your Notes, so I strongly encourage you to check out the article for yourself. This is yet another way to make Outlook more valuable to you throughout your day.
  25. Who won the round? 16 votes 19 votes
  26. Round 4
  27. Checking for gender-inclusivity when using Word If you're old like me, words like "policeman" and "fireman" just want to roll off your tongue, as that's what you grew up with. But today's communication often requires a more gender-inclusive word selection like "police officer" or "fire fighter." Microsoft Word has an option that will allow you to do grammar checks for that very scenario. Here's how to activate that… In Word, go to Options > Proofing > When correcting spelling and grammar in Word, and click on the Settings button after Writing Style: Grammar & Refinements:
  28. Checking for gender-inclusivity when using Word Scroll down to Inclusive Language, and select the option for Gender-Specific Language:
  29. Checking for gender-inclusivity when using Word Now if you type "Stewardesses," you can right-click on the term and get alternatives that are more gender-neutral:
  30. Checking for gender-inclusivity when using Word Now if you type "Stewardesses," you can right-click on the term and get alternatives that are more gender-neutral:
  31. Checking for gender-inclusivity when using Word Same with "Policeman": And "Postman":
  32. Share and coauthor documents with LinkedIn connections  For many of us, our LinkedIn network IS our extended company or project team. Microsoft is making it easier to collaborate with people regardless of tenant or company affiliation.  You will be able to coauthor documents with many of your first-degree LinkedIn connections in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and send emails to them directly from Outlook, without needing to have their email addresses stored in your contacts.  This brings your corporate directory and your LinkedIn network together, so you never lose touch with the contacts who can help you succeed, inside or outside your organization. And you no longer need to worry about losing touch with important contacts.  Blog/Achieve-more-through-people-with-LinkedIn-and- Microsoft-365/ba-p/261671  directory/users-groups-roles/linkedin-integration
  33. Who won the round? 4 votes 29 votes
  34. Round 5
  35. Sketch your message in Windows 10 Email App  Within the new Windows 10 Mail app, you can now author an email with a digital pen, your mouse, or even your finger!  Open a new email, select Draw > Drawing Canvas, and start creating!  mail-for-windows-10-a9dad32d-9da9-48a2-855d- d72500914c47
  36. Sorting a list of content in Word I'm used to sorting columns in Excel, as that's one of the main things you do. But I never really thought about sorting content in a Word document, as it (in my mind) is just unformatted "stuff." But, you *can* sort a list of content in Word, and it's pretty slick. Here's how… Here I have a simple list of names that are unsorted:
  37. Sorting a list of content in Word In order to sort it, I highlight the list and click on the Sort icon in the Paragraphs section of the Ribbon Bar:
  38. Sorting a list of content in Word In the Sort Text dialog box, I use the default option of Sort by Paragraphs and click OK:
  39. Sorting a list of content in Word And I now have a sorted list!
  40. Sorting a list of content in Word I can get a little more fancy, too. Here I have a list of first and last names, and I want to sort by last name without having to rearrange the information. Once again, I would highlight the content and click the Sort icon:
  41. Sorting a list of content in Word I still use the Sort by Paragraphs option, but I click Options… instead of OK:
  42. Sorting a list of content in Word In the Sort Options dialog box, I replace the single character in the Other box with a space character and then click OK:
  43. Sorting a list of content in Word That brings up a second Sort Text dialog box, where I can Sort by Word 2. I then click on OK:
  44. Sorting a list of content in Word Now I have a list that's sorted by last name!
  45. Who won the round? 5 votes 22 votes
  46. Overall winner? Tom! 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 WHO WON ROUND 5? WHO WON ROUND 4? WHO WON ROUND 3? WHO WON ROUND 2? WHO WON ROUND 1? Summer Scuffle Christian Tom
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