How to Break the Zombification of the Enterprise!


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Presentation with fellow MVP Jussi Mori (@jussimori) from Peaches Industries at the European SharePoint Conference (#ESPC16) in Vienna, Austria on the topic of gamification.

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How to Break the Zombification of the Enterprise!

  1. 1. How to Break the Zombification of the Enterprise! Jussi Mori Peaches Industries GmbH Christian Buckley Beezy
  2. 2. Jussi Mori • Co-Founder Peaches Industries GmbH • Office Server and Services MVP since 2013 • Co-Organizer SharePoint Saturday Helsinki • Author and Public Speaker • Certified Gamification Designer (Octalysis Framework) • Big time Star Wars Fan! • Finnish & Swiss Geek
  3. 3. • CMO for Beezy • Office Server and Services MVP since 2012 • Organizer SharePoint Saturday Redmond +6 others • Author, Blogger and Public Speaker • Involved in social technology space since late 1990’s • Hard core LoTR geek • Massive music collection (80’s new wave, techno, indie) Christian Buckley
  4. 4. Contents of this Session • End user adoption and engagement is broken! Or, what is the ”Zombification” of the Enterprise? • Tapping into the motivational power of Games – an introduction to Gamification and human motivation • How to apply Gamification in your Adoption and Engagement strategy, including practical examples and a demo • Your questions and an open discussion
  5. 5. The most challenging part of any SharePoint deployment is figuring out how to help users to be productive and stay engaged (vs actively disengaged) But what does that mean?
  6. 6. Definition • Engagement • Retention • Motivation • Innovation (depth) (loyalty) (inspiration) (value)
  7. 7. According to an Avanade study: • Social technologies make their jobs more enjoyable (66%) • And more productive (62%) • And help them get work done faster (57%) • Of the businesses using social collaboration tools, 82% want to use them more in the future
  8. 8. Collaboration and productivity are being transformed
  9. 9. Enterprise user adoption and training is broken!
  10. 10. What’s the problem? • Training and learning environments are disconnected from the ”real” work • Enterprise software is still percieved as difficult to use • 70% of the workforce is not engaged, or is ”actively disengaged” at work • There is a low return on investment (ROI) on current training and change management spend What is the result?
  11. 11. Enterprise ”Zombification” is eating our brains... Source: Plants VS Zombies mobile game
  12. 12. Mobile Device Addiction Source: ...or addiction to information?
  13. 13. The age of Information? More like the age of ”Infobesity”
  14. 14. What causes Enterprise ”Zombification”? • Hyper-connectivity • Too much information ”noise” • Reduction of attention spans through constant interruptions • Process or function-focused design of Enterprise Software • Too much artificially-induced stress • Too many ”useless” meetings, coupled with ”less and less time” • Too much top-down control through processes, too many management layers, and too much bureaucracy • Intransparency of the value of your own work, with little to no feedback about your performance
  15. 15. Why is user adoption and engagement so hard?
  16. 16. You need the extra mile User Experience Adoption
  17. 17. Lets talk measurement for a few minutes…
  18. 18. Benefits of tracking usage • Prove out basic adoption of new sites • Help identify shortfalls in the design • Indicate how searches are being used • Whether search is effective, where it should be optimized • Track basic historical patterns in usage, such as the number of views and unique users • Simple usage trends, determine times of high and low activity
  19. 19. Measuring ROI is broad • What are you measuring? • What then needs to be monitored? • You can look at usage metrics, but is that truly the right measurement of your ROI?
  20. 20. Reaching Productivity and Innovation Collaboration Adoption Productivity Innovation ShifttoSocial Measurement Gamification Knowledge & Community
  21. 21. Information Silos Source: JP Wirta, Cloudriven Finland
  22. 22. • The most common failure in SharePoint implementation has nothing to do with the technology • Few organizations have taken the time to understand the measurable value that SharePoint creates • You cannot claim success if  You cannot monitor it  You cannot measure it  You do not have feedback loops in place  You do not have mechanisms in place to manage change
  23. 23. But enough about issues and problems... How do you stop the Zombification? Source: Plants VS Zombies Mobile Game Let’s talk about motivation or behavior ”hacking”! #motivationalHacking
  24. 24. Time to Share! • Win a $100 Amazon gift card • Tweet #mHack (“motivational hacking”) and #ESPC16 with a gamification tool or technique that has worked for your organization • We’ll select our favorite example • We’ll also mention you in our next article
  25. 25. Tapping into the motivational and positivity power of games... FoldIt Minecraft Play is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein
  26. 26. What is Gamification? No, it’s NOT simply adding points, badges and leaderboards to an application!!!
  27. 27. Competition and gamification surround us in our daily lives
  28. 28. Introducing Gamification • “The addition of game mechanics to a site or application allows you to layer more compelling user experiences into existing activities. • “These gamified activities address and satisfy basic human desires, creating the addictive experiences that motivate users to take specific actions, and to return more frequently.” BunchBall, Gamification 101: An Introduction to Game Dynamics
  29. 29. Gamification is about influencing behavior Social Layer -> Connection • Last decade • All about connection • Facebook’s open graph • Construction is over Game Layer -> Influence • Next decade • All about influence behavior • No set foundations • Construction has just begun
  30. 30. The eight core drives of human motivation White Hat Gamification Black hat Gamification Source: Octalysis framework by @YukaiChou
  31. 31. Applying the 8 core drives through different mechanics Source: Octalysis framework by @YukaiChou
  32. 32. User adoption is a journey and each path has its differences.... Extrinsic motivators Intrinsic motivators Adoption time and rate
  33. 33. People are different, which is why it’s really hard... Source: Player types by Andrzej Marczewski
  34. 34. Ok theory is nice but... and why does this actually work?
  35. 35. Examples
  36. 36. Examples
  37. 37. Quick Demo
  38. 38. Why Gamification actually works... People have fundamental desires for:  Status  Reward  Achievement  Self-Expression  Coopetition  Altruism These desires are universal accross genders, cultures, generations and demographics!
  39. 39. Examples of working game mechanics & dynamics in non-game contexts: Appointment dynamic: A dynamic in which to succeed, one must return at a predefined time to a predetermined action.
  40. 40. Examples of working game mechanics & dynamics in non-game contexts: Influence and status: The ability of one placer to modify the behavior of another’s actions through social pressure.
  41. 41. Examples of working game mechanics & dynamics in non-game contexts: Progression dynamic: A dynamic in which success is granularly displayed and measured through the process of completing itemized tasks.
  42. 42. Examples of working game mechanics & dynamics in non-game contexts: Communal discovery: A dynamic wherein an entire community is rallied to work together to solve a challenge.
  43. 43. Ok nice, but what about SharePoint and Office 365? Why is it so hard for End Users to fully adopt SharePoint and Office 365 technologies?
  44. 44. What about SharePoint and Office 365?
  45. 45. Tips on how to approach • Even a well-designed application is easy to learn, but can be difficult to master.... • Guide your users through the four phases of user adoption and design for each phase different motivational triggers... • Create a ”win state” for your End Users when using the application. Users don’t want to feel ”stupid”... • Do NOT scope out User Adoption efforts of your SharePoint implementation project!!! <- Repeat!
  46. 46. How can I apply this? • Step 1 Collect data: Start by understanding what motivates your end users, and what tools will fit with your culture and work style • Step 2 Analyze data: Identify the business- critical activities to focus on, and the tools and techniques that can help shape user behavior to meet the right business outcomes. • Step 3 Start a pilot deployment, and proactively monitor how people respond, and whether your measurements are accurately tracking progress. • Step 4 Deploy additional pilots, and expand your efforts. Continue monitoring your solutions, and tweak your measurements as needed to optimize your business outcomes.
  47. 47. • Understand your organization’s cultural capacity for gamification • Experiment with technology, monitor and measure the results, focusing on end user adoption and engagement • Closely align your social activities with your business objectives • Extend features as the business is ready for them How to move forward
  48. 48. Conclusion... Source: Plants VS Zombies Mobile Game So how do you break the Zombification of the Enterprise? Don’t focus on profit, focus on your people -- and profit will follow!
  49. 49. Christian Buckley @buckleyplanet Thank you! Jussi Mori @jussimori