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#ESPC14 Keynote -- Make Social Successful


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Day 2 keynote by myself and Mark Kashman at the European SharePoint Conference in Barcelona, Spain. This session walks through the people, process, and technology considerations that can make or break your social platform deployment. In the live demonstrations, presented the latest Office Graph, Oslo UX, and Groups capability from Microsoft, as well as on prem social solutions from Beezy.

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#ESPC14 Keynote -- Make Social Successful

  1. 1. Make Social Successful Christian Buckley and Mark Kashman
  2. 2. Christian Buckley Chief Evangelist & SharePoint MVP in/christianbuckley @buckleyplanet Tweet this talk #ESPC14
  3. 3. Mark Kashman Senior Product Manager /pub/mark-kashman/25/10b/113 @mkashman Tweet this talk #ESPC14
  4. 4. “Organizational success with social media is fundamentally a leadership and management challenge, not a technology implementation.” The Social Organization, Bradley and McDonald (Gartner)
  5. 5. Three components to your strategy: People Process Technology
  6. 6. The world has become a giant network #worklikeanetwork
  7. 7. Yet, we continue to work like we always have #worklikeanetwork
  8. 8. Work like a network #worklikeanetwork Listen to conversations that matter Adapt and make smarter decisions Grow your business Seamless social experiences across familiar applications, all delivered on an enterprise-grade platform
  9. 9. Oslo, Office Graph, and Groups demo
  10. 10. On Premises Cloud AD Azure AD
  12. 12. People Process Technology
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Social is about surfacing data
  15. 15. Watch, talk, and listen to your users
  16. 16. People Process Technology
  17. 17. What end users want What the tools provide Business Value
  18. 18. You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
  19. 19. People Process Technology
  20. 20. Laying the foundation Yammer Guidance Yammer & SharePoint On-Prem Integration Yammer for Dynamics CRM Yammer Default in Office 365 Yammer App for SharePoint Windows 8 & Windows Phone Apps SSO & DirSync Guidance Starting Document Conversations (“Post”) Simplified Login SharePoint Service Pack 1 2013 2014 Yammer Enterprise in Office 365
  21. 21. The future of social…
  22. 22. Christian Buckley @buckleyplanet Mark Kashman @mkashman Thank You!