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Improving Productivity with SharePoint 2013 and Gamification


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An overview of some key productivity enhancements in SharePoint 2013, with guidance on how gamification improves productivity -- and how SharePoint might be used as a gamification platform. Presented with Jussi Mori, Sr. SharePoint Consultant at Peaches Industries.

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  • Our team has done some significant research in this area as well I would love to catch up at SPS Austin to share more
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  • I've been doing more research on existing vendors in the space -- which is something Jussi and I discussed a couple times, and I think it would make an interesting presentation on its own. It is becoming a larger piece of how companies are looking at improving productivity, and I'm interested in capturing and sharing case studies.
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  • Thanks Rich, going to look into that one too :-)
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  • Hi Christian. Good preso. You should also add Newsgator to the list of vendors with gamification technology for SharePoint. Newsgator has a module called Spotlight that offers rich badging and recognition capabilities. Additionally, organizations are leveraging Newsgator's social api integrating badging/recognition with HR and Learning systems for skills and certifications. Gamification can also include external events integrated from backend processes/systems (e.g. sales, or ERP or backend transactional ops systems) .... In this case, the justification for funding was actually a hard ROI around not only increased engagement but improved process efficiencies. We all like fun work, but execs like ROI in $ :)
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Improving Productivity with SharePoint 2013 and Gamification

  1. Christian Buckley,Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler• Microsoft MVP for SharePoint Server• Prior to Axceler, worked for Microsoft, part of the Microsoft Managed Services team (now Office365-Dedicated) and worked as a consultant in the areas of software, supply chain, grid technology, and collaboration• Co-founded and sold a software company to Rational Software. At E2open, helped design, build, and deploy a SharePoint-like collaboration platform (Collaboration Manager), onboarding numerous high-tech manufacturing companies, including Hitachi, Matsushita, Cisco, and Seagate• Co-authored „Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Creating and Implementing Real-World Projects‟ link (MS Press, March 2012) and 3 books on software configuration management.• Twitter: @buckleyplanet Blog: Email:
  2. Improving Collaboration since 2007Mission: To enable enterprises to simplify, optimize, andsecure their collaborative platforms Delivered award-winning administration and migration software since 1994, for SharePoint since 2007 Over 2,000 global customersDramatically improve the managementof SharePoint Innovative products that improve security, scalability, reliability, “deployability” Making IT more effective and efficient and lower the total cost of ownershipFocus on solving specific SharePointproblems (Administration & Migration) Coach enterprises on SharePoint best practices Give administrators the most innovative tools available Anticipate customers’ needs Deliver best of breed offerings Stay in lock step with SharePoint development and market trends
  3. Jussi Mori,Co-founder and Sr. SharePoint Consultantat Peaches Industries• Prior the founding of Peaches Industries, worked at Swisscom Ltd in Zurich Switzerland, building a CRM based on Lotus Notes then changed to a small IT consultancy company called Interact Consulting, building Document imaging solutions.• Started working with SharePoint in 2006 first as a Freelance consultant and in April 2008 founded Peaches Industries together with Chris Müller (MVP SharePoint) in Zurich Switzerland• Wrote several studies on end user productivity with SharePoint and published an article about End User Productivity in the SharePoint magazine of Germany in Autumn 2012• Focus on End User education and Change Management. Researching and developing products around Gamification since summer 2011• Twitter: @JussiMori Email:
  4. A portal company• Portal design (Information management and user experience)• Technical implementation• Project Management and Communication• End User training and Change ManagementWe also see us as:• Early adopters• SharePoint enthusiastsGoto:
  5. "The first rule of any technology used ina business is that automation applied toan efficient operation will magnify theefficiency. The second is that automationapplied to an inefficient operation willmagnify the inefficiency."~ Bill Gates
  6. Drag and Drop
  7. Drag and DropMy Tasks (Content Aggregation)
  8. Drag and DropMy Tasks (Content Aggregation)Activity Feeds
  9. Drag and DropMy Tasks (Content Aggregation)Activity FeedsProjects and Deadlines
  10. Drag and DropMy Tasks (Content Aggregation)Activity FeedsProjects and DeadlinesSimplified Sharing
  11. • The Challenge of End User engagement• What is Gamification anyway?• Gamification principles• Does this really work?• Gamification today• Gamification in SharePoint
  12. Customers: • 54% of users are inactive in loyalty programs • 69% don‟t use your online communities Employees: • 50% don‟t adopt your enterprise software • 88% don‟t use your social softwareSource:
  13. difficult file share whyfind shareneed
  14. High bounce rate: Users have a look once, but do not returnto the siteLow adoption: Users do not use the serviceDifferentiation: No differentiation: All sites within the portallook and work the sameFew referrals: Employees do not speak about the service toother fellow colleaguesNo clickthroughs: Users do not react on e-mails whichcontain „deep links‟
  15. Perceived usefulness External Personal Intention Actual variables attitude to use system use Simple To use The Gamification influence point!Source:
  16. productive Gamification!
  17. Lord of the Rings
  18. In short words: game elements game mechanics positive attentionproblems fun more
  19. Some thoughts:• Because people love games! They are fun and keep us entertained.• Games can create FLOW in people which motivates us and we forget everything around us.• People actually do hours and hours of intensive work within games today• Games are a part of our culture since the dawn or our time.• Children learn the most effective way through play. Actually adults as well!• Games connect people and we are social beings.• People play for: Mastery, De-stress, Socializing and having fun!Play is the highest form or research! – Albert Einstein
  20. The SAPS rewarding principle:S = Status: Bragging rights about a certain status. Classic examples are Badges and Leader boards.A = Access: Giving privileged access to players. For example fast access lane for the airport check in if you own a bonus card and gained a certain amount of bonus points.P = Power: Giving “power” over other players in the environment. For example forum moderators.S = Stuff: Tangible objects to win. Everyone likes freebies and giveaways. However the “Stuff” rewards are the least important rewards of all.
  21. Transparent and hyper available feedback loops:• A player is always aware of the current progression of the game.• A player is always aware of the next steps ahead• A player always knows if she or he performs well• A player can use this information to perfect hers or his performance to thenext “Level”
  22. The power of FLOW:Achieving of FLOW – The players state between anxiety and boredom,meeting his own motivational level in that experience. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,a famous psychology professor who studies happiness and creativity.
  23. Smooth on boarding processes: Action Rewards Action Action Reward Join / Engage/ Interact with the real world Invite friends
  24. World class companies have introduced Gamificationimperatives and have measured the following improvementson different user behavior levels:• 500% increase in user comments and activity in the Intranet• 140% increase time on site• 600% gain in shop clicks• 2000% surge in social sales• 60% increase in Employee engagement• 250% growth in training complianceSource:
  25. Every Check in counts!
  26. Nike+ running App. Run to reach the next level. With every level you reach, the next level is harder to get.
  27. RedCritter TrackerA project management tool which rewards project members with badges once a task is done!
  28. Some ideas:• Gamification in learning portals.• Create avatars for users who develop and earn XP by attending courses, watching e-learning content and participate actively in the community.• Create monthly challenges to improve your Intranet• For example, monthly challenges for End Users to create a list or library templates which improves collaboration. Rewards like, getting a day off or free dinner for two.• Make your MySite profile like a Company Hero Avatar.• Everything you do in the intranet will be rewarded by points which develop your avatar further. You raise levels and with higher levels you can get elevated privileges and access rights.
  29. • Status through metadata • Metadata Hero 30 percent of all documents uploaded have high quality metadata • Metadata Superhero All uploaded documents have high quality metadata • Metadata Rockstar Filled in all documents with metadata in a teamsite • Metadata Archaeology Sent feedback about term sets to the portal team • Metadata Flashmobber Termsets have been extended by the user directly
  30. platforms
  31. Track and reward the following user behavior: • Document Management (Creating and Contributing) • Creating, editing, or contributing to a wiki page • Starting or participating in a discussion For SharePoint thread • Posting a comment on content (docs, URL: wikis, blogs, discussion threads) • Viewing pages ducts/connectors/badgeville- • Rating content for-sharepoint • Voting on content • Tagging content • Employee collaboration
  32. Christian Buckley Jussi 425-246-2823 +358 50 323 07 66@buckleyPLANET