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How to make any organization a highly respectful workplace.

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Respectful workplace 08_mar12

  1. 1. T h e C h a z in G r o u pMaking Your Company a More Res pectful Workplace The Chazin Group. © 2011.
  2. 2. About ME  BA in Comms (MBA Mktg)  20 Years In Corp. America  Started Career as Recruiter  Downsized 8X  Mktg/Sales Background Launched Biz Consultancy in ‘09Contact me:T: (201) 683-3399EM:
  3. 3.  J ob S e a rc hS t r a t e g ie s Me In t e r v ie w in g &N e t w o r k in g C a r e e r C o a c h in g L if e / W o r k B a la n c e B u s in e s s O w n e rC o a c h in g H u m a n C a p it a lD e v e lo p m e n t P r o f e s s io n a lD e v e lo p m e n t S a la r yN e g o t ia t io n s
  4. 4. The Golden Rule
  5. 5. T h h eC C h a iz i nG G o o uRule/Law Te Golden p p ha z n r ru• The “ethic of reciprocity”• Do unto others as you would have done unto you.• Would I say that to my grandmother?• How would I feel if that was done to my wife? My daughter?
  6. 6. EmbraceDifferences
  7. 7. T h h eC C Embraceudifferences Te h h a iz i nG G o o p p az n r ru• Encourage culture-sharing• Food fairs (cafeteria)• Cultural sensitivity• U.N. Day• Avoid Groupthink
  8. 8. Communication Matters
  9. 9. Te h a z CommunicatingT h h eC C h a iz i nG G o o u p n r rup• Watch your tonality• Body language• Hand gestures• Facial expressions• Be crystal clear in your directions and always ask for confirmation/clarification as needed
  10. 10. SolicitFeedback
  11. 11. T h h eC C h aSolicit u p Te r r u Feedback h a z iz i nG G o o p n• Engage others.• Peers, direct reports, direct & dotted line bosses, coaches, HR, administrators.• Solicit ideas.• Kill brainstorming – Use BRAIN-WRITING instead.• Create an open forum for discussing problems and issues between employees and management.• People should never fear expressing their opinions.
  12. 12. Nepotism by any other name…
  13. 13. T“ISMs” izdestroy h h eC C h a ni nG G o o u p Te ha z r rup your company• Cronyism: People don’t leave here• Nepotism: I know somebody that…• Favoritism: We hang out together, we’re a “team”, I’ve got your back, I’ll take care of you• Chauvinism: blatant versus subtle
  14. 14. EncourageIndividualism
  15. 15. T e Encourage p r r u IndividualismT h h eC C h a iz i nG G o o u p ha z n• Reward risk-taking.• Encourage epic failures as invaluable lessons learned.• Dare your staff to tackle projects independently but…PREPARE them to achieve greatness.• Train and coach ALL your people for success.
  16. 16. Bullying
  17. 17. T h h eC C h a iz i nG GBullying Te ha z n rooup rup• It DOES exist here. Based on the proverbial hierarchy, tenure, and personality clashes.• Zero tolerance policy.• Document ALL incidents.• Stated policies, procedures and guidelines for dealing with issues of workplace discrimination and harassment.
  18. 18. Stop Playing Games
  19. 19. Te h Stop playingT h h eC C h a iz i nG G o o u p az n r rup games• Office politics lead to ethical ambiguity.• Lip service to employee development.• Shut down the rumor mill: Institute a “Zero tolerance policy for gossip.• Implement one standard performance management program for all to be applied equally and consistently.• All policies apply to all personnel without exception.
  20. 20. Employee RelationsT h h eC C h a iz i nG G o o u p Te ha z n r rup Committee Create an Employee Relations Committee of representatives from multiple organizational levels and departments with a one vote rule. All Committee members serve a 2-year term. Mandated by the President and Board.