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CollabTalk on ITUnity -- Webisode 12


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Slides from the Dec 16, 2015 webisode of CollabTalk on, with Microsoft MVPs Naomi Moneypenny (@nmoneypenny), Benjamin Niaulin (bniaulin), Marc Anderson (@sympmarc), and Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet). Recordings of each live broadcast can be found through or via the ITUnity YouTube site

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CollabTalk on ITUnity -- Webisode 12

  1. 1. Episode 12 – December 2015
  2. 2. Hosted by: Christian Buckley, Beezy (@buckleyplanet) Naomi Moneypenny, ManyWorlds (@nmoneypenny) Benjamin “Limpy” Niaulin, Sharegate (@bniaulin) Marc Anderson, Sympraxis Consulting (@sympmarc) Episode 12 – December 2015 Office Server and Services MVPs Still clinging to his ‘SharePoint MVP’ title
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  4. 4. Agenda • Top 10 SharePoint “Moments” in 2015 • SharePoint and Office 365 Predictions for 2016
  5. 5. Topic What were your Top 10 favorite “moments” for SharePoint in 2015?
  6. 6. Naomi Moneypenny 1. Service Trust Portal 2. HIPAA compliance and EU Model Clauses for Yammer 3. Azure AD managing identities across cloud services (not just MSFT) 4. Planner 5. SharePoint 2016 & on-prem version 6. Office 2016 release 7. Microsoft Graph 8. Office Graph & Delve 9. PowerApps 10. Have your own key in O365 (doesn’t kick in till next year) 11. Outlook Groups
  7. 7. Benjamin Niaulin 1. SharePoint 2016 and future On-Premises release (2015 showed SharePoint is here to stay and not going away) 2. Groups for Office 365 (came out of nowhere and created a lot of confusion for Yammer and Team Sites) 3. OneDrive for Business Sync issues (a year of problems with sync still not entirely fixed still and hurting business/adoption of O365) 4. Planner (Trello-like card based task management) 5. Video Portal 6. Delve for profiles, blogs, activity & analytics 7. Power Apps (what does it mean for workflows, forms and apps with SharePoint) 8. Cloud vs On-Premises no longer a battle and hybrid a real option 9. "Renewed Focus on SharePoint" - Jeff Teper is back and team back in common direction 10. A switch on Microsoft strategy with Ignite and WPC showing a focus on "Transformation" and "Reinventing productivity" realizing that things are changing in IT
  8. 8. Marc Anderson 1. I think Office Graph was a 2014 thing, but people are really starting to see how cool it is 2. News of the next gen Office 365 dashboard to make admin tasks simpler 3. Platform independent apps – we now can do Outlook, and all the other Office things on iOS and Android(?) 4. Purchases of Accompli, [that task thing] 5. ….what Ben said
  9. 9. Christian Buckley 1. Teper returning to SharePoint, also picking up OneDrive for Business 2. Clarifying message that SharePoint on prem is not going away anytime soon 3. Office 365 Planner 4. PowerApps 5. Office Graph general availability 6. GigJam 7. Azure Active Directory, and the maturing of Azure, in general 8. Delve and Cortana Analytics roadmaps 9. O365 Groups 10. Nadella sticking to his strategy of platforms and productivity
  10. 10. Topic What are your predictions for SharePoint and Office 365 in 2016?
  11. 11. Predictions for 2016 • Big year and focus on SharePoint - especially revamp of its core (Team Sites) - Especially as a marketing strategy to get more people to O365 and using the SharePoint workload more. (Ben) • Microsoft will be seen as cool again (Marc) • SP 2010 becomes the XP of the platform (Naomi) • Office 365 will become a $7B business (Marc) • SharePoint becomes similar to Windows 10 in that there will be major updates for free that will add new and improved value to the platform. (Ben) • OneDrive lurches from hobbled laggard into being a Dropbox killer and actually works on a Mac (Naomi)
  12. 12. Predictions for 2016 • Teper organizes a strike force to track down the last remaining SPS2001 customers and forces them to upgrade (Christian) • IT starts looking at hybrid solutions quite heavily to fight the growing Rogue IT problem in organizations (users getting things themselves) (Ben) • Security and privacy will be uber themes in a network structure (not just from threats external but significant changes in employment laws and definition of ‘contractor’) and the collaboration impact from that (Naomi) • We’ll see a framework put in place legislatively to update security and privacy in the cloud, consumer and law enforcement rights (because in the US we are using legislation from 1986). This will have consequences for everyone, as well as your work/life data ‘portfolio’. (Naomi) • Groups for Office 365 becomes the new standard (Ben)
  13. 13. Predictions for 2016 • The old ways of categorizing collaboration tools will be thrown out (but MSFT may fail to adapt) (Naomi) • Microsoft will write off a significant part of its Yammer investment (Marc) • Yammer stays as an independent product and mostly unchanged that way, but gets "cut into pieces" and some of its features get integrated to other bigger pieces where it makes sense. Ex: Threaded Conversations in the Team Site. (Ben) • Social fabric will become more and more front and center to the UX, but will be talked about less -- ubiquitous within the UX (Christian) • The year of democratization of data visualization (PowerBI and combination of hardware advances) (Naomi) • There will be an explosion of business apps that leverage what is happening inside SP, whether online or on prem. (Christian)
  14. 14. Predictions for 2016 • Mobile will be the experience you (anyone) design for, specifically for tools not just sites (Naomi) • SP becomes more of the on prem platform, and the SP brand fades more and more into the background with most O365 marketing. OOTB solutions (NextGen Portals, Planner, etc) leverage SP but become the primary way that online customers consume SP (Christian) • The year that analytics and productivity come together and we measure knowledge based processes not just transaction oriented ones on a wide basis (not just the one off ways we have now). We will see much more real-world solutions built on top of machine learning and AI, surfacing data through SP (Naomi and Christian) • Managing change will become an essential skill of all IT managers and we’ll have metrics to back it up (Naomi)
  15. 15. Topic Mixed Nuts (Microsoft Graph news, and more!)
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