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Office 365 Productivity Tips -- Mayhem in Minneapolis

Tom Duff (@duffbert) and Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) are back with another head-to-head battle of the Microsoft Office and Office 365 productivity hints and tips, delivered to a live audience at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities, October 28th, 2017 with audience voting. Follow us on Twitter for future webinars and sessions where we'll share more great tips!

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Office 365 Productivity Tips -- Mayhem in Minneapolis

  1. 1. Office 365 Productivity Tips “Mayhem in Minneapolis“ Christian Buckley CollabTalk LLC Thomas Duff Cambia Health #SPSTC
  2. 2. Christian Buckley Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC @buckleyplanet
  3. 3. Thomas Duff Software Engineer at Cambia Health @Duffbert
  4. 4. Thank you #SPSTC sponsors!
  5. 5. Rules of Engagement 1. Each opponent will take turns 2. No duplicates 3. Audience votes after each round 4. No hitting below the belt 5. Winner based on overall voting
  6. 6. Let’s get started!
  7. 7. Notation in Excel Instead of writing notes around your calculation and data, you can use a pen device or a touch screen and notate right next to your data, even converting your hand- written notes to text. Excel allows you to highlight content, or even convert handwriting to math calculations using the Math Input Control capability, adding another layer of personalization to your spreadsheets.
  8. 8. Expanding all the folders in the Outlook Inbox… I was asked the other day if there was a way to expand all the Outlook Inbox folders without clicking each one separately. The person had inadvertently moved a folder somewhere else, and they wanted to be able to see all the expanded folders so they could easily spot it. My first pass at research made it appear there was no way to do that without writing macros and such, but then I found this tip that works pretty good (provided you're running Windows)… In order to expand that folder without clicking on it, I can left-click the Inbox folder and then press the Windows Key at the same time you press the Asterisk key on the numeric keypad on your keyboard:
  9. 9. Who won the round?
  10. 10. Using AutoText in Word Quick Parts… When you're in Word, you often have to use certain blocks of text in many different documents. Instead of typing the same content over and over (or using copy and paste from something like Notepad), check out the Quick Parts AutoText feature instead… To add a text selection to the Quick Part AutoText Gallery, highlight it and then select Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText > Save Selection to AutoText Gallery:
  11. 11. Using AutoText in Word Quick Parts…
  12. 12. Using AutoText in Word Quick Parts… (it’s… you’re welcome.)
  13. 13. Export PowerPoint to Video You’ve spent time creating your presentations with animations and transitions to tell a story, and want to save your file in a more consumable format. Export, Save as Video You have the ability to create a quick video using set timing, or create custom timing and transitions, and even annotate with video so that you can walk through each slide and talk about the content that is being shown.
  14. 14. Who won the round?
  15. 15. Create a Flow to Follow Up on Important Emails We are constantly filtering and cleaning up our email inbox, but sometimes we may forget to follow up with emails we’ve sent to other people. If you’ve ever marked an email as “Important,” you can create a Flow that will remind you to follow up IF the recipient has not responded. The Flow team at Microsoft has provided an easy template, or you can create your own Flow, and then set up your preferences for notifications (via mobile). By default, the Flow will notify you if the email IS read, so you need to set the flag to notify if NOT read. Read more at us/blog/fotw-remind-sent-high- importance/
  16. 16. Eliminating Duplicate Lines In An Excel Table… Excel is a great way to build tables of data, but sometimes you need to make sure you don't have any duplicates in your data. That may be easy if you only have a dozen rows, but what if you have thousands? It's very simple… use the Remove Duplicates menu option! Here I have a table of ten data rows, four of which are exact duplicates. I can delete those using Table Tools > Design > Remove Duplicates:
  17. 17. Eliminating Duplicate Lines In An Excel Table… Excel will ask you what columns you should use to compare duplicates. By default, it selects the entire row:
  18. 18. Eliminating Duplicate Lines In An Excel Table… When you click OK, the duplicate rows are deleted and you now have unique table rows:
  19. 19. Who won the round?
  20. 20. Doing Napkin Math in OneNote… OneNote is an extremely cool piece of software that has become indispensable to me on a day- to-day basis. I recently stumbled across a feature by accident, and a little more research revealed some functionality that is feature-rich… Napkin Math! Napkin Math is the ability to do quick calculations in OneNote without leaving the page you're working on. All you have to do is type in a math formula followed by an equals sign: When you press the space bar after the equals sign, OneNote gives you the answer: It also recognizes currency and adjusts the answer accordingly:
  21. 21. Doing Napkin Math in OneNote… Want to get wild and crazy? OneNote will keep up with you:
  22. 22. Move OneNote Notebooks to Another Location OneNote is becoming a bigger part of all of our lives, but OneNote seems to be popping up everywhere (thank you Groups!) and not always where you want them. You can easily move OneNote notebooks using the client. Go into Info > Settings > Properties and then Change Locations More info at: ow-to-move-your-OneNote-notebook- to-a-better-place
  23. 23. Who won the round?
  24. 24. Turn notes into calendar items You can use Microsoft's note-taking tool, OneNote, inside of Microsoft Outlook. So, if you write a to-do list in OneNote, you can easily convert it to a bunch of tasks with deadlines and reminders on your calendar. You can add automatically add calendar meeting details like date, location, topic, agenda and attendees, to your notes. Then you can email the meetings notes to you team using the “Email Page” button.
  25. 25. Quick charting from within Word… Normally if I have a chart that I want to add to a Word document, I create it in Excel and then copy and paste it over. However, Word has a decent charting function that makes it pretty easy to add basic charting on the fly. To create the chart, go into the Insert tab on the Ribbon Bar and select Chart:
  26. 26. Quick charting from within Word… The dialog box will give you a wide selection of charting styles to choose from. In this example, I picked a Pie Chart using the 3-D version:
  27. 27. Quick charting from within Word… A small Excel spreadsheet will launch within Word, and it will have some sample data that corresponds to the actual sample chart that's been added to Word:
  28. 28. Quick charting from within Word… Once you're done changing the data, you can close the Excel spreadsheet. You can then use the Charting Elements button to fine-tune the look and feel of the chart display:
  29. 29. Who won the round?
  30. 30. Overall winner? Christian! 16 19 12 15 12 17 18 20 20 21 0 5 10 15 20 25 WHO WON ROUND 5? WHO WON ROUND 4? WHO WON ROUND 3? WHO WON ROUND 2? WHO WON ROUND 1? Mayhem in MN Polling Christian Tom
  31. 31. Current Leaderboard Christian! Event Date Location Rounds Won Votes Won Rounds Won Votes Won 9/12/2017 Online 3 31 2 29 10/28/2017 SPSTC 1 74 4 96 TOTAL 4 105 6 125 Tom Christian
  32. 32. Thank you! Christian Buckley @buckleyplanet Tom Duff @Duffbert