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5 Steps for Constructing a Successful SharePoint Migration Plan


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Pesentaton given by SharePoint MVPs Ben Curry (Summit 7 Systems) and Christian Buckley (Axceler) on the essential components of a SharePoint migration plan.

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5 Steps for Constructing a Successful SharePoint Migration Plan

  1. 1. Christian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler• Microsoft MVP for SharePoint Server• While at Microsoft, part of the Microsoft Managed Services team (now Office365-Dedicated) and then Advertising Operations• Prior to Microsoft, was a senior consultant, working in the software, supply chain, and grid technology spaces focusing on collaboration• Co-founded and sold a collaboration software company to Rational Software. At another startup (E2open), helped design, build, and deploy a SharePoint-like collaboration platform (Collaboration Manager), onboarding numerous high-tech manufacturing companies, including Hitachi, Matsushita (Panasonic), and Seagate• Co-authored ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Creating and Implementing Real-World Projects’ link (MS Press, March 2012) and 3 books on software configuration management.Twitter: @buckleyplanet Blog: buckleyplanet.comEmail: From Microsoft Press Order your copy at
  2. 2. Improving Collaboration since 2007Mission: To enable enterprises to simplify, optimize, andsecure their collaborative platforms Delivered award-winning administration and migration software since 1994, for SharePoint since 2007 Over 2,000 global customersDramatically improve the managementof SharePoint Innovative products that improve security, scalability, reliability, “deployability” Making IT more effective and efficient and lower the total cost of ownershipFocus on solving specific SharePointproblems (Administration & Migration) Coach enterprises on SharePoint best practices Give administrators the most innovative tools available Anticipate customers’ needs Deliver best of breed offerings Stay in lock step with SharePoint development and market trends
  3. 3. Ben Curry, Principle Architect and Managing Partner• Six year Microsoft® MVP for SharePoint Server• CISSP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, CCNA, MCITP: SharePoint Server• Author of Microsoft® SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant by Microsoft Press• Lead Author of Microsoft® Office SharePoint Server 2007 Best Practices by Microsoft Press• MS Press SharePoint 2013 Administrator’s Consultant coming soon!!Twitter: @curryben Blog:
  4. 4. Strategic Initiatives (for example, Compliance)
  5. 5. The more you involve people in the process,the more likely they are to accept the results
  6. 6. opportunity operationalvision here
  7. 7. Christian Buckley Ben 425-246-2823 +1 256-585-6868@buckleyPLANET http://info.axceler.comAxceler Summit 7 Systems