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Islamophobia (Text Outline)


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Text Outline on the Islamophobia for the final graded presentation for Presentation Skills class.

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Islamophobia (Text Outline)

  1. 1. ISLAMOPHOBIA INTRODUCTION  Islamophobia is a term used to describe the prejudice against, hatred towards, or fear of Islamic doctrine, Muslims, or of ethnic groups perceived to be Muslim. While the term is widely recognized and used, both the term and the underlying concept have been criticized.  Some scholars also defined Islamophobia as a type of racism eventhough in reality Islam is not a race.  Islamophobic is a term used for people who practiced Islamophobia.  The term Islamophobia was introduced 1918 and become viral after the Sept 11 Tragedy in 2001. Islamophobia starts rising as the effect of the tragedy and this situation continues until today. BODY (1) What makes people practiced Islamophobia?  Since the September 11 Tragedy, Muslims have always been regarded as terrorists. The mindset of Muslim is a terrorist makes people fear and feel insecure around Muslim.  They have been told that Muslim is dangerous since they are young. Without knowing the truth about Islam, they obidiently follow and believe what had been told to them. (2) Islamophobia In Non-Muslim Countries  Bulgaria (1989) - The assimilation campaign against Bulgarian Muslims, which forced 310,000 Turks to leave Bulgaria in 1989  Bosnia (1995) - The Srebrenica Massacre of Bosnian Muslims  China - The killing of Uyghur Muslims in China  Burma - Violence against Muslim minorities  France (2010)– Hijab ban  Denmark (2005) – Danish Cartoon Controversy  Germany (2000-2007) – Bosporus serial murder  United Kingdom (2002)– Muslim is called as isolationist  Italy – Western civilization is superior to Islam  Europe, US – Religious intolerance  Canada – Much better than Europe(cultural diversity) (3) How people/community react to the Islamophobia?
  2. 2.  A group of muslim community in Canada conducted a social experiment on how Canadians react towards Islamophobia. As the result is, the actor, Omar got punch on his face for resisting on insulting a Muslim (also an actor).  Show the class the video on the social experiment made in Australia. CONCLUSION In conclusion, whether we realize or not, Islamophobia has been practised long time ago by the anti-Muslim and they even got their own organizations. Since the Sept 11 tragedy, people became more pessimist towards Islam and Muslim community. However, in some countries like Canada and Australia where the act of freedom of religion is emphasized, the community can accept Islam and Muslim and they are even willing to stand up for Muslim against the Islamophobics as what was shown in the video just now.